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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Angelina Ballerina
Angelina is aware she's a character.
Have you noticed in every episode of The Next Steps, she narrated the opening? I think she might have been Crazy-Prepared to write down the events of each episode, and might have been a Reality Warper to make all this come true.

The Next Steps is an alternate universe of the original.

Angelina is an Unreliable Narrator.
She might have told the main story of each episode, but not the problem.

The Next Steps is All Just a Dream.
If you noticed that Angelina is almost always day dreaming, it is really hard to tell if it's reality or not. In reality, she's sleeping the entire time to cope in living a new life at Mouse City. All of the new characters (except for her family and Alice) are aspects of herself.
  • Herself = Self
  • Gracie = Id
  • Marco = Ego
  • Vici = Super Ego
  • AJ = Animus
  • Ms. Mimi = Conscience
  • The troubles = Shadow Archetype

Mrs. Mouseling is a daydreamer.
It runs in the family.

Ms. Mimi got Alice transferred to Camembert Academy.
If you think about it, it makes sense. When she sensed that Angelina is worried about barely seeing Alice, Ms. Mimi has planned on doing this, and calls the latter about it before the former starts calling her.

The evidence is that when Alice gets into backstage, Ms. Mimi allows that instead of telling her that she isn't allowed to go there.

Alice is still the secondary protagonist of CGI.
Take a wild guess of who is it about in "Angelina's Oldest Friend"? It's Alice! It's about her although Angelina, Gracie, Marco, and Vici are around. There are episodes where she is still the secondary protagonist of "The Next Steps":
  • "Angelina and Alice's Big Night": being transferred to Camembert Academy and tries to tell Angelina about it.
  • "Angelina and the Giant": tries to tell Angelina that their idea isn't good.
  • "Angelina's Rock Band": leads the band.
  • "Angelina's Lost Ice Skates": ice skates is her theme, and is really less absent minded.
  • "Angelina and Ms. Mimi": tries to tell Angelina that she doesn't have to help Ms. Mimi all the time.
  • "Angelina and Alice Mousikova": her obsession with Mousikova starts to make her distant from Angelina and Gracie.
  • "Angelina and the Tummy Butterflies": tries to remember the poem she is supposed to recite.

Of Course Henry was Put on a Bus

His extended stay with his cousin had come to an end, and he had to go home. Polly is a less problematic annoying younger mouseling.
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