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The Majority of this Sonic Cartoon is set in an alternate-dimension or alternate-level Mobius
Given that since the first two Sonic games that it has been possible for Sonic and Tails to warp between dimensions using a combination of ring orbs and ring-gateway devices to get all seven Chaos Emeralds, it's plausible to think that the majority of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes take place in a dimension between dimensions where the sky and land are a different colour pallet from their regular dimension in regular Mobius. Either that, or it is actually mostly set in underground Mobius where many different and strange beings have lived and 'evolved' over the future years that Sonic and Co. are said to be set in in most other media.

Sonic SatAM is actually a fanfiction written by Sonic's fangirl Sonette, from Mystery Of The Missing High-Tops
She changed her real name to Sonette, due to being Sonic's biggest fan, so it's possible that she gave her Birth name Sally to her Author Avatar, replaced Tails as Sonic's partner, while said fox cub was written into a role that would have him play the child to their Mommy and Daddy dynamic. Hodge Podge, a rabbit with a southern accent was likely the insparation for Bunny, while his bellboy uniform was the inspiration for Antoine's appearance.

Tails is really Royalty
In part two of the Quest for The Chaos Emeralds saga, Merlynx tells Robotnik that in order to use the emerald he must become King. Tails, however, was able to activate it and gain a Heroic Build without getting the crown. The reason? The King's daughter married a vulpine nobleman, with Gender Equals Breed being in effect, making Tails a descendant of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog's King Arfur. His past before meeting Sonic was never fully explored, so it's possible that he's the long lost heir to the throne.
  • That could also explain how the 5 Sonics and Tailses defeated the Supreme High Robotnik despite having that Emerald in his possession.

Depending on the show's in-universe rules, It turns out that when Sonic had been called out again to film his next Sonic Sez PSA segment; -in part because he's still around the age of 11- the producers of the segment found that they could get the young Superhero to touch on this sort of subject by flat out lying to Sonic that it was a moral segment on the topic of bullying rather than unwarranted harassment as it turns out to be.

This series is canon to the games
The show takes place between Sonic 4 and Sonic Unleashed. And going by the above...
  • Tails' personality in the games appears to be largely based on a less extreme version of his personality here - Exactly what could be expected from growing a few years.
  • Explain why Sonic, Tails and Robotnik are in Mobius rather than the Earth, the Chaos Emeralds are so different, and Tails is younger than in previous games, then?

The series takes place after Sonic SatAM
Where the Freedom Fighters have disbanded, and Dr. Robotnik never fully recovered from his Villainous Breakdown at the end of the last episode.

The series takes place before Sonic SatAM
Dr. Robotnik had a From Nobody to Nightmare moment, and started taking his hatred of Sonic to new levels, taking over the world.

They aren't really speaking English
See this scene from Tails's Tale. Look at the obvoiusly non-English writing on the monitor.

Grounder is a prototype version of the Bouncer Big Daddy.
They both have drill hands. That's about it.

Grounder, Coconuts and Scratch are actually robotic Alternate Universe Versions of Ed, Edd n Eddy respectively
Scratch is the super squad's idealistic high-voiced team leader and lead scam- err... trap artist.
Grounder is the big doofus with a will to work, but whose low intelligence will turn out to be the squad's undoing.
Coconuts is the intelligent but also weakest and most ill-fated of the group who will very often be seen cleaning up the place in the lure of his piers.
  • Alternatively, Scratch can be seen as the most intelligent, focused and organised of the group while Coconuts can be seen as the short -and also high voiced- egotistical big planner who will often get the bad end of the stick at the end of another misadventure.

Had the series continued, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts would have been shown to be Minions With Fs In Evil (or even more blatantly if they were already) and eventually make Heel-Face Turns.
Would it be that surprising?

The Super Genesis Wave has rewritten the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog universe into a world similar to the video games but with some of the cartoon's elements intact.

The entire series is one long Fever Dream Episode for the Sonic from the Saturday morning cartoon.
And Sally's presence in the final episode is an indicator that he'll be waking up soon - the fog in his brain has finally cleared up enough to where he can somewhat her voice as she talks to him, and this is reflected in her being registered into his subconscious thoughts - albeit having a different appearance.
  • Scratch is really Cluck, Grounder is really Snively (they're both pointy), and Caninestein is a mix of Uncle Chuck and Muttski.

Scratch and Grounder Are Incompetent on Purpose
If they ever successfully captured and killed Sonic then their mission would be over and Robotnik would melt them down for parts. They're really just Obfuscating Stupidity because they don't want to die.