WMG: Akame ga Kiru!

The 1st episode/chapter is a Revolutionary Army scheme to recruit Tatsumi.
In short: It's an in-universe Wham Episode.
  • Tatsumi is not drugged the first day he is picked up by Aria like what Ieyasu said. Even if Aria realizes he might recognize someone in the dungeon, he did not experience anything and she did have him killed outright.
  • There are not anyone inside the manor except the family of three and the guards. No handymen or maids, who could have tipped Night Raid if the guards are collaborators? It's also very convenient that no other witnesses are around at the night when they come.
  • Everyone available in Night Raid appeared on the scene despite the handful of people at the manor can hardly fight at all. Much more like a show of force.
  • As shown in the attack of episode 3/ chapter 2, when that girl gets on the wrong side of Night Raid and cornered, she is killed, not recruited or sent to the Revolutionary Army HQ.
My Theory: Sayo and Ieyasu found Night Raid first. Both are heavily wounded in their first few missions, and Sayo dies shortly after. To pay their sacrifice back, Najenda sends Leone out to find Tatsumi, put him in a desperate situation, then a group of sympathizers who are willing to die for the revolution sets up the stage.

The Emperor is really an Apparently Powerless Puppetmaster
He is fully aware of how evil the Prime Minister and his cronies are. The reason he goes along with all of it is because he's really more evil than all of them put together and relishes the pain and misery around him. The "innocent child" act ensures that the Prime Minister becomes the primary target of rebels like Night Raid.
  • Not in the anime.

Over the next few chapters, it won't be Lubbock who receives the Trauma Conga Line , instead it will be Tatsumi.
It's become fairly clear that this series likes to play with expectations on who will die and how, and knowing what we know about Esdeath, she'll probably do a few things to make Tatsumi hers:
  • 1 Rape him. This series hasn't been shy about putting some characters through this, and considering that Esdeath is a sadist that laid claim to Tatsumi...
  • 2 She will cement her status as a Hero Killer by taking out Mine and make Tatsumi watch. Another thing that would be in character for her.
  • 3 she will raze Tatsumi's home town as an example.

In the meantime, Lubbock will escape, tell the rest of Night Raid what went down, and that's what will lead to Mine's death.
  • Jossed: Lubbock was killed during his escape attempts

In the End, Akame will manage to kill Esdeath.
...But Esdeath will use her Teigu's power to slow down the poison long enough to add one more member of Night Raid to the Death Count. Most likely Mine.
  • Confirmed in the anime version. Hanging in the manga.

In the end of the anime, Esdeath and likely the remaining Jaegers will perform a full Heel-Face Turn.
Because of Esdeath's great love for Tatsumi, this becomes a soft spot for her. She also will never change unless she loses in some way. Now that Tatsumi is added to the body count, this will not go well for her.
  • Jossed. Esdeath squared off with Akame while the other two is left out of the conflict.

Honest will receive a Fate Worse Than Death.
  • Jossed. At least in the animé, his face was pummeled into a pulp by Leone without her Imperial Arms.