[[WMG: Reason the Omnitrix isn't really a Troll]]
The reason is that this newer omnitrix is designed to read the situation and chose an alien based on the wearers overall personality. Meaning the omnitrix realized that Ben personality is deep down that of a ArrogantKungFuGuy with some shades of a BloodKnight and gives Ben either a bad alien or an alien with unorthodox powers to both feed and prove his arrogance is justified and satisfy is need for combat.

[[WMG: Predictions for the final season]]
* Khyber and Vilgax will form a BigBadDuumvirate
* Kevin and Ben will join forces once more
* The final episode will be a TearJerker on a grand scale, and it will make it clear that we won't be seeing Ben 10 again.
** Why would they do that? The show never has been so successful. They would definitely not miss the opportunity to make another sequel if they can.
** Considering that they've cancelled ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' and ''WesternAnimation/GreenLanternTheAnimatedSeries'', two shows that have just as good ratings, [[FridgeHorror this show is not safe from cancellation.]]
** [[NightmareRetardant Being fair, those shows were canned to make room for two new shows by the DC nation]]
** While official statements on why those shows were cancelled are vague, the leading theory is that it was due to lack of toy sales. That is a problem Ben 10 does ''not'' have.

[[WMG: The new voice actors for the aliens will be...]]
* [[MagmaMan Heatblast]] gets Creator/SteveBlum back.
** Jossed, it's Creator/DavidKaye.
* [[TheGreys Grey Matter]] either gets Creator/DeeBradleyBaker, or returns to being Creator/RichardStevenHorvitz.
** Jossed, it's Creator/EricBauza.
* [[MultiArmedAndDangerous Fourarms]] is confirmed by Derrick to be Creator/JohnDiMaggio.
* [[BigCreepyCrawlies Stinkfly]] keeps Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[AllAnimalsAreDogs Wildmutt]] also remains Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[OurGhostsAreDifferent Ghostfreak]] either gets Creator/SteveBlum or Creator/JeffBennett.
* [[GemstoneAssault Diamondhead]] is confirmed as Eric Bauza.
* [[AlluringAnglerfish Ripjaws]] gets Creator/FredTatasciore again.
** Jossed it's Creator/EricBauza.
* [[MechanicalLifeforms Upgrade]], of course, remains as Creator/YuriLowenthal.
* [[FragileSpeedster XLR8]] is confirmed by Derrick to be Creator/YuriLowenthal.
* [[HyperDestructiveBouncingBall Cannonbolt]] has been confirmed as Creator/DavidKaye.
* [[PlantAliens Wildvine]] will go back to Creator/JimWard.
** Jossed, it's Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[ExtremeOmnivore Upchuck]] will either go back to Creator/DaveWittenberg or be replaced with Creator/SteveBlum using a [[Anime/DigimonTamers Guilmon]]-ish voice.
** Jossed, it's Creator/EricBauza.
* [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Benwolf]] was voiced by Creator/TaraStrong in the original series, so he'd logically be voiced by Creator/YuriLowenthal, much like Upgrade.
** Jossed, it's Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson.
* [[{{Mummy}} Benmummy]] is confirmed by Derrick to be Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson.
* [[LightningCanDoAnything Benviktor]] will either be played by Creator/MichaelDorn, Creator/JohnDiMaggio or Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson.
** Jossed, it's Creator/DavidKaye.
* [[MesACrowd Ditto]] will be Creator/BumperRobinson.
** Jossed, it's still Creator/RobPaulsen.
* [[EyeBeams Eye Guy]] will probably still be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
** Jossed, it's Creator/PaulEiding.
* [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever Way Big]] will probably be Creator/DavidKaye.
** Jossed, it's Creator/EricBauza.
* [[PoisonIsCorrosive Spitter]] will probably be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker if he appears.
* [[AnIcePerson Articguana]] will probably be Creator/TomKane.
** Jossed, it's Creator/EricBauza.
* [[ShockAndAwe Buzzshock]] will probably be Creator/YuriLowenthal for similar reasons to Upgrade and Benwolf.
* [[GreenThumb Swampfire]] will probably be Creator/SteveBlum or Creator/DavidKaye.
* [[IntangibleMan Big Chill]] will probably be Creator/SteveBlum.
** Jossed, it's still Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[BlobMonster Goop]]'ll still be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys Spidermonkey]]'s confirmed as Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[SizeShifter Humongousaur]] is confirmed by Derrick to be Creator/JohnDiMaggio.
* [[FlyingSeafoodSpecial Jetray]]'s probably gonna still be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[MyBrainIsBig Brainstorm]]'s probably gonna be Creator/JeffBennett.
** Jossed, it's Creator/CoreyBurton.
* [[MakeMeWannaShout Echo Echo]] will probably be Creator/BumperRobinson.
** Jossed, it's still Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[LightEmUp Chromastone]] will probably be Creator/JeffBennett.
** Jossed, it's Creator/EricBauza.
* [[RealityWarper Alien X]] is probably going to be Creator/YuriLowenthal, Creator/TaraStrong and Creator/JeffBennett.
** Bellicus and Serena are Jossed; Bellicus is Creator/EricBauza and Serena is Kimberly Brooks.
* [[SelectiveMagnetism Lodestar]] is confirmed to be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[IncredibleShrinkingMan Nanomech]]'ll probably be Creator/BumperRobinson.
** Jossed, it's still Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[WolverineClaws Rath]] will obviously still be Creator/JohnDiMaggio.
* [[MakingASplash Water Hazard]] has been confirmed by Derrick to be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[ElectricJellyfish Ampfibian]] will be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
** Jossed; much like his inital appearance in ''UA'', it's Yuri Lowenthal.
* [[BlowYouAway Terraspin]] has been confirmed as Creator/BumperRobinson.
* [[EarthquakeMachine Armodrillo]] is confirmed as Creator/JohnDiMaggio.
* [[ILoveNuclearPower NRG]] is confirmed to be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[GripingAboutGremlins Jury Rigg]] is confirmed as Creator/BumperRobinson.
* [[InsectoidAliens Eatle]] is confirmed as Creator/EricBauza.
* [[SuperSpeed Fasttrack]] will probably be Creator/BumperRobinson, if he even appears. Like the fanbase, Derrick isn't too fond of him.
* [[{{Invisibility}} ChamAlien]] will doubtlessly be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[TimeMaster Clockwork]] will be Creator/JeffBennett.
** Jossed, it's still Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
* [[BigfootSasquatchAndYeti Shocksquatch]] is confirmed to be Creator/DavidKaye.
* [[GravityMaster Gravattack]] has been confirmed as Creator/DavidKaye.
* [[BuiltWithLEGO Bloxx]] is already confirmed to be Creator/BumperRobinson.
* [[EnergyWeapon Feedback]] is [[WordOfGod confirmed on Derrick's]] [[http://www.formspring.me/DerrickJWyatt/q/336207403190091768 Formspring]] to be Creator/YuriLowenthal.
* [[PinballProjectile Ball Weevil]] will probably be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
** Jossed, it's Bumper Robinson.
* [[NobleBirdOfPrey Kicken Hawk]] will probably be Creator/EricBauza.
** Jossed, it's Creator/YuriLowenthal.
* [[InASingleBound Crashhopper]] will likely be Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.
** Confirmed.

[[WMG: [[WesternAnimation/Ben10GeneratorRexHeroesUnited Alpha]] will return as an antagonist in ''Omniverse''.]]
Hey, if he was shown [[TheStinger breaking out of his nanite orb]], logical conclusion is that he will return. And the Null Void is a part of the Ben 10 franchise's wing of TheMultiverse, so...
** Which will require another team-up with Rex and Providence since they're the experts on nanites. It would be pretty sweet to see Rex's abilities drawn in Wyatt-style and WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex fans would be thrilled to see the team again.
*** Bonus points if Rex, Six, Bobo and Holiday meet up with [[BadassNormal Rook,]] [[ActionGirl Gwen,]] [[LoveableRogue Kevin,]] [[PluckyGirl Julie,]] and... [[VideoGame/SonicGenerations Classic]] [[{{WesternAnimation/Ben10}} Ben.]] Even more bonus points if they {{Lampshade}} how [[{{Artshift}} weird everything looks.]]
*** They could even bring back the Pack and the Consortium along with Vilgax to find a way to obtin and reactivate Rex's meta-nanites.

[[WMG: By the end of season 1, TimeTravel will get involved.]]
And something Teen!Ben does fucks up the timeline for the worse, though nothing as bad as the other Bad Futures in the show, but the changes will make Paradox almost uncharacteristically ''very angry''. Bonus points if it's a WhamEpisode.

[[WMG: The first episode will pick up right where ''Ultimate Alien'' left off]]
With Ben using the true Omnitrix to fight Vilgax, as Vilgax was only wounded at the time.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Vilgax will go back to his former threat level.]]
And he'll actually ''lampshade'' the [[DiminishingVillainThreat regression]] of his effectiveness over the course of the sequels, [[CharacterRerailment going back to something to be feared rather than just another rogue]].
* Clones may be involved.
** Well, now that he's put in an appearance, it looks pretty good for him: when it finally comes down to a confrontation between him and the bounty hunters sent to kill him, he makes a CurbStompBattle of it '''with none of his AF/UA arsenal.''' That's pretty badass. Also, he's no longer covering that green band of ooziness around his head, and has his original voice back (I always thought the Blum version was more ominous-sounding than the merely gruff Remar version, but that's just me.) so it looks like they're really going for "original series Vilgax is back in town." Now, will that mean he's the ultimate threat again? I don't think so, with the new villains that are coming to the forefront. After the original series making him the ultimate evil, AF making him a recurring RoguesGallery member, and UA having him [[HijackedByGanon Ganon-jack]] the Diagon arc, well... it's kind of someone else's turn. His turn to shine may come but we've got the Faction and the Incursions and maybe a Time War on our hands. I think it's gonna be someone else's turn for a while yet.

[[WMG: The canon will have a slight BroadStrokes treatment.]]
Which will be handwaved with the characters mentioning that the first series, ''Alien Force'', and ''Ultimate Alien'' are in some sort of computer archives, though [[UnreliableNarrator their accuracy is unreliable at best]].

[[WMG: There will be parallel universes.]]
It's called Ben 10 ''Omniverse.'' My guess is that it will involve AlternateContinuity versions of the show. Given this and the possibility to time travel, it may ''finally'' go to explain the major continuity/character flaws of the series. Alternate universes we could see may include:
* The timeline of the original Ben 10,000.
* A MirrorUniverse.
* The "Gwen 10" universe.
* Maybe ''[[WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays Secret Saturdays]]'' universe? ..........You never know.
** Doesn't have to be: according to the creators, ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays'' is part of the same universe.
* Confirmed in Store 23 for ''a'' parallel universe....just not the ones listed above.
** So very confirmed: Ben 10K, Gwen 10, Ben 10 Prime and Ben 23 teamed with a Ben Tennyson without an Omnitrix against Vilgax and multiple evil Bens.

[[WMG: The Forever Knights will split into separate groups again.]]
After Sir George's death, the organization will fall into disarray and return to their own separate goals. They'll also hold Ben responsible for George's death.

[[WMG: Paradox will have an EvilCounterpart.]]
Because we already have a Doctor Expy, why not have a ''Master'' {{Expy}}?
* Does that make the Highbreed Dalek expies?
* The most recent episode seems to have set up Eon as an adversary to Paradox, though he's basically still himself as opposed to anyone Master-like.
** Maybe not The Master, but he does bear a [[http://farscape.wikia.com/wiki/Scorpius remarkable resemblance]] to a villain from [[Series/{{Farscape}} ANOTHER sci-fi series]] seeking the power to travel the space-time continuum...

[[WMG: Elena will return in the series.]]
She becomes a sort of {{Tsundere}} FemmeFatale with nano-controlling powers.
* Jossed, Elena has become an AbortedArc and will cameo later completely back to normal.

[[WMG: This show will be a ReunionShow of sorts for the cast of ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'']]
Tara Strong is voicing 11-year-old Ben, Corey Burton has been confirmed to be in the show by [[WordOfGod Word of Derrick]], BumperRobinson is voicing Rook and Bloxx, and Creator/DavidKaye (yeeeess) will be voicing Khyber and Shocksquatch. Creator/JeffBennett will probably appear due to how [[ManOfAThousandVoices ubiquitous]] he is, and maybe we'll even get Bill Fagerbakke and Creator/TomKenny involved.

[[WMG: The future has got changed. Again.]]
The original "Ben 10K" future got changed when Alien Force came out. The "Ultimate Ben 10K" future has now got discarded due to interference from Dagon.

[[WMG: The "Ultimate Ben 10K" future is still canon.]]
Ben 10K mentions that Azmuth is really mad at him for [[NoodleIncident something he did]] [[TimeTravelTenseTrouble in between meeting his future self and meeting his past self]]. Given Azimuth's dislike of the Ultimatrix, hacking the new Omnitrix to give it an Ultimate function would probably upset him.
* Jossed by both WordOfGod and the episode where Eon return, showing the Ben 10,000 time resembling more like its incarnation in the original series.
** Well, actually, this theory can be confirmed, but only through alternate temporal existence. Cross-Time is canon, therefore, all of the games are in the canon multiverse of timelines. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that Ultimate Ben 10,000 is still in the muliverse.

[[WMG: Khyber will be hijacked from his position of BigBad.]]
Because he's got an ''Evil Omnitrix'', which isn't likely going to be unnoticed unless Khyber is ''very'' covert.
** [[spoiler:confirmed, sort of; Khyber was working for Malware all along. While Malware is a new villain, he technically comes from the original series era, so this could count as a HijackedByGanon case, sort of.]]

