WMG / Aliroz The Confused

Aliroz is a fire elemental.
  • It would certaintly explain a lot about me. That would explain my hatred of showers, and my love of summer. And why I'm such a pyromaniac, and why my I like to wear red, orange, and yellow. And why everybody always tells me I smell like fire and smoke. And why I find the smell of fire to be the one of the best smells ever, and why I always wear long sleeves, a jacket, and long pants (even a coat in the summer, sometimes).

Aliroz is a math equation
Aliroz + Aliroz = 2(Aliroz)

2(Aliroz) / Aliroz = Hat

Hat = Aliroz

Aliroz^2 = Black Dove + (Zam + Lack of Boots + Conversation Starter)/Kuro Fox

Aliroz the Confused is a private detective with a Brooklyn accent and a sad expression who likes reading philosophy, listening blues and drinking russian vodka.

Aliroz is infact Hyper Aware and has Medium Awareness and not confused, but the rest of us do not know of The Fourth Wall and he looks like a looney to us.

Aliroz is a memetic hallucination.

Aliroz is Confused
  • No. Way.

Aliroz is Aliroz
  • I say, you'd better have some sort of evidence before you go tossing out outlandish suppositions like that!

Aliroz is the Hat

Aliroz is WMG
  1. Both have a Nice Hat.
  2. Both like to theorize a lot.
  3. Both are androgynous.
  4. Aliroz's forum avatar is looking the same way as WMG.
  5. Both have a tendency for missing the point.
  6. Both have three word name. Aliroz refers to itself as ATC, Wild Mass Guessing is referred to as WMG.
  7. Also this and this

This should not require explanation.

Aliroz is a boy.

Aliroz is a girl.

Aliroz is an alternate universe version of Arilou
Aliroz is an alternate universe version of Aliaras
Aliroz is an alternate universe version of Alisz

Aliroz the Confused isn't confused at all; instead, he's planned everything!

Aliroz The Confused is a vegetarian alligator

Aliroz is Godzilla in a top hat

Aliroz is Aliroz's brother

Aliroz has too much time on his/her hands

Aliroz is a gator that is obsessed with hats.

This troper is Aliroz

Aliroz is a person the WMGs about whom must all start with "Aliroz is".
  • Jossed. See below.

Aliroz The Confused is actually not confused at all. He has just Gone Mad From The Revelation.

Aliroz is every poster who has edited this page

Aliroz the Confused is actually a sentient hat that takes over the mind of whoever wears it.

Aliroz is the Jacket

Aliroz is a Plantagenet.