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Castle Waiting
Jain is Beauty from "Beauty and the Beast"
  • Her father is a merchant and she has two sisters: one is into intelligence and the other into beauty. In the original story of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty's father is a merchant who loses all his money. And one of her sisters marries a man who is intelligent, and the other marries a man who is beautiful. Add this with the fact that Jain had a child with a Leshy/Beast and it seems logical.
    • Another WMG growing out of this: Pin's father and Jain's abusive husband are the same person - the curse was more complicated than it was in the original story and he oscillates between being physically monstrous but good and being a handsome human but evil.
      • Highfives for Everyone!
      • What about this line from book one where Jain says that Pindar's father is dead and that her husband wouldn't want to know she has a baby? However this guess would explain 1) Why the hammerlings didn't find him (e.g. maybe meeting him in human form but having a bout of Genre Blindness) 2) Chess hinting that she had some kind of legitimate wedding with him under another name ; if he's just another form of her husband, it would make sense to marry both seperately yet legitimately.
Henry's son is actually alive
  • And is the frog from the "Frog Prince" story. At the end of that story, a footnote character, Iron Henry, loses the mental bands around his heart when he finds the Frog Prince has been returned as a human. And all we know about Henry's son is that he was lost to an enchantment.
The Castle Waiting 'Verse exists in the same world as Amulet
  • There are a lot of references to our world- French Culture, the Black Plague and real books, for example, but at the same time there are things like talking animals, elves (or Leshies) and magic. The Amulet world- Alledia- is a parallel earth. It also has talking animals, references to the real world, magic and elves. My theory is that the castle waiting verse is Alledia, but in a Medieval period, not present day.