[[WMG: Nina and George's child will age similarly to [[TheFly Martin Brundle.]]]]
* Given that the pregnancy is progressing inhumanly fast, it's not that much of a jump to think that the trend will continue outside the womb - especially considering that the typical lifespan of a wolf in the wild is about nine years. The curse may end up manifesting in a different way too, in a more permanent manner than the traditional "only on a full moon" variety.
* Alternatively, they'll age like ComicBook/{{Hellboy}}. Rapidly at first, then once they hit physical maturity they'll age in reverse dog years. They'll out live Nina and George (and most other vampires btw) till they're well over 100. The curse may also effect them in reverse:they'll act like a psychopath that's purely functioning on predatory insticts and desires in human form, and a big puppy dog in wolf form.

[[WMG:Nina and George's child will be a boy and will be named Mitchell]]
* Because that'd be awesome.
* Or he could be called [[LastNameBasis John]].
* [[spoiler: The gender has been jossed as of the latest trailer; Nina and George have a daughter.]]
** [[spoiler: The name is also jossed; her name is Eve]]

[[WMG:Mitchell will be back]]
* Between the ContractualImmortality he gets as one of the main characters and the sheer number of [[BackFromTheDead Back From The Deads]] we've seen, I can't believe he isn't going to show up next series. Either he's going to reappear as a ghost, or it will turn out that Wyndham knows a resurrection trick that works on more than just werewolf deaths.
** Considering Aidan Turner is going to be in New Zealand filming The Hobbit for quite a while, I wouldn't bet on it, at least not in series 4.
** [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/beinghuman/2011/03/the_final_act.html Jossed.]] Turner himself requested that there was no way Mitchell could ever return, as he felt that would be 'unsatisfying'. They've ended Mitchell's story, and he won't be coming back.
*** [[LyingCreator They said the same thing about Herrick.]]
*** Looks like their going with a new Trio so that pretty muched {{Jossed}} for now. Also Mitchell was killed by a stake , Herrick mentioned that he was lucky that George tore his head off because a stake to the heart . [[{{WordOfGod}} No coming back from that ..]]

[[WMG:Werewolves are motivated, at least in part, by a desire to create a family.]]
* That's why George and Nina copulated in wolf form, and why McNair attacked and abducted, but did not kill, young Tom.
** Furthering this,werewolves are also partialy motivated by a desire to create a pack.

[[WMG:Eve is fated to destroy humanity, and instead be a savior for vampires.]]
* We've only read two-thirds of the prophecy, and when the female resistance fighter read the entire prophecy, she acted horrified and resolved to kill the infant Eve. She wouldn't commit suicide and try to kill a baby unless it would damage the opposing side of the war, the vampires.
* The words 'child', 'savior', 'destroy', 'vampires' are quite ambiguous when linked together.
* It's a standard ProphecyTwist too.
* The future blond resistance fight could be a future Eve trying to commit time-travel suicide to prevent accidentally starting the war. It would explain why she acted regretful over Kirby killing Annie, as she just ordered the death of her adoptive mother.
* Eve might be destined to save humanity by dying herself. The future resistance fighter is future Eve and she reads this on the missing part of the prophecy. So she travels back in time to kill herself as a child before the war can start. If this is true, Hal might even be Eve's nemesis, not because he is somehow going to kill her, but because he is doing everything to keep her alive.

[[WMG: BeingHuman and Series/{{Misfits}} are from the same universe]]

* And Tom and Kelly are actually brother and sister. Kelly managed to survive the attack that killed their parents, and was taken to a foster home.

[[WMG: The vampires are working on a conspiracy to reveal werewolves to the world.]]
* Cutler was showing video footage of werewolf transformations to a pilot group of humans, and has now leaked information that the Box Tunnel murderer had human flesh in his stomach. Sounds like they're setting up to reveal those that howl at the moon...
** Confirmed. The video went viral.

[[WMG: Wolves choose smart/successful people to infect.]]
* The wolf gene is passed onto people who are smart or are successful in life. George, Nina, Tully, McNair, Tom, [[Series/BecomingHuman Christa]] and Allison all are smart and/or successful people who's futures are ruined by the curse.

