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Joel is the Grim Reaper
To be fair the first time he appears in astral form he's posing as him.

Joel is the Antichrist
If you can't accept that he would really kill and/or ruin so many people just to get revenge on his brother.

Joel isn't really evil
He has just been corrupted by his sister into getting revenge at all costs

Julian is the true villain of this comic
For all we know he'll make Joel look like a good guy.
  • Jossed

Artie will turn out evil
He might have recently destroyed a small city and killed over 500 people, plus Melusine has come back as a ghost and might be influencing him
  • Though who can really blame him after his girlfriend and unborn child were murdered, maybe due to Joel's manipulations.

Joel is Zalgo

Everything out of the norm didn't happen
The comic would make a lot more sense if it turns out all the rape and pregnancy and ghost sisters and murderous sea-mammals turns out to have all been a dream, and that it really WAS just a bunch of talking animals working at a wacky movie theater.

Lorelei will finally seduce Matt. Father Tim will be raped by Chelsie. Nicole will finally score Cecil. Thonnen and Naomi are descents of the Animal Christ. Lorelei, Joel, Miranda etc. are descents of Anti-Christ. Artie is incarnation of Krishna.

Matt is the one responsible for everything
He is clairvoyant and is changing the future in order to change himself, so he becomes more content after rejecting Jeremy.

Matt is a Time Lord

Joel will lose control of his powers, plunging the world into darkness
  • Jossed

All of Joel's efforts aren't actually to get revenge on his brother for killing Miranda.
What he's actually trying to do is create a bridge in space-time so he can cross over into the Furthia High universe and have hot mansecks with Campy, it's totally true.

Joel started starving himself and later encouraging Matt to engage in S&M/body-mods with him to feed his sister's spirit.
It's confirmed that Miranda feeds on pain and suffering. The pain Joel feels while getting a tattoo/piercing/branding might hold her while he fits the next part of his plan together. Matt stopped Joel from starving himself, so he needed another method which Matt wouldn't stop, so he pretends it's merely experimentation and possibly psychically nudges Matt to be more open to it (though, if Matt's dreams in the guest strips are canon, he may not need to).