WMG for ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical''. And it's going to be Totally Spoilerific!
[[WMG: All of the [[AnachronismStew anachronism]] is a result of [[VideoGame/MetalGear the Patriots]], and of [[{{Prequel}} Naked Snake causing a]] [[MemeticMutation Time Paradox]].]]
It ''is'' a '''Boss''' [[Film/HighSchoolMusical Zefron]] poster.
* Someone forward this to the troupe now!

[[WMG: Dumbledore, Voldemort, Quirrel, and Rumbleroar are dead, and Pigfarts is the afterlife.]]
Rumbleroar=[[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia Aslan]]. I don't know if Draco is suicidal or if he just got a glimpse of the afterlife at some point ([[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood Luscius]][[Webcomic/SluggyFreelance [sic]]] [[CurseCutShort Avada Kedavr-ing]] [[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood Draco half to death for]] [[Film/HarryPotter accidentally giving their house-elf a sock]]?) and was ''that'' misguided about the whole thing. If the final song can be taken as [[SorryILeftTheBGMOn canon]], [[InferredHolocaust the death eaters must have swarmed the castle and killed everyone before discovering that Voldemort was dead, since they were only protected from Voldemort and not his followers]]. If [[DiegeticSwitch not]], [[NoEndorHolocaust no big deal]]. Voldemort told Quirrel they were both alive and Quirrel saved him because Quirrel was a good and loyal man, and [[BuryYourGays the conservative Christians are wrong]], so he got a happy afterlife.
* An addition to the guess, Snape is a metaphor for [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia Jadis]] because they're both half-bloods and [[spoiler: [[ItWasHisSled Snape killed]] Rumbleroar]].
[[spoiler: Jossed by the Threequel]]

[[WMG: Cedric Diggory [[spoiler: is still alive.]]]]
He faked his part in Voldemort's return so as to more easily live his [[ActingForTwo double life]] as Cornelius Fudge. The SelectiveObliviousness was ([[EverybodyKnewAlready unnecessary]]) payback to Voldemort for shouting "[[spoiler: Avada Keda'''b'''ra]]" while silently casting an [[Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz Emerald]] [[MasterOfIllusion City]] spell.
[[spoiler: Jossed by the Threequel]]
* Moreover, Cedric will return for AVP3quel... except he will for some reason [[Literature/{{Twilight}} sparkle]]...

[[WMG: Going with the above, Ginny lives a [[ActingForTwo double life]] as Rita Skeeter.]]
In ''Harry'' she claims to have seen him "conquer certain death," despite the song being sung ''before'' the first task. This would also explain why Rita wasn't in AVPM.

[[WMG: Snape true alliance is Rumbleroar]]
He is trying to keep Pigfats existence a secret!

[[WMG: ''A Very Potter Threequel'' will feature Luna Lovegood in a prominent role.]]
* [[spoiler: She and Future!Draco only have to stay hidden in the Forbidden Forest until Present!Draco uses the Time Turner at the end of Year Two]].
* Is there going to BE a threequel?
** If there is a benevolent Wizard God, there will be.
*** [[http://wizardinglife.com/2010/11/starkid-interview-starship-coverage-a-very-potter-threequel/ THANK YOU WIZARD GOD]]
** [[http://wizardinglife.com/2011/08/rumoured-a-very-potter-threequel-in-2012/ Even better rumor: Evana Lynch will play Luna in AVP3quel.]]
[[[[spoiler: Confirmed by the Threequel]]
* Maybe "Chamber of Secrets", with Luna taking Ginny's role?
** Only, in this version, Luna possesses the diary rather than the other way around.
* The main villain will be Bellatrix, who will finally get her long awaited AlternateCharacterInterpretation.

[[WMG: ''A Very Potter Threequel'' will be like this.]]

* Voldemort really has 8 horcruxes, the 8th being Tom Riddle's Diary. Voldemort still wants his body back, so he and Quirrell plot to use that Horcrux to do so. Meanwhile, Dumbeldore visits the Durseleys and tells them about the inheritance Harry got from the characters who died last year. The Durselys start to respect Harry from now on. Dumbledore takes Harry to see Professor Slughorn, who Harry thinks is the new DADA teacher.

Later, Harry and Ginny hit a bump in their relationship and Harry dumps her. Ginny finds the diary, and write in in which tells her how she can get Harry to like her, and she gets put in a hypnotonic state.