[[WMG: Gwen and Kevin will [[TheBusCameBack come back from their bus trip]]...]]
...But they won't be the OfficialCouple anymore.
* Then the [[StrangledByTheRedString red string]] is finally cut and their RomanticPlotTumor finally dies? [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing Huzzah!]]
*** Jossed; they did came back, but they still are a couple (though said couple isn't as much mentionned as before).

[[WMG: Creator/CoreyBurton will voice a malevolent Galvanic-Mechamorph or technological being.]]
[[ActorAllusion Because he's got so much experience playing allegedly emotionless, incredibly logical villains]].
* Confirmed! In the pilot, he plays Malware, who is indeed an evil Galvanic Mechamorph. However, he's only appeared in a flashback so far, so whether he'll put in any further appearances is up in the air.
* Malware is going to appear in the Ben 10 Omniverse videogame.
* [[spoiler:He also is the true BigBad of season 1]]

[[WMG: Captain Nemesis will return as a SameCharacterButDifferent.]]
[[EvilFeelsGood He likes being a supervillain]].
* And Jennifer Nocturne will become his henchgirl.

[[WMG: Charmcaster will complete her halted HeelFaceTurn from ''Ultimate Alien'' when she returns.]]
And if any writer still wants to use her as a villain, they can use the Charmcaster of 11-year old Ben's time period.
* Jossed; DJW stated that if she ever comes back, she'd be evil. He even referred to the fans who wanted her redeemed as "creepy", suggesting he thought of her redemption as a case of DracoInLeatherPants.
** '''Update:''' The Josing might have been Jossed [[note]]overturned by other writers; Wyatt never had total say over creative decisions on the show, and other writers on the show don't share his view on the matter and have gone on record to state that they like Charmcaster as redemptive; Story Editor Matt Wayne is even the one who wrote her origin episode, not to mention Wyatt's "jossing" was stated before her OV appearances were even written and the fan backlash may have had some influence[[/note]], as online evidence from various sources indicate that Charmcaster will apparently be featured as ALighterShadeOfBlack in all three of her episodes: to Ghostfreak, to Hex, and (this is the big one) [[spoiler: to Adwaitya, which means the HeelFaceTurn Creator/Dwayne [=McDuffie=] intended for her when naming her "Hope" may come to pass.]]
*** As it ends up, a compromise was found: she doesn't have a HeelFaceTurn, but this explicitly said to be because [[NotEvilJustMisunderstood she's "damaged", not evil]], and she ends her run on the series in a situation where she can finally recover and make a real HeelFaceTurn thanks to Gwen and Hex's guidance, with Gwen flat-out stating this as her desired outcome with keeping Charmcaster in her present predicament.

[[WMG: This series will be a bigger base breaker than the last two series.]]
I can't image the people who enjoyed them would like this more vanilla series. It follows an alone 16 and 11 year old Ben and puts a well liked romance by that portion of the fans on a bus.
* Conversely, however, the fans who hated UAF and its Kevin/Gwen "[[RomanticPlotTumor romance]]," their ensuing SpotlightStealingSquad status and Creator/DwayneMcDuffie obviously not caring about what he put out, and want a more fun series like the [[FirstInstallmentWins original series]] will love it. So it'd be about the same amount of base breaking, only this time the original series fans will be the ones enjoying the new one while the UAF fans kvetch about it.
** On the flip side a good portion fans of the original series liked the original for, well, "[[KissingCousins alternative reasons]]", and because of it won't like this new series because [[FanNickname Gwevin]] is about as cannon as can be. Almost every fan of the original over UAF I've met via the internet disliked it because of the lack of "[[FanNickname Bwen]]"
** This is really the only logical outcome. Each series has it's fans and haters, causing relitivly the same amount of base breaking but increased per series.
** Confirmed '''SOOOOO much''': this show ended up only breaking the base even more so far.

[[WMG: This series is the only true sequel to the Original Series' timeline.]]
* The only snag is that Kevin would have somehow redeemed himself in the sixteen years in between series. Otherwise, UAF are non-canon.
** Jossed; it has been confirmed by Derrick J. Wyatt himself that both AF and UA have canon elements that make it in Omniverse.

[[WMG: There will finally be a crossover with ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans''.]]
* In which Beast Boy gets the ability to turn into a Vulpimancer and an Arachnachimp.
** Doubt it will happen, but that would be fun.
*** If this happens I demand that they continue it from where they left of in "[[DownerEnding Things Change]]."

[[WMG: Malware will be the BigBad after Khyber.]]
And he will be able to stay one step ahead of Ben many, many times.
* Alternatively Malware is the BigBad of the past, and the BiggerBad of the present.
** [[spoiler:Partially confirmed; ''Predators and Prey'' reveals Malware had a part of responsability behind the creation of the Nemetrix.]]
** [[spoiler:Actually, Malware was the BigBad all along--Khyber was just TheDragon to Malware]]

[[WMG: There will only be one season of ''Omniverse'']]
Lets have a look see...
* Ben 10: 4 seasons
* Alien Force: 3 seasons
* Ultimate Alien: 2 seasons.
Anyone else seeing a pattern.

** Ultimate Alien had 3 seasons.

*** Jossed. Derrick has confirmed that the team has already gotten through most of four ten-episode seasons and are currently working on two more.

[[WMG:Will Harangue will appear.]]
He's start an anti-alien campaign to try to exile the aliens from Earth. And also have the public blame Ben 10 for having them amongst their midst.

[[WMG:Ben started frequenting TV Tropes after ''Ultimate Alien'' ended.]]
He uses the term "MonsterClown" and ''extensively'' uses the words "BigBad" to describe the perpetrator in the season premiere.
* Possibly all-but-confirmed in "Rad Monster Party" the way he even uses the word "trope" when describing monster-themed ones.

[[WMG:Verdona will appear, hoping that Gwen reconsiders being a full-on Anodite.]]

[[WMG:There'll be an episode which explains Max and Verdona's marriage.]]
In the ''Ultimate Alien'' episode, Max said he'll tell the kids about their eventual marriage "[[AnotherStoryForAnotherTime another time]]."

[[WMG:King Viktor will appear.]]
* He will have Dr Vicktor's personnality resurfacing, leading to a SplitPersonnality and a fight between the two.
** Jossed. King Xarion was killed off by Zs'Skayr.

[[WMG:Eon will return.]]
* Confirmed! And he brought Professor Paradox with him.

[[WMG:Darkstar will appear.]]
* If he does, it better be as a KnightOfCerebus.
* Considering how Darkstar was ''frequently'' a FriendlyEnemy after only two appearances as a true threat, they'll probably pull yet another EnemyMine. Real Cerebus material would be the return of Aggregor, or Vilgax if he's handled right.
** True, but what I meant is I hope they won't recuce Darkstar to either a minor villain (like they did with Zombozo) or a goofier guy.
* If he does appear he'll be pretty upset to find out that Gwen moved.

[[WMG: Kevin is going to die]]
* Unlikely; this show is obviously intended to be more light-hearted, I will honestly be surprised if they even kill a character. Plus why would they kill a character PutOnABus anyway?
** Um, that doesn't mean jack shit, ever heard of something called CerebusSyndrome and BackForTheFinale?
*** I did. But seeing how FanDumb reacted when it happened in Alien Force, it seems unlikely they will dare follow that path in Omniverse... sadly. if they do however, I will be happily surprised (the CerebusSyndrome, not Kevin's death).

[[WMG: Khyber plans to [[DeadGuyOnDisplay mount Ben's head on his wall]].]]

* No, duh.
** In his human form.
*** Still No, duh.
*** Almost; he wanted to keep his ''arms'' on his wall as a trophy.
*** Hmm, a hunter who wants to turn our teenaged male hero into a trophy? [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Now where have I heard that before?...]]

[[WMG: Gwen's new Lucky Girl-esque Anodite form was created out of modesty.]]

* Since the natural Anodite state is... natural-looking with no clothes albeit with little detail. Gwen realized this when she saw pictures of herself on Will Harangue's reports that [[MoralGuardians claimed she was perverting the nation's youth with her alien nudity]]. While Gwen doesn't really care what Harangue thinks, it did make her self-conscious enough to alter her Anodite state to avoid scrutiny. That's also the reason that she wears clothing similar to her younger self as it makes the transition easier to do by minimizing the difference in her forms.
** Adding to this, Verdona might disapprove with Gwen's decision to wear "clothes".
* I always thought the Lucky Girl version was sort of an inbetween state. When she used her Anodite powers to their fullest, she was in danger of losing herself (which is why Kevin had to talk her ''out'' of singlehandedly whomping the Highbreed.) What if Anodite Lucky Girl is just her going as far as she can safely? (You'll notice how it's not nearly the same GameBreaker her Anodite form was in AF/UA.)

[[WMG: Young Gwen and Kevin will have serious FoeYay in the past.]]

* It's the perfect AuthorsSavingThrow. After a few battles and maybe an EnemyMine situation the two will start to connect and Gwen will begin to lay the groundwork by Kevin's HeelFaceTurn in ''Alien Force''. Kevin will eventually choose to save her life even though it gets him captured and sent to the Null Void where he meets Kwarrel. Fast forward a few years and suddenly their familiarity with each other won't seem as out of place. Bonus points if Kevin references the "I'll follow you anywhere" line in a mocking CallForward: ex. "What, so I'll follow you?"
** Man, I ''hope'' so. I always thought it would be awesome to have a Kevin-centered episode taking place in both timelines like the Malware episodes, and in the past you'd see how Evil Kevin got himself into the situation that's just caught up with Good Kevin in the present. And evil Kevin was just so cool anyway. I think when it comes to trying to make the AF changes make sense, you flirt with VoodooShark and by ''this'' point are just beating a dead horse, though.
** Played with in "Mud Is Thicker Than Water" when Lucy teases Gwen about having a crush on Kevin in a flashback, but Gwen does seem completely disinterested in him and not in denial at all, so her feelings for him clearly did not develop until later.
*** Really? It sounded like she ''was'' in denial to me.

[[WMG: Rook will have a LoveInterest... a [[InterspeciesRomance human love interest]].]]
* While wandering around Bellwood when Ben's in school, Rook will meet an attractive, slightly geeky girl who he has a MeetCute with. She will turn out to have a problem only he and Ben can help with and after the smoke clears Rook unknowingly agrees to a date with her. [[SarcasmMode Because it's not like fanfic writers won't think up the same plot, right?]] In a deconstruction of the casual view the previous series took with Max's relationships with alien women, they will face significant problems from Harangue and others that do not approve of the relationship, but decide to go through with it anyway with the support of the Tennysons.
** More or less jossed; ''Bros In Space'' reveals Rook already has a girlfriend (and apparently [[SingleTargetSexuality only has eyes for her]]), and ''Showdown Part 2'' has him mentionning that human girls aren't attractive by his species' standards, making that possibility unlikely.
** How about the cat-girl that tried to take over his mind? FoeYay and all... or maybe Fistina?

[[WMG: Classic Ben will come to the future]]
It will probably involve Malware.
* Half true. ''Eon,'' baby!

[[WMG: To expand upon the above theory...]]
He will meet Julie, who will think he's cute and annoying at the same time.
** So, basically the same way she feels about Present!Ben?

[[WMG:Khyber is the alien version of Kraven from SpiderMan.]]
Don't tell me I was the only one who got the reference.
** Agreed. The similarities are obvious. Though probably too a reference to the Franchise/{{Predator}}.
** Meh. It's a [[EgomaniacHunter well-known]] [[HuntingTheMostDangerousGame villain type]] that none of those three franchises invented.

[[WMG:Primus' retcon]]
WordOfGod says that Primus no longer exists. Here's a way to write it out. The Omnitrix Ben gets in the original series, ''Alien Force'' and, by extension, The Ultimatrix, is a prototype of The Omnitrix that Ben has now. Now then, usually the prototype is larger and clunkier then the newer model. The original ''needed'' Primus because it couldn't hold all of the DNA that the Omnitrix used. The newer version probably ''has'' all of the DNA that was on Primus. Essentially, making Primus a useless rock. Call in the Death Star rip-off to [[EarthShatteringKaboom blow it up]]. There you go. Primus is now retconned.
** Jossed; you really thought they would bother with an explanation? Nah, they are just classifying Primus as CanonDiscontinuity and saying the episode with it never happened.
** Actually, this troper thought that when the universe got destroyed and recreated, Ben probably forgot to include Primus as one of the places that needed to be restored. Hence forth, Primus no longer exists. Just a thought.
** They could have done that, but DJW quite clearly stated they were just doing CanonDiscontinuity with Primus.
* Thing is, Primus was mentioned a ''lot'' in the series, and one recurring character called it home. It's easy to say "Oh, yeah, that doesn't exist anymore" when someone asks you, but in practice, it's gonna open plot holes wide enough for a Weight Watchers meeting for Humungousaurs (Vaxasaurians?) to fit through if they suddenly start writing as it if never was there - keep in mind the overwhelming majority of viewers aren't devoted enough to have sought out interviews, etc. The writers know by now that ''every last one'' of the changes that were introduced in a "pretend it was always that way, ViewersAreMorons and will never notice!" manner generated lasting hate, to the point that half of the purpose of ''Ultimate Alien'' was AuthorsSavingThrow efforts. So, either it won't ever matter, or Primus will return after all, or, if DJW has a storyline in mind that ''needs'' Primus to not exist, something will happen onscreen that ''doesn't'' render it new-Kevin level WTF-errific to anyone who has seen the Primus episodes but hasn't happened upon his statement.
** I know... but so far Derrick J. Wyatt doesn't seem really more concerned with that sort of problem than Creator/DwayneMcDuffie was accused to be.
** In practice, it seems to not be as bad as we feared. We are making a bigger deal of the Primus retcon than ThePowersThatBe (go on, name ''one thing'' to happen in this series that couldn't under previous series' rules of how the Omnitrix worked. And if there ''were'' any, viewers would probably chalk it up to it being a new model.) And for an episode that's also non canon anymore, Ben 10,000 Returns seems to be the inspiration for the version of Eon we meet and not his original appearance. (C'mon, he's still an evil alternate future Ben and longtime offscreen foe of Paradox who has lightsaber-wielding ninja {{Mooks}}. He's got a new VA, yes... the same one the Ben 10K we meet at the very end has!) So far, it seems less like the whole universe had an extensive overhaul and more like the things ThePowersThatBe consider clutter just won't show up.

