[[WMG: The whole thing is just a terrible nightmare Brandy is having and she is the only character who actually exists.]]

[[WMG: Ed Otter is really an UglyCute [[IntelligentGerbil alien]] from a SugarBowl and Dougie the turtle and Prodileus the magical flying polar bear are his old friends from there]]

[[WMG: Mr.Whiskers is a runaway convict.]]
* How else do you explain the orange jumpsuit?
** Really-Stupid-Dressup-Clothes-For-Your-Pet-Rabbit.com

[[WMG: Ed Otter has undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome.]]

* Can that even happen to animals?
** Diagnosis or Asperger's?
*** ...both?

[[WMG: Mr. Whiskers doesn't want to leave the Amazon and is secretly sabotaging Brandy's escape attempts]]

[[WMG: Mr Whiskers first name is 'Mr'.]]