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The 'World' in Complete World Knowledge is Tlön
The actual plan to replace reality is taking place at a much slower pace than in Tlön, Uqbar, Orbus Tertius and imperfectly. This is why the furry lobster is currently a lobster, and not an otter. However, bits and pieces of reality are breaking down, to be replaced with the contents of the Almanacks. This may or may not be somehow involved with the British Library.
  • The slow pace of transformation may be due to the reality of Tlön and Complete World Knowledge competing with that created by Conservapedia, which is trying to achieve what Stephen Colbert called Wikiality...

That Is All will feature the Brain Sharks in the same capacity as hobos and mole-men have served in the past two volumes.
  • Fact: Hodgman claims there is nothing particularly interesting about the Brain Sharks, only that they have a second brain on the outside. Isn't that a little too dismissive of these creatures? I smell a sequel hook. With my second nose on the outside of my left ankle.

The Complete World Knowledge series is a prototype of The Guide.
It is, somewhat contradictory, highly apocryphal (or at least wildly innacurrate), and is (presumably) cheaper than a dictionary and has an awesome cover. It also provides information on everything.

The Complete World Knowledge series is actually a series of transmissions from a parallel reality, where every fact recounted is completely true.
It's unsure, however, whether or not it's the same parallel universe from which Look Around You also hails.