[[WMG:If Hex returns in an episode...]]
Charmcaster will be featured in the episode flashback opener.
* Then [[TheRival Gwen]] is going to show up as well and bring Kevin.

[[WMG:Ben and Rook will fight Tyrac the Tyrant.]]
Come on, he's a guy who managed to stage a coup ''[[MagnificentBastard without ever leaving his cell]]''.
* Considering how the show is going so far, I doubt they will. But I agree that if they do, it'd be ''[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]]''
** Just as a reminder to fans, [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial and not because I can't find him on the Ben 10 wiki,]] who is this character again?
*** A criminal offhandedly mentioned in "It Was Them" by Rook when Ben is talking about Dr. Animo being the villain of the episode.

[[WMG: Ben and ALIEN X rebuilt the universe WRONG]]
They didn't call this series Omniverse and then have Ben rebuild the entire universe without it being a major plot point. Since the Multiverse was already confirmed several times over the span of the series this must have done something unique, quite possibly merging all the currently known multiverses into one.

[[WMG: Ben is gonna end up like a HaremAnime hero]]
Seriously, we have Ester who has shown up, Julie is confirmed to appear as well, and from what I heard, [[spoiler:a later episode ends with Ben having a Tetramand fiancée against his will]]. Not to mention DJW suggested there might be other girls. Ben is quite on his way to end up with his own harem.
* Cash and JT will be completely jealous.
** That would be [[CrowningMomentOfFunny hilarious]].
* It'll actually turn out to be galactic law that after all the heroic deeds he's done, including saving the universe multiple times, Ben has to have a harem.
** Poor Ben then
* In which case...

[[WMG: The next addition to Ben's harem will be a pure villain.]]
* And it won't be funny. Think Michael Morningstar in the two or so episodes in which he was actually a threat. She wants Ben as her property as well as [[Series/DoctorWho unimaginable power, crushing the lesser races, and unlimited rice pudding]]. Depending where on the CerebusRollercoaster we are, either IHaveYouNowMyPretty will make a Malware-class villain even scarier, or will be the ''one'' humanizing trait of a Charmcaster-class one: Like with her and her father, EvenEvilHasLovedOnes, but that doesn't mean evil's not evil.
** Princess Attea maybe? Or a redesigned Elena Valadis?
** Unbelievably, right on all counts! Minus Elena. As of The Frogs of War, [[spoiler: Attea's crushing on Ben as Bullfrag, and even gives him (in human form) a goodbye "kiss" and a wink! But thinking he's cute doesn't mean she's any less villainous, or be tricked/distracted into doing something dumb; she pretty much leaves with everything she wanted.]]

[[WMG:Ben will gradually get more mature again as the show will go on]]
His partnership will force him to learn act serious again, and he will gradually prove he deserves his reputation. Hopefully, he will stop acting like a moron once and for all this time.
* As we've seen up to Malefactor, this seems to be the case with Present!Ben [[spoiler: actually saying that being a hero isn't about fame, and actually trying to do what the people want even if it isn't what he wants.]]

[[WMG: The first time Ben becomes Kickin Hawk...]]
''Someone'' will report they saw "[[WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}} a chicken! A giant chicken!]]" They've already made [[RabbitSeasonDuckSeason one]] Creator/WarnerBros reference.
* Okay, {{Jossed}} for his first appearance, but still possible for when he actually shows up in ''public''.

[[WMG: The reason the new Omnitrix doesn't work for Ben...]]
Is because it has a more advanced AI and feels Ben is disrespectful to it. Thus why one of the only times he's got the alien he wanted was when he said "you win", it perceived that as 'good enough' and decided to throw him a bone.
* Might be interesting if they bothered to reveal it.
* Alternatively, Ben's just a bit dense. The beginning of "Many Happy Returns" shows him clearing picking Rath's icon while believing it was XLR 8. Chances are, his whole issue so far has just been that he's still not gotten to realize which face is which.

[[WMG: Ben's laid-back attitude is the result of the ''Ultimate Enemy'' finale.]]
Ben was sorely tempted by [[spoiler:the power of the sword of Ascanlon and Vilgax's prodding]] into going full-on KnightTemplar and remaking the universe according to his own morality. It took [[MoralityPet Julie]] to get him to fully let go of the idea and that unnerved Ben enough to adopt his current demeanor. His reasoning is that being too serious leads to becoming like [[WellIntentionedExtremist George, the Forever Knights and Colonel Rozum]]. It's canon that Ben adopts his goofier persona to deal with the stress of being a KidHero and he's overcompensating in ''Omniverse''; Max is aware of this and is more lenient than he ordinarily would be with a subordinate even if said subordinate is his grandson. He assigned Rook partially to keep an eye on Ben's mental state as well as being a partner to him since Gwen and Kevin wouldn't be around to support Ben. For all intents and purposes Ben is a partially self-made ChildSoldier struggling to deal with a huge amount of responsibility and expectations that are on him and his temptation at the end of UA shows a desire to "fix" the universe that could go terribly wrong.
** Okaaaaay, I dislike Ben's personnality in ''Omniverse'', but if THAT's the official justification, I would LOVE it; this would definitely be interesting to study.
** This is also why Ben let his relationship with his Julie get so bad, he's fully aware that being with him is stressful and dangerous. He tried to slowly drive her away with bad behavior and neglect. Julie knows what he was doing and this is why she wasn't angrier with him in "Rules of Engagement." Now she's just one less thing to worry about (in her mind.) Ben's flirting with random girls like Aster? All part of the plan.
** Ben has gone through a lot of terrible stuff by the time Omniverse aired; having to deal with a psychopathic evil Kevin (again) and almost going KnightTemplar (as said above) must have really taken a toll on him. Add having to restore the universe after it got destroyed (or, seeing his loved ones die and resurrecting them) to that, and I think it's safe to say that he's gone full-on StepfordSmiler at this point.

[[WMG: In addition to being Magister, Max is also the chef for the Earth-based Plumbers.]]
Which is why he's seen cooking in so many scenes. He finds it relaxing after putting up with Ben's antics all day.
* Wait, this isn't canon?
* Or close enough. Whether anyone actually eats his cooking is another question.

[[WMG: The Plumbers' Helpers will return with a grudge against the Forever Knights.]]
* Helen and Manny specifically, with Alan reluctantly being dragged along. They've quit the Plumbers and are now hunting down what's left of the Knights after Pierce's murder, regardless of the collateral damage. Expect much angsting on Ben's part about fighting his friends while Rook is determined to hunt down the rogue Plumbers.
* Would be an interesting episode.

[[WMG: Ben,Rook,Gwen,Kevin and Grandpa Max will team up to become a Five Man Band in one episode.]]
* Let's hope to God that this happens
** Sort of confirmed; they do team up altogether in ''Showdown Part 2''.

[[WMG: Kevin's fallen off the wagon again]]
* Look at the evidence dark markings around the eyes, more [[JerkAss jerkish]] behavior, and the change in fashion style.
** So glad I'm not the only one to notice! Actually, that would make for a decent episode, Ben and Rook head out there after Gwen figures out what's going on and calls for some help.
** I beg your pardon, I'm not sure I understand what you meant by "fallen off the wagon". Could you please explain?
** He's back to draining energy, just not from living beings. At first.
[[WMG: Expanding on the above post reasons why Kevin may be absorbing energy.]]
* He undercover trying to infiltrate a group of Osmosian terrorists hiding out on earth.
** He's not doing it on purpose. He's accidently absorbing small amounts of energy from [[EnergyBeing Gwen]] due to their close contact with each other.
*** If that's true then it'll make one hell of a TearJerker. I wounder who would figure out what's going on first and just how far will Kevin be gone?

[[WMG: There is going to be a new Negative Ten.]]
They will either be the villains for a two-parter or a season worthy threat and i would expect one of the members most likely one who was on the original to point out it did not work last time.
** You mean like the Shade did about Gorilla Grodd's Injustice League in the ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' cartoon?
** Something like that although that show wasn't on my mind when i thought of it.
** The idea would be cool. Especially if they had the group working on avoiding the mistakes its previous incarnation did.

[[WMG: Primus was excluded from Alien X's rebuilt]]

[[WMG: Khyber's Pet will be defeated by either Way Big or Grey Matter]]
I think it was mentiond that Way Big had a predator so seeing Ben overcoming the strongest predator in the Nemetrix using its own prey would be very approiate. It was mentioned through Word Of God that Grey Matter currently does not have a predator in the Nemetrix making it ironic that Khyber's Pet is beaten by a Alien it does not have a predator for and the Nemetrix's creator hates Galvans making it doubly ironic.
* Surprised no one's actually said this yet, but confirmed. Grey Matter actually defeats Kyber's dog as Tyrannopede, by using a sort of nerve pinch. And even later on, Azmuth makes a whistle out of a bone and whistles for the dog to turn into the Nemitrix's creator's natural Predator.

[[WMG:Possible Nemetrix Predators]]
* I leave you guys to fill this one in
** A Root Shark.
** A tiger
** A Krakken.
** Peacocks! The most dreaded predator of all.
** Creator/ChuckNorris
** A synthetic predator of the Galvanic Mechamoph species

[[WMG: Whatever happened with Ben's last encounter with Malware left him traumatised]]
* In the episode Malefactor, when Present!Ben met Malware again he was clearly afraid and not expecting him to return. Why is this? Because Malware 'died' and in such a destructive way or one of those NoOneCouldSurviveThat cases that Past!Ben thought was terrifying. And this is all not including what Malware actually did during his encounters. Also...

[[WMG: Something happened against Malware that makes Ben not want to use Feedback anymore]]
* Because seriously, Past!Ben loves to use him, but Present!Ben doesn't even try. Something happened that made Ben not want to use Feedback for a long time.
** I think Malware killed Feedback or something, and that's why Ben's so afraid of him.
** That's possible. And we've already seen Ben get aliens back after they were destroyed, so it also doesn't mean he's gone forever.
*** If Ben has had Feedback and just didn't use him because of the previous incident with Malware, maybe Present!Ben choosing to use it against him will be a sign that he's not afraid of Malware anymore.
* This could be highly unlikely, but what if Malware ''absorbed'' Feedback. Feedback has always been Young Ben's favourite choice and Malware's weakness. So naturally in order to make himself more powerful, Malware will absorb his greatest weakness so he's no longer affected by it.
* Jossed, as Present!Ben uses Feedback in ''Store 23''.
** Not 100% jossed. That episode was supposed to take place after Showdown, which is when Modern Ben would have reacquired Feedback.
** Judging by the preview of ''Showdown'', there definitly is ''some'' important reason that Ben doesn't use Feedback anymore, outright refusing to talk to Rook about it.
** Confirmed: Malware destroyed Feedback, as revealed in ''Showdown''.

[[WMG: An entire episode will be Ben explaining to Rook just who Malware is]]
And it will be of their last encounter and explain why Ben seems to be so afraid of him. There may or may not be some LampshadeHanging or a form of BreakingTheFourthWall with Rook interrupting to ask questions or if Ben and Rook take a second to snark at the situation.
** Jossed; the flashback does happen, but only as a small part in ''Showdown Par 1'', and there are no BreakingTheFourthWall.

[[WMG: Whatever happened between Ben and Malware is why Ben stopped using the Omnitrix inbetween the original series and ''Alien Force]]
Seriously. Does no one remember that Ben had quit the hero business for an unknown amount of time until the Highbreed showed up and it was never explained ''why'' Ben quit? Ben enters his ''Alien Force'' personality when he meets Malware again in "Malefactor" so maybe the unknown incident between Ben and Malware was so traumatizing to Ben it caused him to quit until the Highbreed showed up.
* Seconded, present!Ben's reaction to Malware just reeks of hard feelings that Ben usually doesn't reserve for his opponents; also remember Gwen's reaction in Alien Force to Ben choosing to put the Omnitrix back on, she was saddened to a surprising degree by it. To add to it, Malware points out that Ben "knows what (he) is capable of..." and that begs the question of just what Malware could do (and likely did) to unsettle Ben so much. This will probably be explained like the above WMG and show Rook the more serious and driven side of Ben he hasn't met yet. He'll actually [[WeWantOurJerkBack find the change rather disturbing and try to convince Ben to lighten back up]].
** Maybe in Past!Ben's fight with Malware, when it seemed like he would lose, Malware attempted to absorb the omnitrix and thereby try to absorb Past!Ben (transformed as Feedback) as well. Somehow the omnitrix had some feature that stopped it, and Malware was defeated, but it seriously freaked Ben out. Malware can't (as far as we know, anyway) absorb living matter, so taking the omnitrix off might have been a way for Ben to 'protect' himself from being absorbed.
** Alternately The beginnign of Alien Force will be retconned. And it will [[BrokenBase splinter the base]].

