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Equality's plan to free his friends failed.
Unless he learned about drama via osmosis from hanging around under the theater early in the book, his first instinct should have been to continue his journal documenting his rising nation and eventual toppling of the world. The fact that the last chapter was his last entry means he probably died before he could make another one.

Prometheus and Gaea are the founders of the Mephi.
The society they fled will eventually evolve into the One State.

Anthem is the sequel to Atlas Shrugged.
As elaborated here, the dystopia was the result of Galt and his followers withdrawing from society.

    Video Game 
Anthem is set in the Mass Effect universe.
Specifically, an uncharted corner of the Milky Way. There was already a story about a human colonization effort via Sleeper Starship that set out before the relay system was discovered, so why not another one? Their course took them into a portion of the galaxy where the relay system hasn't been reactivated and so are isolated from known civilization. They suffered from some catastrophe that destroyed their ship, so they're stuck on a single planet, and without access to eezo are forced to develop alternative technologies that don't make use of the mass effect.