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The Vamp Benders' adventures take place in a virtual reality.
The Story Gate always seems to take them to worlds that are clearly Homages or Affectionate Parodies of known television shows or movies. The Alternate Reality Game, whose Puppetmasters claim is entirely in continuity with the broadcast material, includes numerous minor and/or obscure contradictions, both internal and with established "real world" history. In at least three episodes, freezeframe play will reveal single animation cells that show meticulously hand-animated scanning lines and other "computer-like" artifacts on members of both the primary cast and those episodes' supporting characters. And there is Dr. Udite's infamous Catch-Phrase, "Game over!", uttered whenever the Benders return through the Story Gate.
Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers is not a real television program at all!
Proponents of this wild accusation point out that there are no entries for the show in any program guide for any channel or station during the period during which it was supposed to be on the air. They also point out that TV Guide has no record of it, nor does the Internet Movie Database. They also claim that many of the characters are direct steals from other sources, as are the plots of the various episodes, and have suggested that the entire on-line existence of the series is nothing more than a construct intended to illustrate how a television program may be built entirely out of theft, plagiarism and cliches.
  • Clearly, this is rankest insanity, qualifying to be perhaps the wildest of all Wild Mass Guesses.
  • Disproved by Word of God, as demonstrated in this link. (Note: link broken)
    • A very, very short time later, they made a Flip-Flop of God.

      Executive: AATAFOVS is not a real show. Well...it sort of is. But for all respects and purposes, it is not a real show.

Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers is a real show — but one that is not from our particular universe.
These rely on the same evidence as the prior group, but twist it to get a slightly different interpretation.
  • A corollary emerges from this. Since most shows actually happened in a parallel universe, then wouldn't a show from a parallel universe be happening FOR REAL in this one?
    • Who's to say it isn't?
And an even wilder theory is that, far from not being a real show, Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers is the only show ever made!
After all, so many of the characters, settings, and situations seen on AATAFOVS show up in other shows, that it is entirely possible that what we think of as "other shows" are, in fact, merely Lower Deck Episodes and Something Completely Different episodes of this, the one true show.
  • Another possibility is that AATAFOVS is Show Zero, the show from which all other shows are Spinoffs.
  • Yet another possibility is that AATAFOVS is the Sylar of TV shows, and eats their brains in order to steal tropes from them.
    • Jossed. Sylar doesn't eat brains. That's Disgusting!
We, the viewers, are not in the right universe.
As is irrefutably shown in The World as Myth. In another Ficton, Avatar is reading about your life and laughing, or weeping, depending on the details of your story.
The Vamp Benders are in Purgatory, and travel from world to world to right wrongs in order to atone for their own sins.
Hey, everybody else is doing it, and far be it from this show to do anything different. This, of course, would make Dr. E. R. Udite God, and the Dark Council The Legions of Hell. Oh, and each member of TVTW is a Cosmic Horror.
  • And they're all Time Lords.
The mysterious TVTW are actually physical manifestations of the Multiverse's gods.
Each controls different moments of the Vamp Benders lives and adventures, therefore these "manifestations" are merely for the god's own ego.
The figure that took Roland's sword is Scrounge.
They're rival members of the same team, so Scounge has reason to be in the same place, and to hang around untraumatized after Roland's death. Plus, being The Collector is Scrounge's gimmick, especially where weird and intriguing weapons are concerned.
Pepinson is the Herald of the Executives, sent to begin the retooling of the Metaverse.
His actions often run counter to the plans Dark Council, but unlike The Stranger, they inevitably lead to even more suffering and ruin than what the Council originally intended. His infamous rants seem calculated to create maximum discord and self-doubt in their targets (on one occasion, actually inducing a Freak Out!), and he frequently alludes to a "true reality" underlying the Vamp Benders' conception of the Metaverse. What's more, every action he undertakes, from the cryptic Meta Guy rants to the indiscriminate slaughter of minor characters, seems aimed towards making the world ever Darker and Edgier. Also, freeze-frame in "The Jonas Quandary" shows that, for the duration of the clock tower shootout, his gun is actually a cardboard cutout of Batman.
"TVTW" stands for TV Tropes Wiki.
Okay, probably not, but you never know!
TVTW and the Executives are locked in a timeless war.
The visit to the future in "The Future Is Now" was clearly for purposes of some diabolical scheme, and seems perhaps to have inspired Avatar to prevent the Executives ever being contacted. Clearly, the Executives are the Meta-Verse's equivalent of a Cosmic Horror.
The Can of Doomy Doomness Pieguy Two Five Nine is after doesn't actually exist.
Pieguy Two Five Nine still has his powers, however, someone has him thinking they're sealed away. They are- but inside his own mind. Whoa.
AATAFOVS is really the original universe, and all else is derived from it
AATAFOVS is the original universe created by whoever, but the Big Bad wins - by splitting up the universe into the multiverse, and thusly splitting everyone up into various aspects of themselves. For instance, Avatar McPotter would be split into Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, MacGyver from MacGyver, and Harry Potter from... Harry Potter.
AATAFOVS takes place inside the collective unconscious of humanity
That's why it's so rich in tropes, and incorporates so many recognisable stories. Avatar and the Dark Council are actually fighting for the collective soul of humanity. A final victory for Avatar and gang means humanity collectively believes good always triumphs in the end; a victory for the Dark Council that humanity falls into despair at the futility of fighting evil. TVTW and the Executives may be other tropes struggling for dominance, or they may represent intervention from outside.
  • Rather than humanity's collective unconscious, the show takes place in Instrumentality, which amounts to an enforced version of the same thing. Avatar is Shinji, trying to lead humanity out of collective consciousness by inspiring them to be heroic individuals; the other Vamp Benders are simply manifestations of his ideal "hero team". TVTW with their Unknown Troopers are obviously trying to enforce conformity and the hivemind (perhaps the souls of the former SEELE council?). Also sort-of explains the random German villains in Season 2.
Tommy Westphall's real world is the AATAFOVS world.
Adding all the previous guesses together, you pretty much have to believe this.
It is a ripoff of elothtes!

