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Rikka got the idea for her chuuni persona from Yuuta.
There's a momentary flashback in episode 8 where a younger Rikka is looking up at a balcony where a younger Yuuta is being hammy as his Dark Flame Master persona. What are the two most prominent things about Yuuta's DFM persona, even in regular school clothes? That he has his right eye covered and one of his arms bandaged. What about Rikka? That's right, her right eye is covered and one of her arms is bandaged up. As a follow-up to this idea, Rikka saw Yuuta in the past as DFM and was inspired by him to become a chuuni because it looked cool to her and as a way to get away from the pain of her father's sudden death.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 12.
Rikka watched Another.
Well, it makes sense.
Rikka is Mei Misaki's long-lost twin sister
Let's see, both are brunette, fair-skinned, heterochromic with a red right eye and a green left eye plus wearing the same kind of eyepatch, as well as wearing a similar school uniform. The only thing distinguishing them is that Mei wears the eyepatch over her left eye whilst Rikka wears it over her right eye.
  • Mei Misaki's hair is black, and Rikka's hair is blackish-blue. Rikka's eyes are blue and yellow, not red and green.
Rikka is related to Okabe Rintarou.
Maybe chuunibyou runs in the family.
  • It's so coool!
When Rikka takes off her eye-patch, she really sees everything that the audience sees, and therefore she truly believes that magic exists.
The way that Rikka reacts to some of her delusions implies that she is actually seeing them instead of just imagining them, and therefore she really does believe that she is fighting in a magical environment. In contrast, during episode 9, she is visibly surprised and confused when the environment around her doesn't change.
Yuuta and Rikka are reincarnations of Lelouch and C.C. had they lived much happier, healthier, and chuunibyou-filled lives.
  • Rikka mentions that they had met a long time ago, and forges a contract with Yuuta not too long afterwards.
  • The Ethereal Horizon that Rikka wants to find is actually the world of C, and she wants to see her father again after his death, aka. be reunited with the dead.
  • Rikka's Wicked Eye is actually a Geass that changes her thoughts and sights in such a way that her delusions become vivid and real to her and anyone around her.
    • Going by this logic, Touka either has an anti-Geass or has a code, which would prevent her from being affected by the Geass.
  • In the light novel, Rikka obtained her Magical Eye from her father before his death so that she could continue in his steed, which means that they had formed a contract and Rikka's father had tricked her into killing him and taking his code. This is why her Wicked Eye has no powers in the light novel.
  • Rivalz was reincarnated into Isshiki for no discernible or useful reason. Because he's Rivalz and all.
  • ...Plus, Yuuta's voice.
Touka is wearing colored contacts like Rikka is in order to change her eye color to red and invoke the Red Eyes, Take Warning trope.
To be honest, her eye color doesn't make sense any other way. Plus it does help with her whole Aloof Big Sister and Aloof Dark-Haired Girl look.
Obligatory Haruhi Suzumiya-related WMG
Haruhi Suzumiya is a chuuni. Heck, the whole series could easily be interpreted as such.
  • Does that make Yuuta Kyon? Also does that mean that Yuuta was right all along about him being the Dark Flame Master? As the novels seem to be strongly hinting that Kyon was actually the God who gave Haruhi her powers?

Chuunibyou are Wild Mass Guesses given human form by The Powers That Be.

All anime heroes ever have just been Chuunis

Poor Homura Akemi was so far into it...
...that she expended most of her days and energy trying to prevent her best friend from, ahem, contracting the "disease", and chasing away a pale-skinned, frilly-haired chuuni girl (Mitakihara's equivalent of Dekomori) who was trying to lead her friend down that road.

Yuuta, Houtarou Oreki, and Makoto Tachibana from Free! / Swimming Anime are related, possibly cousins
  • Makoto looks like a grown-up version of Yuuta with slightly lighter hair. Makoto also looks a bit like Oreki. Compare the three. All three have green eyes (which are relatively rare, and considered recessive), varying shades of brown hair, and Bishōnen features. Also, Yuuta's younger sister Kuzuha looks like the lovechild of Oreki and Chitanda. Their animes are all inexplicably produced by the same company.

Rikka Takanashi is related to Yomi Takanashi.
  • Serious emotional problems? Yep.
  • Both prone to jumping into a phantasmal world to engage in over the top battles? Yep.

Satone' Shichimiya's hair is not naturally pink.
  • Satone's hair color is rather out of place for a series that averts You Gotta Have Blue Hair. It's bright pink! However, knowing the extremes that Chuunis will go to look more like their personas (Dekomori's hair bolas for example), it's very likely Satone is dying her hair.