WMG: Celebrity Deathmatch

The entire Celebrity Deathmatch crew is a group of Time Lords.

  • Wouldn't be a WMG page unless someone said that.
    • That Time Machine does look an awful lot like a phone booth.
      • Actually, the time machine itself isn't the TARDIS. The broadcast booth is.

Eric Fogel will revive this show when Glenn Martin, DDS. gets cancelled.

None of the celebrities actually die.

  • Sometimes the show brought characters back for second matches after already having died, such as Hanson making a guest appearance in Marilyn Manson vs. Garth Brooks despite already having been killed by Marilyn. But how can this be if they are dead? Simple. You can't die while in the Deathmatch ring. You only get incapacitated for long enough that the referee can announce the winner, and then it's all fine. This also explains how the celebrities survive some of the injuries inflicted, such as Sylvester Stallone reassembling after dissolving, and Bigfoot and Richard Nixon still being able to talk after getting killed. This also explains why it's considered fine to kill people who are in the ring, even if they're not combatants (as shown in Kid Rock vs. Eminem when Joe C kills Carson Daly), but killing audience members isn't. The only problem with this theory is the "Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC" and "Macaulay Culkin vs. Haley Joel Osment" match.

Tally Wong was the one behind Stacy Cornbred's death.

  • I have a theory that sometime in the past, before or during the original run of the show, Stacy did or said something that upset Tally so much that she wanted her dead. So she concocted a plan to have Stacy killed off. How could this be possible? She might've spiked Stacy's food with something that caused her to spontaneously combust. And in the revival, when she dares Johnny and Nick to bring her back... she's saying that so that if they comply, she can get to kill her again.