[[WMG: The reason Ben never gets the alien he wants...]]
... isn't because he's incompetent or TookALevelInDumbass, but because since he has ''so many'' aliens now and very little time between him looking at what aliens he's getting and the next thing that's trying to either kill him/innocents or just cause trouble, he doesn't have the proper time to select the exact one he wants. That and Ben hasn't has time to properly familiarise himself with the faces, and in the rush probably mistakes which one he's picking. It's pretty much proven in 'Malefactor', when he can turn into the aliens the kids want because he has both the time to pick it without the possibility of death hanging over his head.

[[WMG: The omnitrix has ''not'' been downgraded.]]
It's new to Ben, and functions differently from his old ones, so he still needs time to properly get the hang of it. It also does have some new features that, normally, would be considered a practical change.

After all, all previous incarnations of the omnitrix (including the ultimatrix) only showed one alien. Now this was all fine and dandy when the user only had one of the selected sets of 10, but with the many additions that Ben recieved, this format quickly became AwesomeButImpractical.

The new omnitrix, however, doesn't let Ben only see the one alien, but the ones around it as well, letting know in advance which alien he will be getting should he be turning left or right. Thus it is BoringButPractical.

There's also the fact that it doesn't [[spoiler: normally]] need to recharge, and seems to naturally change when the current form Ben is using is not working, like when he was Rath in 'It Was Them'. The new battery system might also be the reason that Ben has unlocked new alien forms; when he doesn't even look at what alien he's transforming to and just transforms into one off the bat, the lack of structure momentarily breaks the known parameters of the omnitrix, selecting an alien previously locked.
* I see it as being like when you change to a newer version of a program, and they changed the controls. Your used to having an icon on the top of the screen, but they moved it to the bottom, and you have to relearn it.
* Confirmed by Azmuth himself, who blames misselections on Ben's "fat fingers". In addition, he also claims Ben slamming down so hard on the faceplate messes with the time-out duration.

[[WMG: Two of Ben's aliens will share the same predator]]
Or the other-way around.

[[WMG: Looma will come back asking for ben's help]]
Something bad is gonna happen to either her or her father and, in desperation, she is gonna ask Ben, the strongest person she knows, for help. Bonus point if, by the end of the episode, she decides to stay on earth to help Ben fighting villains, much to Ben's misery.

[[WMG: NRG's armor has changed]]
Now it's lead armor as compared to the original hardest metal armor.

[[WMG: There will be a plot on Ghostfreak]]
Specifically, on how it got out of the Omnitrix sometime between the time period.
* [[http://www.formspring.me/DerrickJWyatt/q/437295404770419583 Jossed for now by]] WordOfGod.

[[WMG: [[http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/087/4/0/the_truth_has_been_conspired_by_gdan95-d4u842i.jpg This series takes place in Cross-Time]]]]
Think about it. Derrick retconed Primus out of the story and said that Destroy All Aliens is canon. Maybe, just maybe, Omniverse is a alternate timeline where these things actually happened or didn't happen.

What? It's a decent idea.

* Until the season finale I'm simply ignoring Word of God on this particular subject. First Cross Time and some of the odd quirks. I'm still convinced that Alien X rebuilt the universe wrong. It may or may not have been intentional. More to the point what reason could there possibly be to retcon Primus out of existence instead of just ignoring it until nobody remembers anything about it? Because it's about establishing that multiple timelines exist. Again the title has to be a hint to something, you wouldn't title something Omniverse if it was about time travel!
** When I see the name Omniverse, I think more so Multiverses and what-not. I guess it's just the "Verse" Part of it. I only think of time travel because it has Classic and Modern Ben in it, and we all want that time travel episode where the two meet.

[[WMG: In the episode "Rules Of Engagement"]]
Looma will return. Much too Ben's dismay, considering that's the Omniverse Debut of Julie.
* And at the end when Ben has managed to sort things out and calm Julie down, Ester shows up.
** Half-Confirmed: Looma is definitely back, but Ester ends up fighting Looma.

[[WMG: Azmuth added new samples of the same races.]]
* Some of the changes in Ben's aliens can be chalked up to the new animation style - a stripe or dot is added or lost, a [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated chin gets bigger]] - but some of them are radically different. For the biggest case, look at the two pictures of [[http://ben10.wikia.com/wiki/Shocksquatch Shocksquatch]] and remember that yes, ''really,'' they are both of the same alien. Small cosmetic changes are one thing, but the more radical changes make sense if Ben is no longer turning into the same members of those races that he used to.
** Maybe true! The preview for Tummy Trouble shows that Original Series Upchuck and AFUA Upchuck are from different races of Gourmand and Ben can become either. So why not the Shockquatches or the Eatles?

[[WMG: Paradox tries to involve himself in Ben's life as much as possible to keep him in check.]]
* It's [[http://www.formspring.me/DerrickJWyatt/q/417049770809379965 been confirmed that Eon is essentially an evil version of Ben]]. And Eon causes a ''lot'' of problems, ones that Paradox can't fix easily at all. So, instead of having to fight against all these different Eons, Paradox does his best to prevent it from happening in the first place -- namely, keeping Ben on the straight and narrow. He can't just make things go Ben's way, however, as that won't help either of them at all, so he does his best to make Ben himself think about what is right and wrong, and to do what's best for people.
* Conversely, it could also be that, seeing that Ben seems to be such a constant anchor among the alternate universes and timelines, Paradox keeps visiting him -- especially in his youth, where he's incredibly positive -- to remind himself why he should fight for the good of the universe rather than letting people mess up the timestream.
** Essentially, both characters are [[MoralityPet morality pets to each other]] to keep them from going to the deep end.

[[WMG: Ben will be forced to realise that, while Ben 10,000 is a possible future for him, so is being Eon.]]
* While the episode ''Ben 10,000 returns'' is [[CanonDiscontinuity ignored]] [[WordOfGod by the writers]] [[http://www.formspring.me/DerrickJWyatt/q/417050740008177553 themselves]], it is still confirmed that Eon is an older, evil version of Ben. And for all that Ben looks forward to becoming this cool and awesome hero, he can't just ignore the fact that he can become one of the worst (if not '''the worst''') villains out there seeing as he can travel through ''time'' and cause havoc on the timestream, and willing to destroy the universe through arrogance.
** Apparently, ''that'' Ben 10K being Ben's future is all that's retconned: everything else is upheld by the new episode (Eon is evil older Ben and not a Chronian trying to bring back the others like in RAT; his {{Mooks}} dress the same, etc. In practice, this is ''Ben 10K Returns's'' Eon and not ''Race Against Time's,'' and it makes way more sense ''with'' Ben 10K Returns than without it.) And with the way each future story contradicts the last, it seems very likely that every possible future Ben is still possible. Here's hoping for an arc coming out of this Time War thing, and Ben facing the possibility that there are still multiple paths his future could take.

[[WMG: Ben will try to change his form from Echo Echo to Ditto (or vice areas, if possible)]]
He will do so while having already been duplicating himself. And [[GoneHorriblyWrong not all of the duplication become the right alien he wanted.]]

[[WMG: Ben is starting to get a RippleEffectProofMemory]]
* He's gone through mutliple dimensions, and has gone back into the past and into the future many, ''many'' times, a considerable feat considering that, unlike Paradox, he ''is'' still technically a part of the time stream. As a result of all this contact, Ben is starting to remember bits and pieces of what happened in other timelines. Heck, we had a [[PeggySue version that went in time before he got the omnitrix]] in ''Gwen 10'' who remembered everything, and in ''Store 23'' when Ben asks should he do anything, as it may "change history", it's a subconscious recollection of ''Ben Again'' and how he kept getting stuck in these time paradoxes.
** Of course, none of this is including Eon, [[CharacterizationTags Evil!Future!]]Ben, but it may explain why he ends up getting time powers...

[[WMG: The cartoon's Eon isn't the Eon from ''Race Against Time'', he's the ''Ben'' from Race Against Time.]]
** It always bothered me, how Eon of the show can be so different from the Eon of the movie in motivation and backstory, but still have the same name and powers and different artists' interpretation of the same look. However, in the movie, Eon's plan was to [[spoiler: put himself in the Omnitrix and then pull a Ghostfreak]]. What if RAT Ben ''appeared'' to recover from the attempt, but didn't fully, and was slowly corrupted into becoming a lot like Eon, but still enough of Ben to have a totally different motivation from the Chronian Eon? The ''last'' Eon episode will have the RAT Omnitrix fixed, and Eon returns to being Ben (with a Chronian morph for timey-wimey problems, since apparently Clockwork is hard to master.)

[[WMG: Where Eon took Paradox in ''Ben Again'']]
* Where did Eon take Paradox in ''Ben Again''? After all, Paradox says that he's trapped Eon in this one timeline, yet wherever they are it certainly isn't a place with life. The answer? The remains of previously ''destroyed universe''.
** This is made apparent in that the Mr Smoothies are fitting with each timeline (original for the past timeline, the new style for the current timeline).
** It explains how, although not the same universe, they're the same timeline, and the characters acknowledge each other as their past and future selves, so it can be assumed that, while the universe is a copy, there is, at the very least, a connection between the characters of 'different' universe.
** The remains of the destroyed universe is a pocket in space that Paradox and Eon, controlling time, can exist in for long periods of time without damaging the fabric of time much, as its already been essentially ruined.

[[WMG: That alien along side Tetrax in Store 23 that looks like sixssix]]
Is not actually him. Nor is it his rip off sevenseven. His real name? [[spoiler: Twenty-Three Twenty-Three]]
** Anyone else expecting [[spoiler:Rook Blonko]] to be under that helmet?

[[WMG: AU Tetrax is a bad guy after all.]]
We know ''our'' Azmuth's not above using amoral hired guns like Sunder. Maybe this Azmuth's no different. AU Tetrax caused a lot of damage, including trains and cars and such that had to have people in them and that he had no discernible reason to smash while running up to attack Ben 23. Don't be so quick to trust him just 'cause he's working for a good guy ''this'' time. (But don't say "that means this Sevenseven is a total boy scout!" [[WhyAmITicking Wrist bomb, anyone]]?.)
** Well he does have a beard... But it could be that this Tetrax is still just the pure mercenary who doesn't care about anyone else. Ben 23 didn't know who Vilgax was. No Vilgax, no giving him a crystal he uses to blow up Tetrax's homeworld.

[[WMG: Dimension 23 Grandpa Max killed Dimension 23 Vilgax.]]
Well it seems Ben 23 never met him, so something must have happened.
* Maybe it was a HeroicSacrifice.

[[WMG: Ben has some form of MPD]]
However most personalities only show up when he's "using a certain face". Good examples would be Rath(obvious reasons) and GhostFreak (whome is evil).
*** (This was posted after any of the below) Wasn't Ghostfreak his own sentient being the entire time?
* Also Mama BigChill!
* And now XLR8 and spidermonkey may be representing a more hyper personality.
* Adding to this Heatblast, Articguana, and (maybe) FeedBack could all represent a more laid back "cool" personality.
** This could explain why he often switched between loud, semi-obnoxius, party-ish dude to stoick, straight to the point, leader man out of seemingly no where during AF and UA.
*** Ben HAS expressed that he believes all his forms to be living beings...this could be why.
*** It is entirely possible that ben's personality is modified to reflect that of the exact member of a species he turns into. for example there could be a heatblast who is a strategist and a heatblast who is brash and overconfident. ben could have gotten the overconfident one.
* Perhaps whenever an Alien has left the Omnitrix (ala Ghostfreak and the Ultimate Forms) it may be Ben's psyche rejecting or trying to "kill" certain personalities. Unfortionatley the Omnitrix makes this a case of LiteralSplitPersonality.
** My question is how he gained the "Ghostfreak personality"?
*** A result of bullying perhaps?
* This whole concept is horrifying and sad if you think about it too much.
* Anyone want to oppose this wmg?
* Wait what's MPD?
** Multiple Personality Disorder
*** Oh...
* This could explain his random bouts as a KnightTemplar....
** That or he was honest-to-god-pissed during those "bouts".

[[WMG: Ben and Julie are in an on again off again kind a relationship]]
** What makes you think that?
*** Julie just hasn't been around and Ben has been flirting is all. Although the sneak peak clip for Julie's priemere episode shows he still cares about her so this might be jossed...
*** Guess we will see. But if it's jossed, it's like Omniverse is REALLY trying to make Ben a BastardBoyfriend.
** Jossed. They broke up.

[[WMG: Mr. Baumman discovered Ben's identity because of NoodleIncident an incident that will remain undisclosed.]]
Ben ''transforms in front of the guy'' with no problem before he was his current age in his fight with Animo, with no real problems or dilemma. He clearly had to be paid in order to not tell people about Ben's identity.
* Well, I didn't see him around when Classic Ben turned into Way Big, but this would make sense for Modern Ben in that alien force scene.

[[WMG:The Dwarf Star will become a plot point later on.]]
Dr. Psychobos [[TheCameo can be seen at the auction]]. If this doesn't set anything up, I will be ''soundly'' disappointed.
** Sadly jossed; as far as we know, the cameo was nothing relevant to the plot, and the Dwarf Star didn't show up in the finale. TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot indeed...
*** Granted, this doesn't stop the idea from being used later.

