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Michelle is carrying Hubbell's baby
  • Hey, it only takes one time.
    • Jossed since it's been months and she's shown no signs.
      • And she's also been drunk a lot, so it's probably for the best.

Sasha's dad isn't gay
  • The only reason he is so unhappy is because everyone keeps assuming he is.
    • Jossed. It's been confirmed that he is moving in with his boyfriend, after Sasha's parents divorce.

Sasha's father will attempt suicide

Fanny is going to leave by the end of the first season.
  • She's barely been in the last two episodes, and her actress has publicly states that she 'refuses to move to California'.

Talia will end up moving to Paradise to help Michelle out.

Sasha was adopted and is actually Michelle's
  • She is the big mistake Michelle mentioned making that changed her life. Neither knows but it will be revealed in one of the new episodes airing in January.

The Ringer is an early prototype of Terminator
It would explain so much

The Ringer will become a recurring character.
But we will never know her name and she will always be The Ringer. If we do find out, it'll be something like Thea Ringer.

Fanny is Sheila Bryant.
Actor Allusion + Sheila's idea of opening a dance studio...

Michelle will become Sasha's legal guardian and receive full custody of her from her parents.
All things considered, it seems like a natural progression of their relationship and their characters. Michelle is clearly developing into a more mature character (especially considering the foil of her family). Sasha is clearly trying to act grown up (because she has to) and it can't last for long, not to mention she's clearly lonely.

Ginny is pregnant.
She doesn't mention whether or not she used protection, and she's featured in the point of the song where the lyrics shift into talking about a pregnancy ("Picture the same sweet love nest/Think what a year can bring./He's washing dishes and baby clothes...")

Melanie actually is a lesbian.
She just hasn't really figured it out yet. Cozette is going to be revealed to be bi before giving Melanie her first kiss.