Harry starts dating Cho Chang but acts insensitive when talking about Cedric Diggory, which makes Cho mad. Meanwhile Ginny starts to do crazy things the book is telling her, like killing chickens, painting blook on the wall, stealing sewer lids and opening the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry then starts to hear voices in his head and goes insane. He is taken to a mental hospital and meets Neville's parents.

And it will end with [[spoiler: Harry touching Quirrel who dies because of the love sheild.]]

* Alternatively to the Harry dumps Ginny, goes for Cho thing: Harry becomes distraught over all that's happening at Hogwarts, isolating Ginny, [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince who instead goes for Dean Thomas]], which only adds to Harry's stress levels.

[[WMG: The story of AVPM and AVPS are more or less what the Wizarding World knows/remembers about Harry adventures]]
Many things and details are down right wrong, like if they come from a Rita Skeeter article, in fact, they might have, considering there is no mention of her (or Sirius) being a animagus and she seems to be a rather honest report in this story.

[[WMG: Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical is a production in the Harry Potter Universe.]]
* Kind of going off of the point above, the musical could be the equivalent of the Boy in the Iceberg play in WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender in the Harry Potter Universe. After all, it wouldn't be too far fetched that years after everything happened someone in the Wizarding World though the events at Hogwarts during the last wizarding war could make a great musical and decided to make it comedic.
** Alternately, it's either much less popular in the wizarding world, or subject to a major case of MisaimedFandom - the wizarding producers of the play ''meant'' to be horribly offensive in its portrayal of various heroes of the last wizarding war. Our enjoyment of it is possibly [[NiceJobBreakingItHero inspiring a new wave of anti-muggle sentiment]].

[[WMG: Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical is ''Literature/HarryPotter''... in the ComicBook/UltimateMarvel universe.]]

[[WMG: Quirrel turned himself in because he was depressed from feeling betrayed.]]
Voldemort never actually framed him, and was hoping that his blag might get Fudge to release the unjustly imprisoned man, who had obviously confessed under the influence of an Imperius Curse.

[[WMG: Threequel will include a Series/{{Glee}} ShoutOut]]
They can't not make a CelebrityParadox joke with Darren Criss.
** Specifically, Harry at one point breaks out in "Teenage Dream," before the other characters ask what the hell he's doing and he remembers which fandom he's in.
** Comfirmed: They do say Harry's been acting a little queer.
[[WMG: Threequel will include the fate of Dobby]]

Draco will try to find Dobby/[[spoiler: his father]] in the threequel, this may or may not be important to the plot.
[[spoiler: Jossed by the Threequel]]

[[WMG: Threequel will include Dobby, Tom Riddle's Diary, Pigfarts, and all the loose ends in the franchise]]

It will be [[TwoLinesNoWaiting Four Lines No Waiting]] plot with everyone's stories intersecting:

* Various students are getting petrified, and the Chamber of Secrets is opened.

* Harry, left to run Hogwarts, is having his own troubles with Ginny, (who's secretly confiding her troubles in a diary) all the while getting strange visits by Dumbledore.

* Hermione and Ron get used to a relationship and are forced to put up with the obnoxious Gilderoy Lockhart, the new D.A.D.A. teacher.

* Luna and Draco search for Dobby, and ways to get to Pigfarts, unaware they're being followed by Narcissa.

These all converge when Ginny is possessed and taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Lockhart is then revealed to be Barty Crouch Jr. working for Lucius Malfoy, and that Lucius plans to revive the young Tom Riddle from his diary, which is in fact the eighth horcrux.

It all ends with a GambitPileup involving the Death Eaters, Rumbleroar, Dobby, Dumbledore, and the return of Quirrel/Voldemort.

* Chamber of Secrets is the only book they haven't really touched.

[[WMG: That plot hole they say exists. . .]]
It's Harry's Firebolt! In the first song of the first musical, Harry says he's gonna take his Firebolt and take to the skies; well in the sequel, he gives his Firebolt to Lupin and Serius and shouldn't have it in the first one.

[[WMG: Harry's middle name is Freaking]]

Hence Harry "Freaking" Potter.
* I . . . actually buy that.
In the same vein Cho Chang's actual last name is Y'All.

[[WMG: The DADA teacher in the threequel will be Gilderoy Lockhart.]]
The CompositeCharacter of Quirrel and Barty Crouch Jr. was in AVPM. Lupin and Umbridge were in AVPS. Snape is dead, and it seems unlikely that Dumbledore will let the Carrows teach. That leaves Lockhart.

