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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
aka: Battlefield Series
So, why are there Russian troops in South America?

I don't know, it just seems like it'd be pretty hard for them to get so many boots on the ground in that hemisphere. My guess is that they were building up their forces there and acting in support of their client states. The pentagon probably mobilized to attack and dislodge the Russian troops for fear that those countries would be used as a springboard to invade the U.S itself. Ever notice how in most of the multiplayer maps (besides Port Valdez) the Americans are the ones on the offensive? They want The Russian Bear out of South America, so that's why they're preemptively attacking all of their bases. That, and there's the oil.

Well, what do you think?.

  • Agreed. Particularly since that is exactly what happened more or less with the Soviets in the Cold War and with the Germans before them in both World Wars: Russia/USSR/Third Reich/Kaiserreich sends forces into Latin America to stir up Anti-American dissent and thus damage the foundation of the Western Allies in general and the US in particular while drawing US forces away from the main battlefronts, US retaliates with strings of coups/countercoups/invasion-and-occupations/one or more of the above. It is pretty logical that we would see something similar happen in a modern war with Russia, particularly given the fairly strong ties had by some to Moscow (Chavez and Castro in particular come to mind).

  • In addition, remember: there are paramilitaries and militia supporting the Russians, a fact noted by Sweetwater and Haggard constantly.

  • Yeah. Eventually, at the end of the game and during multiplayer, we see a shift in Moscow's strategy. They are either defeated in South America or decide not to waste their resources there, instead going straight through the jugular through Alaska.

  • It should be noted that the Bad Company is non-canonical in relation to the rest of the series; that's why it gets a different theme song and some actual characters.

The events of Battlefield: Bad Company are part of The Oil Wars
Okay, so the game mostly just has you shooting Russians for no real reason, but there is a reason in there. You see, the nations were already trying to take control of the area around the Caspian Sea(hence your trip to Sadiz, the "Diamond of the Caspian", at least, if they had gotten done building it). The Russians you face would have become officers in the military of the Red Star Alliance, and in taking them out now, you are reducing the numbers that the RSA will have. This will help the Western Coalition and enable them to claim victory against Russia in The Oil Wars.

Battlefield Heroes depicts a civil war on an alien planet
It's only a strange coincidence that the pro-republic and pro-kingdom sides of a civil war in a nation on a sprawling archipelago on the surface of a planet circling a bluish sun vaguely remind us of the European theatre of WW2.
  • So it's Warhawk?

America will hire the Legionnaire at the beginning of Bad Company 3
And naturally, he'll be hired to have his mercs fill out B-Company's losses so they can keep holding the Russians back in Alaska; Bravo-2 will spend a significant portion of time with their hands over their faces praying the Legionnaire never looks in their direction, until Sweetwater suggests that, since they keep getting pulled into crazy spec-ops crap, they run with it and just wear balaclavas all the time. We then get Deconstruction as their balaclavas make it harder for them to understand each other and turn out to be uncomfortable for extended periods of time. Hilarity Ensues when a passing officer assumes they are uber-badass and orders them to be the Legionnaire's personal guard.

  • That or...

It got worse because the Legionnaire has full control of the Russian Army
Because it's pretty clear he was a major reason for why the US was having a hard time in Europe, and B-Company made it personal.

The cutscenes are lying: Marlowe and friends are wearing hi-tech combat suits.

Four people, with reasonably high clearance to classified intel, holding off dozens of Russians in suicide missions with no specops training? BS. Yeah, it might be Acceptable Breaks from Reality, but it's cooler to think Bad Company are wearing cool suits of armor instead of boring normal gear. For some reason, it's EMP resistant, which is why B-Company still has HU Ds when the Scalar weapon goes off.

World War III is going very very badly for NATO.
Though this is strongly implied, it is never outright stated. The war that started in Bad Company 1 has been steadily escalating, and has finally spilled over into a full-scale global conflict - one that America and her allies are losing.

A future Battlefield: Bad Company game will see you driving Truckasaurus Rex in a climactic battle against Russian and/or Legionnaire armor

Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

The reason why the US doesn't appear in Battlefield 2142...
  • The US did the same thing the EU and PAC did - invade other countries to gain more habitable land. However, while the EU and PAC are roughly equal, the US was facing Latin America. So the US has plenty of land in South America, and neither the EU nor PAC have a desire to cross the Atlantic or Pacific to attack them, as this would involve dodging both icebergs and the US Navy.
    • My guess is that North America got completely covered by ice, crippling it-if you see in the opening cutscene, a lot of the land is covered up in ice. Perhaps the reason that the EU and PAC are staying out of the Americas is because theres no one there anymore.
      • I've got a theory about this one. The new ice age was caused after a largescale nuclear war between the PAC and the US, which not only decimated PAC population, but forced the PAC to divert a lot of it's military resources. This explains why the EU can even pretend to fight the PAC, which not only seems to be more technologically advanced (hovertanks, for example), but should have a massive population advantage (a couple billion in Asia currently to maybe 800 hundred million in Europe) as well. Depending on a few variables, the US is either fighting the PAC in the Pacific for control of southeast Asia, or fighting the PAC in South America. I also suppose it's possible that hte US is fighting against a united South America (probably lead by Brazil), but that seems a bit less likely; the population difference with Asia would hit the US just as hard as the EU, so unless America massively upped it's population (not impossible; the US DOES have pretty low population density) it probably would have needed to annex South America to remain competitive prior to the start of the war. Also, while the US doesn't make an appearance, it does get at least one reference. If I recall, it helped to develop the initial EU assault rifle, which means that America is was still around, at least in some capacity, until very recently at least.
      • One thing about the US vs PAC-the map Wake Island 2142, which would be in the middle of the Pacific. However, it's the EU fighting the PAC, rather than the US

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