[[WMG: The Kid grew up to be the [[Film/DollarsTrilogy Man with No Name]]]]
He'd be about the right age, with a similar taciturn manner, and, of course, both characters are nameless. Both are active around the Mexican-American border, both work as bounty hunters, and both are fairly comfortable with death and violence while still having some moral compass. The kid is described as pale and thin, but with big hands and wrists, which isn't too far-fetched a description of the Man with No Name. The kid's eyes are described as oddly innocent; [[EpilepticTrees maybe that's why he squints all the time]]?

[[WMG: The Judge is [[{{Satan}} Satan]]]]
If one is of the belief that the Judge is truly preternatural, then its not difficult to view him has being the dark enmity himself. In addition to his impossibly large knowledge of the world and his powers of teleportation and agelessness, the Judge encourages others to commit evil acts and act in heinous ways. His misanthropic views on humanity and war also support this. Finally, who's the one gang member besides the Kid that the Judge is most frequently at odds with? The priest, [[TokenReligiousTeammate Tobin]].

[[WMG: The Judge is [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Nyarlathotep]]]]
Holden is hinted to be a humanoid abomination bent on corrupting the world (war is God, anyone?) in any way he can. Which is Nyarlatothtep’s description in a nutshell. He is charismatic, articulate, impossibly knowledgeable, and his whole persona has a quasi-religious aspect. As far back as his debut in HPL’s stories, the Black Pharaoh (himself something of a Satan substitute) was all of these things. Add to that the whole God With a Thousand Faces thing and you at least have something to think about, the Judge as yet another guise.
Also, the “he never sleeps, he says he will never die” bit reads a lot like something you’d find in a Cthulhu Mythos story.

[[WMG: The mutilated body of the little girl from the saloon is in jakes]]
This troper is not the one who came up with it, but it seems to be a fairly common theory with plenty of evidence to back it up, and a decent alternative to the most widely-accepted one that the Judge murdered the Kid/the Man gruesomely and left him in the jakes.

--> '''Youtube Comment:''' the judge is the devil or at least a representation of him. The Kid avoids him at all costs, and cannot kill him at short distances in the creek, after showing he can hit indians at 100 yards with the pistol. The judge is at the center of depravity throughout. He is in the hut watching the naked imbecile and a young girl, etc. Two other times in the book a young girl goes missing in a town where the Kid is encamped with the gang. I at first thought it was the black Jackson, as he was late to rejoin the gang the first time, but after the ending I think different. I think the Kid is the sexual predator, the one responsible for the girls disappearing. I think he has been running from himself the whole time. The judge calls him out as the only one not being truthful in his depravity and violence, like he fashions himself better than the rest. I think at the end, he finds the young girl in the outhouse hiding and crying because of the bear, and "the judge" overtakes him. The devil gets him one more time and he kills her. It is the Kid that is the unnamed man who tells the onlookers not to go inside. They open and see what has been done, that is the horror. The Judge is vindicated and dances at the stage, saying that he will never die, as no matter how men try to outrun him, they cannot, and he lives within them forever. It's also implied in the scene before that he attempted to engage a dwarf prostitute in her services, but that he couldn't 'perform'. Why would this scene and the others with missing children (especially the last at the end) be there if they didn't have any significance?