WMG: Batman Returns

Catwoman is a Lannister

"Hear me roar." Also, hair color fits.

Crazy Steve replaced Batman for most of the film

The Agony Booth review suggested this, but it would actually explain the film's inconsistencies. In the first film Batman only killed one person in extreme self defence, never seemed to enjoy it and even tried to save Jack in the chemical plant. In Returns he goes out of his way to blow up mooks while grinning. After the Batsignal summoned him Steve intercepted Bruce, knocked him out and stole his suit and took his place up until the third act. Bruce eventually took him out, which is why Batman is suddenly against Selina killing the man who murdered her in cold blood despite being a ok with blowing up some random goon for giggles. In fact Bruce was so ashamed of what Steve did he completely forswore lethal force for the rest of the series.
  • Or it wasn't until seeing someone else going down the same path that he realized how far he'd fallen and turned away from it. He even warns Robin away from following that path in the next one.

The infamous missing eye makeup was no mistake.
Batman has been known to look different from the perspective of others, the guilty see nothing but shadow especially around the eyes. Whilst the innocent do see the clear face since they have nothing to fear from him.

The Penguin murdered his parents, then pretended to discover their graves.

This is actually not so much a WMG as a legitimate part of the movie, which becomes increasingly clear if you look over the script or read the novelization.

Tim Burton wanted Killer Croc as the main villain but was forced to use Penguin and made the barest of changes in the script to make it happen.

Examine all the weird changes to Penguin's character and then transfer it to Croc.
  • Born a deformed, carnivorous freak that was abandoned by his parents.
  • Thrown in a sewer to be raised by sewer penguins/crocodiles .
  • Joined a circus as a freakshow.
  • The taste for raw meat (and people's faces).
  • The references to being "cold-blooded" (Penguins are not cold-blooded, crocodiles are.)

Chip Shreck would have become a villain in Batman: The Animated Series.
Originally Max was intended to appeared in the cartoon where he apparently survived his ordeal with Catwoman, before they created Roland Daggett instead. But since No One Could Survive That, it seems more logical that his son take up the role.