[[WMG: Ben will meet the king of Liam and Kicken Hawk's species.]]
Word of God says the king of that species looks like a peacock. And it's been mentioned twice now that Ben is afraid of Peacocks...

[[WMG: Benvicktor will be renamed Atomix]]
That would actually be pretty cool.
* Jossed. He's Frankenstrike instead.

[[WMG: Kevin will be revealed to not be an Osmosian]]
He will instead be revealed to just be a mutant human like Man of Action intended.
* That would be the most half-ass, silly retcon they could made; Kevin has been etablished as an Osmosian for a while now, it's too late to retcon that.
** Its simple: it's revealed that he's just been lying about an Osmosian heritage to get sympathy and trust from everyone else. It's not like his powers are bound by the limitations of an Osmosian, anyways, as "Kevin 11" shows him utilizing 100% of Four Arms's power when an Osmosian would only be able to use 10%.
*** Well, even if this was the case, perhaps somebody could explain how Kevin went psycho when he absorbed the Ultimatrix in Ultimate Alien?
*** - Answer: He didn't. He wanted to go back to hurting people for a while, so he used the Osmosian excuse to start attacking people again. Remember: He didn't go insane when he absorbed the energy feedback from the Omnitrix in "Vengeance of Vilgax".
*** Well on that note, here's another question. Why did he turn into a stone-type guy instead of a monsterous creature like in both the original series and Ultimate Alien?
*** - Who knows? Since either the Omnitrix: a) stores DNA which none of the materials he was mutated into possessed or b) contained nothing at all which means he couldn't have obtained anything, much less DNA, from the Omnitrix or Ultimatrix ever, there's really no reason why he would have mutated like that while neither Ben or Gwen did as well. Either he absorbed DNA of aliens composed of the materials he mutated into or it's just a very badly thought out attempt at drama.
*** Actually, now that I think about it, why would Kevin want to go back to being evil in the first place?
*** - Because he enjoys hurting others. It's a source of pleasure. He was always a blood-thirsty psychopath; UAF just tried to give him a cheap excuse out of that which is functionally impossible.
*** And how is this functionally impossible?
*** - Kevin utilizes 100% of an absorbed power when an Osmosian uses only 10% ("Kevin 11").
*** - Kevin doesn't go insane when he absorbs energy while an Osmosian should ("Vengeance of Vilgax").
*** - Unless human + Osmosian results in offspring with powers 1000% more powerful than half of their source DNA and with no weaknesses, it is completely impossible for Kevin to be even half Osmosian. Logically, his powers should be even weaker than the source DNA, all things considered .
*** Well, maybe a human + Osmosian hybrid ''would'' result in that. You don't know for sure, you're not a Scientist in Ben 10. At that, I assumed that Kevin didn't directly absorb the energy from the Omnitrix, but rather, substances from different species. There was a machine that they were using to hack the Omnitrix, after all. We don't know what kinda effect that would have on Kevin.
*** - So he's a mutant no matter what. So why not just let him be a human mutant instead of a convoluted hodge-podge of ratios and loss of an Osmosian weakness that was created specifically to excuse him for his myriads of crimes? It's what Cartoon Network wanted from Wyatt et al: a cleaner continuity. As for the AF mutation, the DNA still needs to come from somewhere. And, logically, it would ''have'' to be the Omnitrix since the mutation was tied ''directly'' to it! To have the hacking machine be responsible for the mutation, considering it was destroyed by the Omnitrix releasing a wave of energy, would be an illogical conclusion.
*** Cleaning up Continuity? So, taking his heritage that was mentions quite a bit throughout the series and was at one section o it a major plot point and just kicking it out of the window is cleaning up continuity? No, I'm sorry, but that's just messes up things more. Retconing a planet. That seems bad until you realize that it's only appearances were in episodes that had nothing to do with the main arc at the time, and you could easily just say "Azmuth put all of the alien DNA in the omnitrix" like it was originally intended. But we're working with all three series here, and this includes the Aggregor arc. And you can't just say "Kevin wanted to be bad for a bit" and expect to get away with it. If he knew he wasn't insane then he was being evil for the sake of being evil. Not to mention that he was pretty good friends with both Ben and Gwen before that mutation. Why would he go back to his evil ways and ''start hurting them?!'' And here's an idea, if we're going with "Osmosian's can't absorb more then 10% of stuff" and we find a plot hole in that, how about we just retcon that and have them always be able to absorb 100% Of things? Now That would explain some things. And I'm pretty sure that the "Only 10%" stuff was never talked about on the show, only in forums about the series.
*** - His heritage was brought up only during the Aggregor Arc and even then, Kevin was the only person to have declared himself an Osmosian: since they have a quick out from being criminals, a criminal mind like Kevin's would take advantage of that. Kevin would go back to being evil and even hurt his friends because he was originally a blood-thirsty psychopath who enjoys hurting others for, basically, fun. Aggregor specifically required a machine to absorb the full power of the Andromeda aliens. That was a critical plot point that required Osmosians being only able to absorb 10%.
*** Alright, fine on one case. He wanted an out to excuse himself. That doesn't mean he wasn't sorry. You forget that, yes, while he was a deranged psychopath, ''He was an eleven year old boy.'' At that point in one's life, it's very likly that a boy in Kevin's perspective would turn out like that. 5 Years pass and somewhere along the line Kevin stops robbing banks and starts to sell alien tech. Why would he do this when doing things like robbing banks would be much easier? Because he's sorry. At some point in those five years, he probably went, "Aw, man, I'm a monster." and tried to do better then his younger self. When he meets with Ben and Gwen again do you really think they're gonna buy a simple "I'm sorry" After all he's done to them? Events of Alien force happen now. It's pretty well established that he's buddies with Ben and Gwen's Boyfriend. Why would he go back and hurt them after all that's happened? You can't tell me that he just went back to being evil the first chance he got. And on the case of Aggregor, if he could only get 10% of an aliens powers, then why would he go for the Alien X baby? He's going for god here, and I don't think 10% gonna cut it. And on the case of the Andromina five and the machine, I always just assumed that he was absorbing their entire beings, including knowledge. Ben has AmpFibian, but doesn't know how to use his powers, Whose to say Aggregor didn't plan ahead for this. Alternatively, Aggregor's just wanted to kill the five. You can't prove me wrong on this case, Aggregor's an douchebag.
*** - Yes, he was an eleven-year-old ''who was positively giddy'' about ''killing a few hundred people'' for a quick buck. Then he rampaged across America causing pain and suffering to frame Ben's aliens for crimes. ''Then'' he rampaged across the universe attacking anyone he met until he had a small army of aliens too afraid to disobey, even when told to find ''Vilgax'', the most hated being in the galaxy. His canon (by Man of Action) future had him actually admit to causing pain, not to prove a point, but because he ''liked'' it. And even after supposedly turning, he continues to cause pain to people, like the aliens from "Simple" that he profiteered off helping them to ''slaughter each other''. Feeling frustrated at not being liked as well as Ben was and Gwen not putting out would have driven him back to a reliable source of pleasure: causing hurt. As for Aggregor absorbing the Celestialsapien: Celestialsapiens have the potential to be omnipotent, or "all-powerful". They have infinite power and 10% of infinity is still infinity. Besides, he ''had'' thought this through. Why would he want 100% of a Celestialsapien's power if 100% also came with two voices he had to argue with to actually ''do'' anything? As for the machine: Aggregor was repeatedly shown not to be able to utilize the full power of a Geochelone and the power quickly faded. So a more permanent solution had to be constructed: completely absorbing them into himself and rewriting his own genetic structure to contain the Andromedas. If he could obtain 100% of their powers without the machine, he would have gone straight for the Map of Infinity as genre savvy as he is shown to be. No mess, no fuss, just obtaining the Map and a Celestialsapien's power without anyone knowing. ''Then'' he can start murdering people once he had undisputed rule of the universe.
*** You listed the monstrous things he did in the original series. I'm not saying that the guy wasn't a complete monster at one point, I'm just saying that he's not that ''now.'' There is no true MoralEventHorizon. A character could always turn their life around. And on the case of "Simple" That is basically the story of the [[Film/IronMan Starks.]] Both Tony and his father not only sold weapons of mass destruction, but they even ''crafted'' them. And they were good people. Tony saw eventually that he was wrong, he saw the destruction he reaped. Also, Argit was there. [[TokenEvilTeammate Kevin's best ratty space friend]]. I'm not gonna go into detail with Argit, I don't think I have to at this point. And on the case of Aggregor, I can see your point, but you do have one flaw that I wish to explain. If an Osmosian absorbed a Celestialsapien's power, even at 10% He'd still get the voices. The reason as to why he went for the baby is because that had not yet developed the two space heads. And at what I'm seeing from our conversation here, I think that there is one theory that we can both ride on with out having this batte to the death of this subject. Look right below this WMG.
*** - I… I’ve been wracking my mind for ‘’days’’ trying to figure this out. Are you saying that… if someone slaughtered your family and bathed in their blood, you’d forgive and accept him with open arms if he said that he was sorry and was crazy at the time? Even when he continued to be a criminal, if a lesser one? I… the mind ‘’boggles’’ before these implications. And I’m not saying he hasn’t changed: I’m saying that his body naturally produces dopamine when causing others pain. He naturally gets a high off the hurting of others. Tony and Kevin aren’t comparable in this matter; Tony was a weapon manufacturer in a world that needed weaponry for protection against others with weaponry and, upon realizing the devastation his wanton creation and distribution of weaponry had caused, changed his ways immediately while Kevin actively distributed weapons to both sides of a war between idiots and didn’t care that his actions cost the lives of hundreds, instead weeping over losing money he stole from Argit. As for the Celestialsapien-absorption of the voices, we don’t know why Aggregor specifically wanted the infant; maybe because the infant hadn’t developed the voices, maybe because an adult might take offense to being absorbed… we just don’t know. Your WMG still doesn’t explain why he didn’t go insane when absorbing energy in “Vengeance of Vilgax”.
*** Well, before I get into this rant, I'm just going to assume that when you say "bathed in their blood" your meaning a metaphor for killing them and taking enjoyment, because if you're not, I want you to send me this scene you're talking about, cause I've never seen it. I expect to see a Giant mutated Kevin in a normal bathtub full of blood with a bar of soap and a squeegee, cleaning himself. All jokes aside, sorry, that image popped up in my head and I felt that I should share it, here's my point. Kevin at the time was basically a bully-kid who got his hands on a Gun and a sack of cocaine here. No sugar coating, that's what Osmosians are when they absorb Energy.And if you don't give someone in that situation a second chance after they're off the stuff, then you my friend are a monster. Also, I don't remember ''at any time'' in the original series that Kevin actually killed a single member of Ben's family. Yes, he tried, but whenever they were in danger of Kevin they were usually with Ben, so he was just going after Ben in that situation and they got in his way. And the reason as to why he got high off of hurting others is because ''He was insane!'' When you're insane, you kinda have that problem! There is also this one particular thing that I must mention about Ben trusting Kevin that was also reveled in Ultimate Alien. In the Forge of Creation, they pull Classic Ben from the time stream and he helps them out there. At the end of said episode, Paradox comes in to take him back, to which Classic Ben assumes aloud that he's not gonna remember any of this. Paradox responds to this by telling him that he's gonna think it was a dream, and that it would subconsciously place a small amount of trust for Kevin when he meets him in Alien force. You could say that's a load of bull, but when the Doctor Who Expy tells you something, I think you should listen to the guy. And I can see where you're coming from on Iron Man, but I don't buy that for Tony. I'll buy it for his dad, but not Tony. Tony's reasons were different, the most selfless one would have a sentimental connection to his father in some way, but I feel he was also doing it for fame. But this is Ben 10, not The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not the time for that conversation. He got character development, so he ain't the same man he used to be. Moving on. I also am now remembering the events of "Simple" and have two plausible theories. #1 He didn't think things completely through. How is this Plausible? Argit. #2 The reason that he was on the planet in the first place was the same reason Ben was there. To stop the war. And the people were gonna get weapons either way because Argit was already there selling them to them,and I'm sure that they would have gotten them some other way if this was not the case. Kevin knew that they were gonna end the war there, so he decided to make a quick buck by selling them weapons that they weren't gonna use because Ben was gonna stop the war. Of course they didn't end the war, so Kevin's possible plan backfired, but whatever. That conversations done. And you are correct on the Celestialsapien thing, the baby had not developed to two voices yet. And I do have a theory to back up the mutation in "Vengeance of Vilgax." If you notice, they were using a machine to hack the Omnitrix in Ben's garage, a place with steel(The machine), wood(Tools) and stone(The concrete floor) three of the four things that Kevin appeared to have during his mutation. The only other thing is Tedanite, or whatever DiamondHead's made out of, which I can assume is from the Omnitrix, but before you say, "But wouldn't that cause energy absorption if he absorbed some of Diamondhead's powers?" you should realize that, in the end, Diamondhead is pretty much made of tedanite, or at least a tedanite-ike substance. If he shot out a crystal and Kevin absorbed that, that would not equal energy absorption. And if you still don't buy ''that'' in "Showdown part 2" In Omniverse Kevin absorbs some of the armor from Way Big and suffers no ill effects that he did from the other series. And if you still don't buy ''that'' I'm looking at the machine on the Ben 10 Wiki and that light blue part of it could be tedanite for all we know. So, the machine caused Kevin to mutate in some way, how, I'm not sure. At that point we just gotta say it's the science of the Ben 10 Universe. And if you ''still'' think he absorbed energy, I feel I should also mention that four aliens actually escaped the Omnitrix, Chromastone, Goop, Spidermonkey and Way Big. It probably took alot of energy to actually ''pull'' those guys out for all we know. Transforming is one thing, but pulling four aliens outta nowhere is an entirely different thing. So, if there was any energy transference there, I think it's safe to assume that it went to those four, mainly Way Big. Now then, thanks to our debate here, this is the longest WMG on the page. Hands down. So if we're gonna go with Kevin's a mutant, then he's either a mutant that goes insane while absorbing energy, or a mutant Osmosian that can absorb 100% of anything. Now then, I'm kinda done here. I don't wanna continue to argue on this subject anymore. So if ''none of these answers satisfy you'' the I have one last thing to say on this matter. One last thing to leasve this subject on. Something that can be considered lazy, yes, but it's something that I feel I should say because you said that you've been wracking your mind for days trying to figure this out and I feel that this is the most appropriate response to such a comment in this situation. [[MST3KMantra This is a TV show designed for children. We should really just relax here.]]
* On the technicality, he's a half-Osmosian, half-human being. However, he could be a mutant by having his Osmosian DNA already mixed with his human DNA resulting with his powers.
** A half-Osmosian with powers 1000% greater than a pure Osmosian, as is quantifiable by Kevin's original appearance in "Kevin 11" when Six Arms had strength equal to its source DNA, Four Arms. So he's a mutant no matter what.
** I would just like to point out that some of the info said previously is incorrect: it was actually mentionned in the original show that Kevin DID absorb only 10% of the aliens powers, in fact it even became a plot-point in the episode with Slix Vigma's gladiator games, where Ben had to learn him how to combine his powers to make them more effective. So, no, AUF didn't came up with the 10% part, and Kevin always was limited to this.
*** Kevin however wasn't always limited to this, he was on equal footing with Ben's aliens (either that or insanely more competent in their use) until he mutated into his Kevin 11 form, when he was channeling a single alien there was no noticible gap in their power.
*** What make you think he was on equal footing with Ben? Maybe it's just that Ben still had some vague friendship or hope to redeem Kevin at this point and was holding back. As soon as he took the fight seriously as Fourarms, he practically swoop the floor with Sixarms.
*** Because someone who's only one tenth your strength doesn't put up a fight and are relatively easy to restrain while you talk to them. Ben beat Kevin down AFTER he mutated, before they were going back and forth more than they should have if he only had 10% of his power.
** It's probably something that was either assumed from Kevin (and flat out wrong) or a case where the writers didn't know what was going on. Kevin only got 10% of 10 aliens. He seemed to get 100% of ONE alien and from there people (possibly the writers included) came to the belief that Osmosians only get 10%.
* I have to say, this would be a huge middle finger to the previous series writers and everyone whose come to love Kevin for what he is now. Just because it would bring something more in line with the original series doesn't mean it's the right decision.
** I'm not saying to change his character: it's just that Wyatt et al have been mandated to "clean up continuity". If Kevin is going to be a mutant no matter what, why not make him just a mutant human with absorbing powers instead of a mutant human/Osmosian hybrid with the absorbing powers of an Osmosian increased by 1000% and without any liabilities.
*** Here's the thing. The thing about Kevin being a mutant in the original series? It's never said. Not even once. We only know about it because that's what they revealed the original creators PLANNED. It's never established at all in the series, and thus, the creators of the following weren't creating any plot holes by going their own route. Meanwhile, saying he's NOT an Osmosian, making him a mutant, saying that the character explicitly stated to be his father is actually NOT his father, and making it so he was acting willingly the whole time despite what's presented on screen? That wouldn't be cleaning up continuity - it would be making it more convoluted. And for the sake of what? A plot point that was never actually part of the story in the first place?
*** - Devin, as he was established, could not have existed without severe continuity issues. The original Plumbers were an Earth-based organization that had been defunct for ‘’decades’’ before the original series and was comprised entirely of humans, with the only alien members being honorary at best. Devin couldn’t have been an original series Plumber because he was an alien, particularly an alien that had a high propensity for going ‘’murderously insane’’. Further, Devin ‘’died’’ in his flashback, so to be teamed with Max when the Plumbers were still active would mean that Kevin is upwards of ‘’thirty or forty years old’’. Further, Max’s partner was Phil. Either:
*** - a) Devin cannot exist.
*** - b) Devin isn’t Kevin’s father.
*** - c) Devin ‘’is’’ Kevin’s father, making Kevin upwards of 30-40 years old.
*** - Further, regarding word of god, if we’re dismissing words of god then we’d need to dismiss the words of various gods from the sequels which, among ‘’numerous’’ things, would mean the majority of the Galvan are extinct and Galvan Prime is destroyed.
*** Now hold on there. You said that alien members would be honorary at best, maybe Devin is one of those honorarys. Not to mention that we don't know weather or not it was decades before the Plumbers were broken up. That flashback, Max is 49 at the least, which at that time, Kevin is either a newborn, or still in his mother stomach. Yes, the original plumbers did disband, however, it also says that it was made by the government, whom of which I assume that the top, more alien plumbers must go through in order to get the OK to turn Earth into a Plumber based planet. Which is not a stretch when you look at it like that. At that, perhaps when he was instated they didn't know if he was an Osmosian or not, not to mention that from the way it was spoken about in the series, it appeared to be ''taboo'' for his kind, but that's just the message I got. And if you still don't buy that, here's another theory. The effects of a Osmosian inside a human are different then normal circumstances, considering that Aggregor refers to Kevin as a hatchling, implying that they go through a different birth then humans, so maybe, just maybe, Kevin's mother was pregnant for ''several years.'' This one's a bit of a stretch as opposed to that flashback taking place eleven years before the original series, but, if you don't buy it, you got that [[SarcasmMode wonderful]] other image to go with. Either way, too much has happened in the series in order for this to not be canon. So unless we're going with "mutant absorbs engergy leads to insanity" down there, this is pretty much canon. [[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra And you got]][[MemeticMutation ta deal with it.]] Also, Galvan Prime was rebuilt. Azmuth said it and it reappeared in the squeals. The matter of the majority of Galvans inhabitants is still kinda there, but I think we can assume that plenty of them survived. At least enough to rebuild their civilization.
* The original series Plumbers shot aliens on sight. Notice their reaction to Bens Cannonbolt form where they decide to kill him just in case, just because he is an alien.
** Wait a second, which episode was this? The only episode I actually remember where the actual Plumbers appeared in were all flashbacks, which is ''before Ben existed.''
*** S4E4: Big Fat Alien Wedding.
*** Weren't they also somewhat paranoid about another alien messing up the wedding too?

