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Rod doesn't actually have a girlfriend in Canada

I mean, think about it. We never see her, none of the characters save Rod have ever met her or spoken to her, and at one point, he gets her name wrong. I think he may be totally making that up.
  • Just maybe... I'm not sure... That's a pretty outlandish idea.
  • This is the most enlightening WMG I have ever read.
  • Of course nobody else has ever seen her, she lives IN CANADA. This WMG is totally implausible.
  • Why would he make her up? Are you implying that he is homosexual?
  • Idk, I mean, she would have met the other characters when she was there last week, but she had the flu. She had to stay in bed!

Kate and Trekkie Monster are related

Kate's just in denial. Seriously, would you admit that you were related to Trekkie?

Nicky is the Chess Master

He has been controlling everything from the start.
  • He lowered the rent costs in Avenue Q by being lazy and leaving rubbish everywhere. This is why he developed a reputation for being messy. This made it a popular area for out of work people and, essentially, ex-students. Knowing the approximate age of students leaving college he left coins with their likely year of birth lying on the street in order to provide inspiration. This provided him with Princeton, a likely candidate for going out with Kate, and who he guessed would give the dime to. Despite knowing that Rod was gay he didn't share the knowledge until the group was gathered, hoping to cause a crisis, driving Princeton to dump Kate. He also knew that this would get him kicked out of Rods apartment. Once on the street, he convinced Princeton that helping others was more satisfying than helping yourself, meaning that he started collecting the money for the monster school. He, therefore, created the monster school. Kate, depressed dropped the dime on Lucy which, as he had planned, caused her to convert to Christianity. He also contacted Ricky, because he knew that his manipulation would eventually convince Rod to come out, and that he would focus his attention on someone similar to him. He also showed the ex-child star that he lived to be laughed at, and this fulfilled him. Nicky is all powerful, and we can only be thankful that he is also a force for good.

It really was a lucky penny
After Princeton finds the penny, things go well for him: he feels good about his future, he starts to make friends, he gets together with Kate. After he gives the penny away, things start to go wrong: he starts to worry about his future again, he breaks up with Kate, he isolates himself from his new friends, and ends up with Lucy. Then the penny nearly kills Lucy, with million-to-one odds that it would hit her after being dropped. I call that lucky, especially since it starts Princeton on the road back to Kate and happiness!

Christmas Eve is Trekkie Monster's therapist
In the song "It Sucks To Be Me" Christmas Eve sings about her job as a therapist, but she has no clients. Conclusively, in the song "School For Monsters" Trekkie sings about how he has a therapist because of his trouble in school. Rod recommended Christmas to Trekkie, and voila!

Rod is also based on Drew Pickles from Rugrats
That's why he's a nerdy investment banker who's in the closet. But Drew is not, he is married to Charlotte.

Rod is not gay
He really does have a girlfriend called Alberta in Vancouver, and was telling the truth when he said he was not gay in If You Were Gay, and when he dreams that Nicky says "I love you, Rod", that was just a weird dream.
  • Rod came out as gay near the end of the show, and his crush on Nicky was most likely not just part of the dream, because of Ricky. Don't you think that Rod would find it uncomfortable to date someone who looks almost exactly like his best friend if he didn't have a crush on Nicky to begin with?

Rod really DID have a girlfriend in Canada
He was using her as a cover. After he came out, he told her and she responded with "Took you long enough!"

Ricky is related to Nicky
That's how Nicky knew he and Rod would work out so well.

In-universe, Avenue Q is a popular place for budding performers to live
None of the puppet characters are actually real. This would explain scenes/promotions of the show where such characters may sometimes acknowledge that they are puppets, or are acknowledged to be puppets. Avenue Q is actually an area of New York that's popular with budding puppeteers/entertainers because it's one of the only places in the world where it's considered socially acceptable to carry their puppets around and practice their act in public, or develop their puppet characters as if they were real people living lives of their own and still be accepted by society, especially if they themselves are awkward about coming out of their shells and revealing their true personalities (or sides of their personalities they'd rather not express, i.e. a puppeteer could express their more sensual/sexually-liberated side through a character like Lucy the Slut, though some characters are not necessarily reflections of the puppeteers' true selves in any way). Their puppets can interact and "bond" with one another, and on Avenue Q it's an unwritten rule that non-puppeteers have to communicate with the puppets as if they're real people, or that if you are a puppeteer and you're not preoccupied with operating another character, you have to momentarily handle someone else's puppet if they've decided to switch characters and they've asked that you do so. It's still not the best area to live, and living there is a sign that you're not quite good enough to make it in the entertainment world and live someplace better (i.e. Brian), but it's easily affordable. Therefore, the entire musical is just a bunch of regular people/failed performers/has-beens living near several puppeteers who are dedicated to never breaking character for any of the several colorful characters that they each play, and improvising different life scenarios for their puppets (i.e. failures, break-ups, etc.) as they go along.