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The city is actually a huge, horrible government trash can.
Think about it: almost every character has some sort of superpower. This may mean that all the characters are actually attempted government experiments that failed terribly. For example, Rac Wade was an attempt at creating a superhuman soldier, Roboguy, Crafty, Sinnet and Elbat are horrifically failed attempts at war robots, Kukaki is an experiment that attempted to re-animate demons, the Professor being a normal scientist put under an experimental steroid, ect. The Triglo Island characters were part of a massive experiment on insects that failed almost fatally, with Manty and Deevil being the most dangerous of the creations. So, in a attempt to protect humanity, scientists launched the experiments into to live in a replica of Earth, far away in the solar system so there would be no chance of them escaping. However, the government figured that the experiments, being generally human, would become bored with living normally, so they entertained them with a crazy city, with controlled attacks on the city they live in to quench their thirst for violence, normal humans such as Jay and Alex being sent to the planet to even things out, and a gigantic castle for Deevil and the Professor's lab for himself.

That should explain everything.
  • Ohh... Kay. But what about Alex? He doesn't have any apparent superpower, other than extreme technological knowledge. So, what is he?
  • He's one of the normal humans sent to even things out, like I said with Jay.
    • Oh, I see. I didn't quite read it properly.

Roboguy is a cruel god.

Roboguy uses his seeming stupidity as a a disguise, taking glee in using his hidden power to summon random natural disasters and other calamities to strike the city. Most don't know about this, blaming all the occurances on other things. Thus, Roboguy can continue his constant torment of the residents, aiming to torture both their minds and bodies. Crafty is well aware of this, but fears Roboguy's power, so he's scared into keeping it quiet. This is extremely taxing to his mental health, despite being calm and collected on the outside. Recurring villians are former residents, driven to madness. Villians that are future selves of currently sane characters are showing that the character will eventually become insane, and villians that are alternate personalities or similar of currently sane characters are manifestations of their repressed emotions. However, despite Roboguy's devious and effectively guarded use of the Bit F City residents as playthings, he isn't entirely sane. He is secretly a psychopath, and this side of him is ever-expanding and will eventually cause him to go utterly insane and wipe out everyone, putting an end to the entire thing.

Crafty is Roboguy's father.

Why? Well, why not?

Manty is really Deevil's son!
I can imagine it now... "MANTY! I am your father!"

Manty is dead, and Jay is his guiding angel.
Whenever Manty does something embarrassing or stupid, Jay pulls him out of it and punishes him. Whenever Manty needs help defeating evil, Jay tags along and joins the fight. Whenever Manty is angry or sad, Jay talks and reasons with him. He acts as a sort of "second parent" to Manty (both his parents are gone, possibly linking to the first entry) while letting him do the dangerous but necessary things, such as battling Deevil, and helping him with it. This would mean that Manty is in Purgatory, and once Deevil (his inner demons) is defeated, he will rise to heaven.

Swerve is a Robot
Seriously, just look at him!
  • Does that make Poppy a Time Lord? I've noticed that this page doesn't mention Time Lords.
  • Actually, now that you mention it, I do sometimes talk like a computer often... (Like shouting "ERROR!" when hit.)

Professor SSB Brawler is Notar's Brother
Look at them, Notar looks at the Professor like he's the greatest thing ever, and wishes to be like him! The fact they have different powers is a coverup, and the weather controlling is really a bunch of inventions created by the Professor.

Professor SSB Brawler wants to take over the city
The Professor has many devices that control the city. It's obvious that he's using to it to conquer the city.

Future Professor is a Time Lord
Because, as noted above, we don't have a Time Lord yet. Either way, this troper suspects he isn't truly the Prof of the future...in whatever way. Take the phrasing of that as you will.
  • Well, he is the FUTURE Profesoor. He came from the Future, so doesn't that make him a Time Lord?
    • Ehhh *wiggles hand*. Time Travel can't really change one's species or occupation by itself. Either way, I still say FP's not necessarily the guaranteed destiny of the Present-day Prof. I mean, Future's already tried to corrupt Present into him, but failed, and since then has been hanging around anyway. Either he's in disguise, tethered to reality somehow or just hasn't been informed of his non-existence yet, and a passing word might cause him to disappear in a Puff of Logic.

Bit F City is the afterlife, or at least a section of it.
Everyone is dead, and lived an impure life before "moving" (dying) to Bit F City. However, they were never entirely evil, and therefore slip between the cracks of good and evil. Since nobody knew what to do with them, they serve as "toys" for bored cosmic forces. The characters who "died" within the City or mysteriously disappeared were merely sorted into good or evil. Nobody sustains the true memories of their past, instead carrying a mental facade that they believe they experienced. Roboguy, for example, was used as a guinea pig for antidepressants in his lifetime, but the only sign of that is the fact that he is almost always euphoric.
  • Then who would the Professor have been? or Vena? or Crafty? or everyone?!
    • The Prof was, naturally, a mad scientist. Vena was a criminal with split personality disorder, Crafty was a darklord, Raizo was a perverse fool, Kukaki was a bisexual prostitute, Poppy was a dark Kunoichi, Analaya was some sort of evil thing...
    • …And Alex was Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. It all makes sense now.

Rac is completely clueless to Avlana having feelings for him.
He's just a huge lady killer ((as in all the ladies love him)) who's very nice to all women. That's why he shows equal kindness to Kukaki, who comes on to everyone.
  • This turned out to be half-true, actually. While he was unaware for a while, he's caught on now.

Manty is Deevil in disguise, and vice versa.
They switched places because Jay and Slug dared them to. Now they've all forgotten it was a dare and so Deevil thinks he's really manty and Manty thinks he's really Deevil.

The City is really a dream.
Who's dream? Bacon the salamander's. He's really the ruler of the universe, but he's dreaming that he's Kiwi's pet.

The Professor is a dork
Think about it, he's a know-it-all, and his text is very dull and unoriginal. He tries to be nice, but it only reveals more of his dorkiness.
  • Correction: Half dork, half badass. His awkwardness with women stems from dorkiness, his skill in combat is badassery.

The guy from behind the counter at Charlie's is an Everian
He could be because all he appears to want is to make the Professor's life and his friends' lives miserable. The Everian Hero's Curse pretty much is supposed to make the Professor's life hell, so this man is trying to "enforce" the curse in some way.

Goronzar is a Hodag.
A mutant one at that, too. The fact that Jay was born in Minnesota adds to it.