* CONFIRMED! In the episode The Rooters of All Evil. Osmosians even aren't really an alien species, is a human sub-species that hace differents powers according to their DNA.

[[WMG: Kevin is a mutant that becomes insane when he absorbs energy.]]
There we go. Now the above theory is plausible through this. The part of the Aggregor arc where Kevin goes mental again is now explained through this.
** Not out of the question, given Darkstar.

[[WMG: Malware will face The [[WesternAnimation/Ben10DestroyAllAliens Retaliator]]]]
I don't care if it's non-canon, I want this to happen.
* According to Derrick, the film ''is'' canon! Ben got Feedback soon after the film.
** I know that. I was more-so referring to the fight itself. Malware vs Retaliator. I know that it can't happen now, therefore that fight would be non-canon. I still want it to happen.

[[WMG: Ghostfreak is the reason for the failsafe in the Omnitrix.]]
Particularly, the failsafe that prevents a DNA sample from being registered when the same one is already registered. Feedback's case is an example.

[[WMG: Feedback is the Big Bad.]]
Or at the very least, he's corrupting Ben, intentionally or not. Ben likes using Feedback, and when [[spoiler:he gets him back in showdown, immediately after absorbing energy, he says that Feedback rocks.]] It might be that Conductoids serve as, or are, an Anodite's natural predator. And as Ben is part Anodite, he might not have any resistance, or he might be getting addicted to energy similarly to Kevin.
* Actually that would be pretty cool.

[[WMG: Possible arc villains...]]
Note that these do not denote the current arc's villains, merely ''possible'' ones.

* Vilgax, whose goals surround the Nemetrix (rumors about it will probably spread like ''wildfire'').
* Enoch, seeking to manipulate the Forever Knights for power once more.
* Eon, who will do more things with the two Bens and have some sort of mess up on the timeline.
* Albeto
* Zs'Skayr

[[WMG: Certain elements from the video games and other merchandise [[CanonImmigrant will make it into the show]].]]
This is a stretch, considering Gorvan, an obscure, video game exclusive character whom only appeared once and had an action figure, made his first on-screen, animated debut in this series.

Plus, this series is [[ContinuityPorn very excessive with their continuity anyway]].

* Well, on a technical standpoint, the games are already canon, just not to the main timeline. It can be quite easy to assume that all of the characters who appear in the games are in the main timeline as well, it's just that none of them have met Ben or anyone else before.

[[WMG: Alien X's retconning will change Ghostfreak's appearance.]]
Specifically, the form without the sun-shielding skin. This is where Ghostfreak's face is no longer upside down.
* Jossed. Ectonurites are revealed to have the ability to rotate their skulls. Flashbacks show Zs'kayr looking like he did before.

[[WMG: Ben will at some point go [[WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex E.V.O.]]]]

Because some fans believe that Ben got Nanites [[WesternAnimation/Ben10GeneratorRexHeroesUnited during his little alternate universal excursion.]] Whose to say they aren't in him right now?
* Jossed for the time being at least. There are no plans for anything even tangentially related to Generator Rex.

[[WMG: The episode "T.G.I.S." will be a cross over with ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays'']]
T.G.I.F. means "Thank God It's Friday", T.G.I.S. could be a parody of this phrase, with the S being for Staurday.
* Also, the pot is about wierd creatures attacks Bellwood. Cryptids? And who better to bring in than Doc Saturday?
** Yes! This is the kind of theory that I like to see on this page! I want this! Make this Happen!
*** Yeah!
*** Please God Almighty Let THIS HAPPEN!!!!
*** Confirmed at this point.

[[WMG: EightEight will speak English]]
Ben will lampshade it. She will say that she took English as a 327th Language.
** Jossed; she speaks the same way than her brothers.

[[WMG: [=SixSix=], [=SevenSeven=], and [=EightEight=] used to be Rivanaganders.]]
Rook can understand them perfectly, and the combat suits that Rook and the three siblings wear almost match each other.
* If this is the case, then Sixsix is one ugly Rivanagander.
** [[AllThereInTheManual Supplementary material]] says they're Sotoraggians.

[[WMG: Aggregor will be back.]]
* Yeah, this series loves its {{Shout Out}}s, but Aggregor was mentioned as one potential responsible party for a destroyed planet. Right after that, Rook says "Or the Highbreed, once," acknowledging the fact that their arc ended with them no longer being bad guys, so you know ThePowersThatBe are being careful with it: ''Aggregor would not have been mentioned in a way that suggests that he is still a threat if he wasn't.'' Btw, the same goes for Captain Nemesis.
* Can you perhaps, re-say that. I'm not sure if you either said what you're trying to say wrong, or if I'm just having one of those derp-moments.
** They find chunks of planets and wonder what happened. Aggregor is one of the possibilities they mentioned. This means they clearly believe he's still a threat. That would mean nothing in many a show that loves shout-outs as much as this one, but previous Omniverse shout-outs ''haven't'' forgotten about the current status of past characters. Therefore, it's ''deliberate'' that they talked about him as if he's still a threat. Which reminded me of Captain Nemesis, who got talked about a lot for long-forgotten two-shot bad guy back in TheOneWith Ben and Rook getting de-aged. You'd think Nemesis would be on death row or serving multiple consecutive life sentences in a maximum security prison (depending on the state) after the events of Catch A Falling Star, but he's discussed as if he's not.
** Ah, alright. Thank you for re-saying that. I was a bit confused.
The Highbreed were also mentioned as a possible cause of the planetary destruction, and they weren't aggressive the last time we saw them.

[[WMG: Attea plans to use the mind control juice on either her father, or Ben.]]
She said that she didn't have enough to control a planet, but it was enough for what she had planned. She will either attempt to use it on Milleous to overthrow him, or on Ben to make him overthrow Milleous, and maybe keep him around as a weapon.
** Jossed. It was used to control an army of mutant, lab-grown Tokustars.

[[WMG: There will be an actual HalloweenEpisode.]]
And, [[AscendedFanon in reference to the fact that people regard "Last Laugh" as the Halloween Episode]], Zombozo will be the villain.

[[WMG: Benvicktor, Benwolf, and Benmummy will return in Arc 5.]]

Derrick has mentioned that Darkstar and Ghostfreak will return in Arc 5, so this would be the perfect arc for the "Halloween Trio" to return in.
* Confirmed. All three of them appear.

[[WMG: Speaking of which, the Halloween Trio will get real names.]]
The Ben[theme] names really aren't Ben 10-ish, and technically haven't appeared in-story yet: Benmummy and Benvicktor were never called by name, and Benwolf only was if accidentally howling when he tried to say his name when in that form counts. Yeah, they were called those names in the credits, but descriptive names for characters whose real names we don't know yet isn't unprecedented; Tetrax was "Hoverboard" before we knew that name, remember?
* Partially confirmed, at least, with Snare-Oh, Benmummy's new name. Derrick has also said he wished to rename them before Snare-Oh's name was confirmed.
* Now completely confirmed. [[http://www.formspring.me/DerrickJWyatt/q/444908534828651177 Benwolf and Benvicktor are now named Blitzwolfer and Frankenstrike.]]