Epic Legends of the Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga is real. AATAFOVS is just a shameless ripoff. http://elothtes.pbwiki.com/

Shinji is a Time Lord and is hillucnating Haruhi Suzumiya who is really the God Emperor of Mankind
Self Explanitory.

The entire series is actually Sinji's way of dealing with insturmentality, and the only person who is real in the dream is Minamimoto in the form of Solo McPotter, who is actually playing a reapers game inside Sinji's head run by The Thnikkaman, as part of of an increasingly complicated plan to resurrect He-Man and assassinate Uwe Boll.

Did I forget to mention that he's also a time lord?

Most fans might have guessed this already, given Solo's out-of-place mathematical abilities.

But the proof came in episode 21, where he volunteered to cut off his right hand to prevent the resurrection 6th Dark Saint of Zomelgustar. The reason he did this was to hide the timer, which actually had a timer that was slowly ticking down to the end of his "Mission", which was to find and defeat the game master by the Winter Solstice. This also explains his disappearance on the last episode of season 1.

AATAFOVS is either the best show evar!!! Or is perfect!

Think about it. It doesn't have a Headscratchers entry, and few have criticized any examples of it. Sans the videogame. Therefore, this show must be really good.

It is in fact soo good that the internet won't give you spoilers or full episodes on it! Suddenly all Nerds do a Heel–Face Turn and decide to quit piracy of this show, and no Lampshade Hanging actually happens on this show! Add on the fact that there are no Subbing vs. Dubbing or Flame Wars,(Though the version aired in Finland is obviously better! Duh....) on the internet and what do you get?
  • If AATAFOVS is meant to somehow posses every trope on this site, then that means it's only a matter of time before all of the negative tropes start falling in. We've already had one episode subject to Fanon Discontinuity, and it's only a matter of time before the show receives a Dethroning Moment of Suck, goes through Seasonal Rot and Jumps The Shark. Rule 34 is going to end up playing a role as well. The show therefore cannot be described as perfect unless it were to avoid every negative trope and it blew that back in season 1 with that clip show episode.
    • NO! This show is perfect, it couldn't happen!
    • Wait, "Rule 34" is a negative trope? I thought it was a neutral trope! Besides, the very nature of Rule 34 is that there are no exceptions. Also, it does have a Headscratcheers page now, but so far it's just complaining about this wiki's mishandling of the show and about production issues (like the seemingly interminable hiatus.))
AATAFOVS is not a real show... it's real life!
Honest to blog! Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers is what the Real People from the Real World call the television cartoon of a universe in which we live. The only reason we don't seem to notice anything exciting happening at any time is because you and I are only incidental background characters with no names or influence on the plot.

Alternate Alternate Solo
is really a Time-Warping Alternate Solo. It's the only way to explain how they are much more similar than the other Alternate Universe counterparts. Plus, how else would Alternate Alternate Solo have saved (and kept 1/4 of) the crown jewels when everyone else was trapped by the Giant Mecha?

The show was developed by Rob from Get Fuzzy.
Naturally, it was based on Bucky's plan to write the World's Greatest Novel, Harry DaVinci's Rings. Rob knew that Bucky was on to something, but tried to convince the cat that it would never work. He secretly re-tooled the novel idea into a television show, added in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Avatar, abandoned the already-outdated Da Vinci Code, and sold it to the highest-paying bidder. Which is how he is able to keep his apartment stocked with a whole closet of spare microwaves for when Bucky tries microwaving a can of tuna.

Miss X is actually Cleo.
Word of God has recently revealed Miss X's sihouette, and her hairstyle is identical to Cleo's. Adding onto that, Broken Time's writer has stated that she only wears a bikini and longcoat due to "clothing mishaps"...need I say more?