[[WMG: More 'trios' are going to be shown.]]
* ('Trios' meaning a vampire, ghost, and a werewolf living together) Probably going to start with Allison, Michaela, and Alex sharing a flat.
** I'm fairly certain Alex will be staying with Tom and Hal.

[[WMG: Annie went back to the house in Bristol.]]
* Not the actual house but a copy in the beyond. And Mitchell, George and Nina were there.

[[WMG: Old Ones getting in without being invited.]]
* It isn't really a special power, they're just so old they've been in practially everywhere.

[[WMG: The phones, cameras and other items of evidence are being examined by ''top men''.]]
C'mon, anyone else get reminded of ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'' at the end?

[[WMG: Milo was trying to protect Tom during the season Four finale ...]]

* Because he knew what was going to happen. What he forced Tom outside he seemed to determined to keep the young werewolf as far away from the building as possible. As if he knew what was going to happen next.

[[WMG: The Captain is Major Gowen from ''Series/FawltyTowers'']]
* Or at least was intended to be a parody/dark counterpart to him. Both of them are elderly ex-military racists who stay in a hotel (seemingly indefinitely) who are referred to by their military rank.

[[WMG: It's not real in the ending of the Series 5 finale.]]
* The pan to the paper wolf at the end really implies that there's something wrong. Hatch was playing with the origami wolf in the fantasy with Tom, and the focus on the wolf had the same tilt to the right that happened when Hatch was focused on earlier in the episode.
* It's all too perfect. Being Human doesn't do happy endings.
* What if, when they came back to reality after Hatch showed them the perfect lives they could live, they didn't come back to reality at all? Hal did say that he should have put them all together, so what if Hatch did just that? It appears that the beginning of living in one of the alternate realities is if you accept it, or else Hatch can't force you into it. What if Hatch created a reality that was exactly as Hal, Tom, and Alex expected it to be, so they immediately accepted it ''as'' their reality.
* This would also explain why they didn't die and became human when they did the ritual to remove the Devil from their world.
* Alex didn't drink all of the blood, she spilt some on the floor.
** I don't think she spilled it, I think it went through her like when she tried to eat something near the start of this series. i.e. a callback to something else that didn't go as she wanted it to.
* The werewolf and vampire curses were explicitly said to have been created by the Devil, but there's no mention of what causes ghosts. Hal and Tom being cured makes sense, but Alex becoming human doesn't.
** Tom being freed of the wolf makes the most sense. He's still a living human for the most part, it would just be removing the wolf side of him. Hal comes a close second when it comes to having the curse lifted, though it does seem unusual that his five hundred year old body wouldn't have just crumbled to dust the second he became human. But Alex, Alex makes no sense at all. How did she get a body? Why is being a ghost a curse? None of it adds up.

[[WMG: Alternately, the final scene was them in the afterlife.]]
* They're told taking the potion would cause the three of them to be thrown into "oblivion", but the person who told them that is the frigging ''Devil'', who has good reason to not want them to go through with the ritual. Also, the Being Human 'verse has yet to reveal exactly what a good afterlife is for someone. The only ones we've seen or heard of pertain to what's either hell or purgatory. Surely sacrificing themselves to defeat the Devil would warrant them all going to heaven together. That would also explain why Alex seemingly came back to life, even though she wasn't under any curse. She and the others were still dead, but in heaven, they were given human bodies so they could do the things they missed.

[[WMG: Charlie Matheson from ''Series/{{Revolution}}'' ended up inside this show when she had a nightmare at one point.]]
* Brynn [=McLean=] and Charlie are both played by Creator/TracySpiridakos, and Brynn was in four episodes of season 2.

[[WMG: Molly was a psychic.]]
* There are real psychics in the Being Human universe. Molly knew there was something up with George; now, part of that was probably good sense, but her dialogue was peppered with references to dogs. She had a nightmare about George turned into a monster. Maybe she had a latent psychic ability, just waiting to be realised.