[[WMG: Kyber doesn't consider the dog his pet.]]
He considers the Nemitrix his pet. When he says old friend he's not talking to to dog, but rather the Nemitrix.
* And I'd thought something was wrong with that man before...

[[WMG: We're watching two different realities combining.]]
That's why we have so many retcons/plotholes/clashing bits of information; there are two Ben 10 universes, very different but, for some unknown reason, combining into one. Using Kevin as an example, cause he's been discussed at length on this page. We have two universes, one where he's an abandoned mutant and Osmos V doesn't exist, one where he's a half-Osmosian runaway and his father was a Plumber. All the flip-flopping is because this new merged universe is trying to make both things true. Unfortunately, because existence has no true thought everything comes out muddled. So instead of a clean history, we end up with one universe's version of a character featuring in a scene or episode, only for the other's to show up in the next one.
* So, in other words, the end result of this WMG is NegativeContinuity as opposed to ContinuityPorn? Makes sense.

[[WMG: Julie and Ben will eventually get back together]]
Not right away, but eventually in the series.
* Currently Jossed. Derrick said they're done, as in not getting back together.
** Yeah. Since the current showrunners don't like the pairing there is only two ways for it to happen. A: A new series is done after Omniverse by a creative team that does like the Ben/Julie pairing. B: Executive Meddling.
*** While I do like Julie, I have to admit she isn't very popular, so the A is unlikely. Except if the new love interest turns out worse.
*** I just hope this happens. And knowing how [[CashCowFranchise this series is]] we can hope to see A or B happen.

[[WMG: There will be a LowerDeckEpisode for some of the other characters.]]
* Ben will get an illness or otherwise be away and so Rook, Max, Blukic and Driba, Esther and Magister Patelliday will have to stop some massive threat together.

[[WMG: There will be an episode where Ben only transform to the previous aliens he had not used in Omniverse as of yet]]
For example Benwolf, Benvictor, Ghostfreak and Upgrade. The very first episode does not count, of course.
* This can apply to aliens who only appear in cameos too (like Brainstorm only appearing to get dunked).

[[WMG: Will Harangue gets away scot-free after the events of "Frogs of War", by claiming to have been forced to work for the Incurseans or as a [[TheMole Mole]]. And will still continue his anti-Ben 10 speeches, by making the invasion all Ben 10's fault.]]
* I thought he pretty much was being forced to be their propaganda guy after they took over.
** Yeah, you're probably right. But that probably still won't change his mind about Ben 10.
* Beautifully {{jossed}} as of "Return to Forever", which reveals Harangue's ratings ''plummeted'' after his alliance with the Incurseans--''in spite'' of his attempts to claim he was "sabotaging" their invasion.

[[WMG: Arc 4 will be during Classic Ben's era and the BigBad will be [[MadScientist Dr. Animo]]]]
* Think about it: The only known episode of Season 4 or [[OutOfOrder what's supposed to be season 4]] is called [[http://ben10.wikia.com/wiki/Evil%27s_Encore "Evil's Encore "]] and the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UzvHjPnEDrc preview]] involved Animo breaking in to a Plumber Base. It fits so well.
* Seconded. He seems more threatning and competent that usual.
* This can also be made slightly more likely with the fact that the Incursions, a villain treat that might've been ''lower'' then Animo's in the previous series, were made into the villains for arc 3. Not to mention the idea that the first two arcs were with both Classic and Modern Ben, while the third was with Modern Ben,it could make logical sense that they're going with a Classic Ben arc.
* Jossed. The villain is Albedo.

[[WMG: Albedo will appear in "T.G.I.S."]]
* Based on theory above that it will be {{Crossover}} with WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays he will team-up [[EvilTwin Zac Monday]].
** One problem with this. [[spoiler: Zak Monday was KilledOffForReal]] in last season of WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays. However the [[spoiler: remainder of the Monday family is still a possibility.]]
*** Though it being a crossover with ''The Secret Saturdays'', Albedo appearing is jossed, though if there's a follow-up [[spoiler: Zak Monday appearing might not be out of the question despite his death, seeing as V.V. Argost was also killed, but revived in "T.G.I.S."]]

[[WMG: The next few arcs will be spent on old, pre-established villains.]]
Mostly to [[CharacterRerailment reinvigorate them]] or [[TookALevelInBadass show exactly how frightening and dangerous they can actually be]].

[[WMG: There'll be an episode where Ben gets back at Kevin for what happened in "Many Happy Returns"]]

[[WMG: Blitzwolfer's name is a reference to CNN journalist and news anchor [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf_Blitzer Wolf Blitzer]].]]

[[WMG: Ghostfreak is also the reason for the latest Omnitrix to store dna in digital format.]]
This way, Zs'Skayr won't be inside the watch trying to take over Ben.

[[WMG: Kevin is a mutant, but was raised by, and assumed to be, an Osmosian.]]
Picture, if you will, the police alerting the Plumbers to an abandoned infant showing use of odd abilities. The plumbers investigate, the child's powers strongly resemble Osmosians'. Everyone looks at Devin, who either A) has trouble keeping his pants on and so can't be sure of anything, or B) can say with certainty it isn't his, but not that a visiting relative didn't, leave a little something behind. Either way, seeing a child using 'Osmosian' powers and with what could be said to be a family resemblance to their single Osmosian, the Plumbers assume the child is a hybrid. Devin, figuring that either way it's his duty to keep an eye on the child, given said powers, takes him in and raises him as his own. To this day, everyone still assumes that he is one, given that there are no clues against it that can't be explained away, in-universe, as because of the whole hybrid deal.
* If this is the case, then logically he should also have the same weaknesses as an Osmosian. [[note]]''i.e. Absorption of energy makes him go insane''[[/note]]
** Given we've already got people assuming that...
** … Why? You don’t check to see if a guy’s a drug addict by feeding him the drugs you suspect him to be addicted to! That’s just stupid!

[[WMG: We'll ''finally'' find out why Ben retired during the TimeSkip]]
Since this show has had flashbacks to when he was younger, it seems likely.
* Unlikely given that Wyatt has repeatedly stated he, and possibly the rest of the writers, have no interest in writing that story. [[note]]''He also revealed that the loss of Feedback was what caused him to give up being a hero, but was ultimately scrapped because no one thought that was how Ben acts like.''[[/note]]

[[WMG: We will eventually see the compare and contrast between [=XRL8=] and Fastrack]]
Just wait until season 5.

[[WMG: Max Tennyson and Doc Saturday are already well acquainted.]]
Hey, Grandpa Max does seem to know everybody from time to time, and there is a chance their respective lines of work would've crossed their paths before.
** Remember the "Bigfoot is just a guy in a suit" line from Alien Force? That was the case that Max met Doc and Drew and shenanigans ensued, probably when Max tried to serve them [[AlienLunch dinner]].
** Confirmed, sort of. In "T.G.I.S.", Doc mentions that he worked with Max on a cryptid-related matter. Whether that means they're "well acquainted" is unclear.

[[WMG: Will Harangue will become Mayor of Bellwood at some point.]]
Because how else would he antagonize Ben?

[[WMG: Khyber will suffer from BadassDecay]]
He will get a new pet, but it will be lazy, easily distracted and not very bright. Ben will defeat it by throwing a ball or rubbing it's belly.
* Jossed. His new pet is more dangerous than his previous one.
** The pet part is Jossed. Some people feel that his defeat at the hands of Pesky Dust was indeed BadassDecay.

[[WMG: There is no DNA for human predator]]
But there is a anteater DNA. [[ContinuityNod Psychobos heard, that ants are dominating species.]]

[[WMG: The series final will have a gathering of Cn's greatest heroes]]
Zak, Rex, June and Ben will team up to save the universes, with perhaps even Finn and the PPG/Dexter/Ed.
* June? Juniper Lee? This sounds better and better by the second.

[[WMG: Reason why [[LoveableRogue Argit]] looks the way he does.]]
This is just a small theory, but I believe that this happened: One time somewhere between Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, Argit was once more imprisoned. However, at that time, during his time to before he escaped prison, not only was his hair forcingly shaved, but parts of his fur along with some of his bones being broken to make him smaller was what made Argit look vastly different than what we use to see him in from Ultimate Alien. Just a theory not to be taken seriously.

[[WMG: Looma does not like fighting girls because the BestHerToBedHer thing that Tetramands have applies to women as well.]]
Looma doesn't like fighting girls because she's straight.

[[WMG: [[http://ben10.wikia.com/wiki/Way_Big%27s_Predator Way Big's predator]] is the size of Ball Weevil]]
It is a [[TheVirus virus]] and its prey is [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever freaking Way Big.]]

[[WMG: The people within the new universe.]]
This is, frankly, more for my own peace of mind since the actual implications are a really bad case of FridgeHorror, but here we go;

When Alien X rebuilt the universe instead of stopping its destruction, it is because they don't have any ''true'' power over time. They, after all, exist ''outside'' the universe and everything in it, meaning they are unaffected by the time stream and the general passage of time. Being outside time has resulted in them being unable to do things we take for granted, such as Ben constantly being stuck in place when he transforms and being unaffected by the destruction of the universe since he is now a being outside it.

(It also goes to explain their hatred of Professor Paradox and that NoodleIncident, since Paradox also exists outside of time but continues to intefere [[IncrediblyLamePun all the time]], so to speak, and that likely goes either against their morale code or jealousy over his command of time.)

Thing is, all they did was recreate the universe. They ''could'' have made copies of all the people in the universe, but Ben wouldn't really like that option really. But Bellicus and Serena have no affinity for time travel or dimenional travel. But who does? ''Ben''. He's crosses into other dimensions and travels the time stream so freely that he a) has an [[SuperpoweredEvilSide alternate version of himself Eon]] who does such things like it's second nature, and b) gets caught up in these things so much that apparently he keeps messing it up enough to get Paradox to appear all the time.

Where am I going with this? Well, since Ben is seen (admittedly in the mind of Alien X, but still) outside the destruction of the universe, alive and well, he still has some command over what to do. How long it takes him to unlock the powers that Eon has at this point is inconsequential, since he's now in the body of an alien that is literally unaffected by time itself. The only important part is that it happens, and Ben takes the time to transfer everyone from the dying universe before said destruction and put them into the new one, with the only unput from Alien X about this is to configure their memories so that they remember the appearance of the universe being that of the new one.

(Likely Ben also had to find a way to connect the two universes in some sort of time bridge, so as to make sure that you ''could'' acutally travel back and forth between them in the timestream, as seen in 'Ben Again'. That little area that Paradox is trapped in is the remainders of the old universe under the 'time bridge' or something, justifying how Eon was able to trap him in such an obscure place despite being unable to apparently escape from that timeline.)

Eventually, when all is said is done, Ben gets them to wipe however long his current memories are of his activites so as a) not have the complete dominating power he has as Eon and b) to relieve him of the mental stress of knowing you literally picked everyone up and dumped in a different universe for so long. Part of him subconscously remembers though, which is ''why'' he doesn't feel all that bad when talking to Rook and Argit about how he brought them back and calling them copies, since part of him knows it isn't exactly the case. It also explains why he doesn't exactly put two and two together about the new universe looking different, since he's been jumping between the two universes that they've got muddled up a bit in his head.

A DeusExMachina on an extreme level? You bet! But I really couldn't go on with the whole FridgeHorror thing they had going with Ben happily existing with supposed copies of his friends, family, and every other being in the universe.

[[WMG: Ben's [[HeroicBSOD breakdown?]]]]
Just a slight observation for now, but in the latest seasons of omniverse (the Albedo Arc, s4) it has Ben acting a little more self-depreciative then is usual for him. Almost seems to be showing how vulnerable he is without the omnitrix as well, but I suspect that that will be the focus for the episode 'Seperation Anxiety'. It's just that lately Ben's seemed a little out of it in some respects.

* In 'Return to Forever' he [[spoiler:freaks out a little at the sudden pressure placed on him to switch to Grey Matter, focusing on what would happen should he pick the wrong alien,]] which is unusual for Ben
* In 'Mud is Thicker than Water' he remarks that his mole comment was just a joke, asking how dumb do people think he is before being interrupted by Granpa Max.
* There's the unaddressed issue of how [[spoiler:Albedo, restraining himself to just his human form, was actually pretty effective in his plans.]] Ben would unlikely have dealt with it as well.
* With the return of [[spoiler:Khyber and his nemetrix in 'A Fistful of Brains', we see how against the odds Ben does start to panic a little. He did take the wise option of choosing to run, but there was the lack of confidence we've come to expect from him.]]
* Staying in that episode, [[spoiler:his fight with Albedo was just him losing constantly it seemed, with him remarking that had Granpa Max and Rook not interrupted he likely wouldn't have been able to keep going.]]
* In a 'A Few Brains More' [[spoiler:there was his general inability to fight back a lot of the time. Granted Albedo was super-powered and such, but things like his Cannonbolt fight had Ben losing and losing bad.]]
* 'Max's Monster', while he does get to show off his smarts a fair bit, there is the fact that [[spoiler: multiple times he's taken out the instant he goes human, at one point so hard he forget what the current situation was and another he was ko'ed long enough for the other plumbers to get there to fix the energy core.]]

It just seems that Ben might be coming up to a point where his self-esteem might take a major hit, where he wonders what to do with himself without the omnitrix.

