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David and The Nugget Man

I noticed that both David and Nugget Man both have The Chicken Motif
  • Obviously the Nugget man is the mirror realm counterpart to david. As we help david find his inner bird, the nugget man likely grew distraught about his choice of animal costume.

Drakath's Master

In Doomwood Part II Drakath is revealed to have a master but who do you think it is I'd say it's Mysterious Stranger again, Guy's still missing from this series probably the avatar of chaos, since all the other elemental realm avatars were revealed It's actually the Mother of Monsters, who gave up her humanity for power.

The Alliance is going to have a long history!
The truce will stand for several centuries, probably around 300-600 years or so.
  • This is probably true. With a 'Temporary' Alliance that lasts this long powerful comraderie appears that does not break easily, im pretty sure that borh kingdoms would collapse if they seperated anytime soon. Besides Gravelyn is technically part of rhe royal family
The Hero is the Champion of Balance
  • The Champion of Light is Gravelyn.
  • The Champion of Darkness is Artix.
  • The Champion of Chaos is Drakath.
  • While the only known Champion of Order is Mirror Drakath, your character is the only person capable of travelling realms without switching with someone else (Mostly due to being a Legacy Character), possibly making him/her ineligible due to someone else capable of switching probably already being the Champion of Order, with their Mirror Realm counterpart being the Champion of Chaos.


Chuckles is a light based Undead
Since Gravelyn could never cast darkness spells it makes sense. So as the Champion of Light she created lightbased undead similar to the ones in the Bizarre Flecs saga.