* If that means he will finally lose this unbearable ego of him, then the show might get my respect back.
** Eh, his ego isn't too bad in my opinion. Besides, with his constant ButtMonkey status, doesn't his ego get proved wrong anyway? It wouldn't hurt for him to be allowed to be a ''little'' more competent on his own.

[[WMG: Albedo's Ultimatrix now has a limit on how long he can stay transformed.]]
* Azmuth did it when he rewired it to give Albedo the body on an 11-year old Ben Tennyson.

[[WMG: Ben's character is cause by using the new Omnitrix for so much.]]
* The reason why Ben's attitude changed over the course of the series is on how much he used the new Omnitrix, in Alien Force he's pretty much mature and stable, but the new ones Azimuth gave him have an unexpected side effect of frying his brain which made him no more different since the original.

[[WMG: Nemuinas are the FairFolk for Khyber's species]]
* Hence why Khyber freaked out when he saw Pesky Dust.

[[WMG: Gwen is blackmailing Kevin to stop acting so terrible]]
* Kevin was uncharacteristically doting in “Mystery, Incorporeal”, especially considering that he never once doted on her. Belittled, mistrusted, and attempted to murder, yes; doted, no. So it’s entirely likely that she’s blackmailing him with threats of dumping his abusive ass. --or--

[[WMG: Kevin has done something particularly awful…]]
* And is trying to get back in Gwen’s good graces by doting on her endlessly. --or--

[[WMG: Kevin’s back to being a creepy lecher again…]]
* And is trying to get Gwen to put out by doting on her endlessly.
** Lecher means cheater. Since when has he ever cheated on Gwen minus the time when Hope managed to get a kiss from him when he and Gwen had hit a temporarily rough patch in their relationship. So other than that (which was something he didn't intend to happen) when has he been a lecher.
*** Lecher - n - a promiscuous or lewd man :: I see no part of this definition that says anything about cheating. I don't see any definition that says anything about cheating. All it means is that he's a pervert.

[[WMG: Kevin is "doting" on Gwen because... ]]
* Their relationship has taken more of domestic turn partially because they live together now and are also away from Ben. This tropper has seen this kind of situation before where both "bad boys" and flirty guys have moved in with their significant others and become much more affectionate to said person. You know, because they love them. Also Kevin doesn't have [[HeteroSexualLifePartner Ben]] around for any HoYay for the most part so his affections are now geared completely towards Gwen and the dog. (Seriously, doesn't living with your GF and owning a dog together sound at least a little domestic to you?) In other words there is nothing creepy or bad about this like previous troppers are trying to say. Kevin and Gwen's relationship is just maturing is all and it happens to be more obvious with Kevin than it is with Gwen.
** What would be a decent argument is ultimately ruined by the fact that he's a) living in his garage, not with her, and b) he continues to otherwise act like the same old mass-murdering sociopath that has thus far been the driving force behind this horribly abusive relationship.
** It was established in the first episode that Kevin has a place near campus, and that was before he got the job at the auto garage. When in Omniverse did Kevin act murderous, sociopathic, or abusive?

[[WMG: Gwen, Kevin, and Ben's new clothing styles are just their attempt at "reinventing" themselves.]]
* Most teens/young adults go through a phase where they try new clothing styles, and new things in general, at some point. Our trio's new looks just happen to invoke how they dressed when they were younger. They probably don't even realize they're dressed similarly to how they use to.

[[WMG: Spanner (Mysterious character from Something Zombozo comes this way) is Ben from another dimension.]]
* His suit seems to be based on Ultra-Ben and Plumber suit, but with green accents.
** His name definitely bring Plumbers to mind, not to mention its similar to how Max used to call himself Wrench in "Voided".

[[WMG: Sunny is and always has been Cousin Lucy in a shapeshifted form.]]
* Just think about it. Their personalities and relationships with Gwen are virtually identical.
** How would she pull off the magic/mana stuff?

[[WMG: Spanner is Jimmy Jones's future self.]]
* Spanner is voiced by Scott Menville, just like Jimmy, and seems to have an admiration for Ben.

[[WMG: Spanner is Jimmy Jones's son.]]

[[WMG: Viktor was altered by Zs'kayr in some way.]]
He seems far, far different than the Viktor we knew in the first series, and it's not out of the question that Zs'kayr would remove "undesirable" traits from his top cohort.
** Jossed, unless Zs'skayr didn't consider "hatred of Vladats" to be undesirable.

[[WMG: There will be another WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex crossover, this time with Rex visiting Ben's world.]]
One of the things Charmcaster says to either Adwaita or the mysterious other stone figure is "Providence? I don't think so." And though Generator Rex is over, they crossed over with WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays a while back and ''that'' ended in 2010, some time before Gen-Rex. Which means maybe...
** Jossed. There are no plans for another Generator Rex crossover. She was just using the word.

[[WMG: The stone figure that ''isn't'' Adwaita is Van Kleiss, or someone else from WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex.]]
Ben ''alone'' appeared in the Generator Rex episode, and it'd be hard for any member of Ben's rogues gallery to cross dimensions to encounter Providence (Charmcaster, knowing how to use the Door to Anywhere, may be the only one, in fact.)
* Jossed. It's Darkstar.

[[WMG: Ben's Actor is a [[VoluntaryShapeshifter Sludgepuppy]]]]
When he transforms his body becomes purple similar to the sludgepuddy's natural color.
* Confirmed

[[WMG: Ectonurites turn their heads upside down when they leave Anur Transyl and only fix them when they come back.]]
All Ectonurites on Anur Transyl had their heads right-side up, and fixing his skull was first thing Zs'Skayr did on his planet even though he could do it whenever he wanted. Its probably some kind of local tradition.

[[WMG: Gwen from the original series episode Gwen 10 will appear]]
* Semi-confirmed; we get ''a'' Gwen 10 in the season six opening two-parter. Hilariously, there's also an Omnitrix-weilding ''Argit'' in one timeline.

[[WMG: The new Omnitrix has a failsafe that wipes the mind of any DNA it finds to still bear its donor's consciousness.]]
And this was why Ben was able to use Ghostfreak without him turning into another Zs'Skayr, who was in fact the very reason this failsafe was added in the first place.

[[WMG: Jimmy is a RedHerring.]]
It'd seem way too obvious after the blatant hinting in Cough It Up.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed. Spanner is actually Ben's kid from the future.]]

[[WMG: The Galvan's intelligence refers more to their proficiency with technology than actual intelligence.]]

They're skilled with technology, yes. but in terms of behavior and thinking, they appear to be on the same level as any other sapient species.

[[WMG: In the next series, Ben/Kevin will become the OfficialCouple.]]
The franchise has [[BrokenBase one of the most divided fanbases ever]], so there's no reason it couldn't happen, especially since Ben's already broken up with Julie. The series would probably have to move to Adult Swim, but [[WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow it wouldn't be the first Cartoon Network show to do that.]]
* Nah, it's gonna be Rook/Ben. Gwevin's lasted this long and shows no signs of slowing down. Isosceles Right Triangle and Rayona can become lesbian lovers, so there's equal opportunity for HoYay and LesYay.
** The fact that Gwevin even started like it did and, even more incredibly, lasted this long is a travesty unto all halfway decent writing in existence.

[[WMG: Skurd will make a HeroicSacrifice.]]
And his abilities will be what inspire Ben to create the Biomnitrix in the future.

[[WMG: Ben and Esther's child from the future will show up.]]
Just to contradict [[spoiler: Spanner]]'s future and show that there are still many possibilities. Of course, this would mean that, whoever Ben chooses to end up with, [[FridgeHorror he'll erase one of his children from his timeline.]]

[[WMG: Kevin is the reason why the Charms of Bezel were able to be recreated.]]
When he broke into Gwen’s house to steal her spellbook because he believed her to be too incompetent and stupid to take care of it herself, he also stole her magical artifacts like the Keystone of Bezel which were subsequently stolen from him as he is the most useless character on the show.

[[WMG: Heatblast will be the last alien Ben use for this series.]]
Think of it as the BookEnds effect, where it was the first alien Ben used.
* Close enough.....[[spoiler: it's Feedback, the first alien new to the series.]]

[[WMG: [[SeriesFinale A New Dawn]] will end with AndTheAdventureContinues]]
Thus making [[UnCanceled uncancelization]] and/or Revival possible
* [[spoiler:Confirmed. Three words: Universal Road Trip!]]

[[WMG: Ma Vreedle did make Vilgax cry, but not for reasons we think.]]
My theory is that she's secretry writing poetry, and Vilgax is one of few people she let see her work.

[[WMG: Kai will [[TookALevelInKindness Take A Level In Kindness]] after pulling out Excalibur.]]
Yes, only one who is worthy can remove Excalibur from the stone. But "worthy" is defined by the one who put the sword in. As far as we know, Kai's genetics may be the cause. [[SelfFulfillingProphecy However, before Kai learns about it, she will become better person, purely through belief that she is "worthy".]]

[[WMG: Ben's personality change is a way for him to curb his BloodKnight tendencies.]]
Let's face it, Ultimate Alien made Ben into a complete KnightTemplar during the end there. So, horrified by what his actions may have led him to do, Ben decided to revert back to his original personality in an effort to keep himself in line. This doesn't always work, as his BloodKnight tendencies have a habit of coming out during fights or during the days between alien fights when there's nothing to do.

[[WMG: Ma Vreedle is half of Toepick's species.]]
It would explain why everyone is so terrified of her when she really isn't all that powerful or smart. Subconciously, she let's out some of the overwhelming horror that Toepick's species is known for, making people unwilling to defeat her because they're so fucking terrified. It would also explain why she's considered to be such a badass villain when we've never really gotton an indication why. Her personality, lack of intelligence, coupled with her lack of power should make it so that she should be a C-List villain at most. Certainly not the VillainSue that she is. It also explains why WordOfGod says that Toepick wouldn't affect her, as they do come from the same species.

[[WMG: Ben seeing [[AFormYouAreComfortableWith The Contemelia]] as [[TrademarkFavoriteFood Mr. Smoothy]] is not to be taken at face value.]]
[[TheTwilightZone Submitted for your approval]] Mr. Smoothy represents [[ThePowerOfFriendship the bond he has with his friends and loved ones.]]
* Exhibit A: During [[WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien UA]][[WesternAnimation/Ben10AlienForce F]] our PowerTrio are often seen drinking smoothies together.
** Exhibit B: After Ben and Kevin reconciled during [[WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien Absolute Power]] they decide to go to Mr. Smoothy.
*** Exhibit C: After escaping from Providence in WesternAnimation/Ben10GeneratorRexHeroesUnited Ben tries to go to Mr. Smoothy in order to have some semblance of his friends and family he might never see again.
*** Exhibit D: After his friends were PutOnABus in the premier of WesternAnimation/Ben10Omniverse Ben decides to not get a smoothie because it doesn't feel right without [[TrueCompanions his cousin and best friend.]]
*** Exhibit E: Ben has mild shock when when Julie reveals she doesn't like Mr. Smoothy

[[WMG: Looma eventually gets married to Kuphulu.]]
In Tetramand culture, any male that manages to defeat a female in combat is to [[BestHerToBedHer become her husband]]. In The Most Dangerous Game Show, during the race on Anur Transyl, Looma tries (and fails) to get away from a group of Thep Khufan. If you don't [[FreezeFrameBonus blink and miss it]], you'll see that Kuphulu was a [[http://66.media.tumblr.com/ef2fc34115b05717a5b3f86f7e1bfdf9/tumblr_nez65gOyp41r811rmo1_500.png part of that group]]. A few shots later, she is shown to have been brought down by them, all wrapped up in bandages. This happens off-screen, so the exact details of how she was brought down is completely up to interpretation. For all we know, Kuphulu could have had the main hand in defeating her, [[AccidentalProposal accidentally becoming her fiance]] in the process. Oops.

[[WMG: the reason there is no omnitrix in No Watch Ben's timeline]]
In this timeline grandpa max got the omnitrix as intended, but arrives early before the road trip starts. vilgax lost its trail leading him to kidnap azmuth and force him to tell him where it is, azmuth refuses but vilgax manages to track it anyway, and abducts max cutting of his arm in his eagerness to take the watch. Azmuth decides to activate the self destuct, letting the charge build for a few minutes,giving max just enough time to get to an escape pod, while azmuth stays behind so that no one can ever remake such a weapon

[[WMG: The reason for Zs'Skayr's seemingly flanderized weaknesses?]]
So [[OurGhostsAreDifferent Ectonurites]] are capable of regenerating, right? Being [[BackFromTheDead brought back]] from [[FromASingleCell the dead]]? Well, while that may be true, it does [[PowerAtAPrice come with a price]]. With each regeneration, an Ectonurite gets weaker, and Zs'Skayr has died at LEAST [[StayingAlive three times]]. He may have even died FOUR times if you count the [[WesternAnimation/Ben10AlienForce Alien Force]] episode, Ghost Town, which we can't exactly be sure is still canon or not considering what all in Alien Force has been [[{{Retcon}} retconned]] already. Zs'Skayr's even further heightened weakness to light in general, [[{{Flanderization}} which was formerly restricted to just natural light such as sunlight]], and his seemingly more limited [[IntangibleMan intagibility]] might be a result of him literally deteriorating on a genetic level.

[[WMG:Ben 10,000 had, at least one point, combined Walkatrout with Fasttrack or [=XRL8=].]]
He would learned that Walkatrout has unlimited stamina that comes together with the power of walking, and that would be the time when he has to travel for a very long distance urgently.