[[WMG: The show itself is a Horcrux]]
Voldemort turned it into one when he killed Fudge, and that is how he was able to return.

[[WMG: Evanna Lynch will play Luna]]
* [[http://wizardinglife.com/2011/08/rumoured-a-very-potter-threequel-in-2012/ According to this rumor, yes.]]
** Ah, they just said Lynch is coming in. She could play Narcissa if she comes in, since Arielle Goldman plays Luna.
*** [[http://www.hypable.com/2013/03/15/a-very-potter-senior-year-avpsy-watch-now/ She is Luna, and it is glorious. She even sings!]]
[[WMG: Quirrell isn't TECHNICALLY a horcrux]]
Due to their... [[HoYay close]] [[HeterosexualLifePartners friendship]] while sharing the same body, it caused a [[AWizardDidIt piece of]] [[PowerOfLove Voldemort's soul to be left behind after they seperated.]]

[[WMG: Lucius is a closeted homosexual]]
He was forced to marry to produce an [[HeirClubForMen heir.]] He wasn't able to perform very well for [[IncompatibleOrientation Narcissa.]] She eventually got so desperate that she shagged the House-elf. There's also his... [[CampGay effeminate]] [[TransparentCloset mannerisms]]. The fact he insults his son by calling him a poof could be a sign of an ArmouredClosetGay.

[[WMG: Elements which may appear in AVPT]]
* [[Literature/HarryPotterAndThePhilosophersStone The Philosopher's Stone]]
* [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecrets The Chamber of Secrets]]
* The Order of the Phoenix
* [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince The Half-Blood Prince]]
* [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows The Deathly Hallows]]

* Viktor Krum
* Fleur Delacour
* Luna Lovegood
* Xenophilius Lovegood
* Gellert Grindelwald
* Dobby
* Kreacher
* Fred and George Weasley
* Percy Weasley
* Lavender Brown
* Katie Bell
* Minerva [=McGonagall=]
* [[TheGhost Rubeus Hagrid]]
* Sybill Trelawney
* [[HufflepuffHouse Pomona Sprout]]
* Filius Flitwick
* Gilderoy Lockhart
* Mad-Eye Moody
* Horace Slughorn
* Nymphadora Tonks
* Tom Riddle
* Regulus Black
* Amycus and Alecto Carrow
* Fenrir Greyback
* Scabior
* The Dursleys
* Nearly Headless Nick
* The Grey Lady
* The Bloody Baron
* The Fat Friar
* Peeves
* Moaning Myrtle

[[WMG: Quirrell is straight]]
But has a huge fetish for Regency style clothing

[[WMG: The bomb sandwich was planned by Snape and Dumbledore just to screw with Hermione's head]]
Neither of them like her very much, and Snape is shown to be loyal to Dumbledore in this version too, so they planned the sandwich to mock her when she inevitably came to the conclusion that Snape was trying to kill Harry.

[[WMG: Snape will play a role in the threequel somehow]]
Because, honestly, it's hard to imagine one of these plays without "What the devil is goooing on heeeere!"
* They do need a ghost character, after all.

[[WMG: The Threequel will go way, ''way'' back]]
Lockhart, in an attempt to [[ThemePairing impress Rita Skeeter]], will go back in time to write ''Hogwarts, a History''. Harry, Ron, Hermione, [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and Draco]] go back to stop him from changing the [[TimeTravelTenseTrouble present...past...whatever]]. Once in the past, the kids meet the founders of Hogwarts and have to convince them to create the school. Problems arise when the kids learn that these wizards are nothing like the ones they read about in history: Godric is a {{Cowardly Lion}}, Rowena is a {{Brainless Beauty}} (without her diadem), Salazar is the {{Only Sane Man}}, and [[SupremeChef Helga]] just wants to cook.
Each one matches up with a founder, with Harry teaching Godric to be brave, Hermione having intellectual conversations with Rowena, Malfoy teaching Salazar how to slither, and Ron trying to [[RunningGag find]] out just what the hell a Hufflepuff is for Helga's sake. {{Hilarity Ensues}}.
On the side is the problem of the missing Helena Ravenclaw and the (not yet) Bloody Baron, along with Lockhart's attempts to insert himself into history.
* By RuleOfFunny and RuleOfCool, the founders will end up in the same era as the Mauraders, the mysterious Half-Blood Prince, and Tom Riddle opening the Chamber of Secrets, neating finishing the plots of the books.
** Or maybe have a case of IdenticalGrandson.

[[WMG: Draco Malfoy has no spine.]]
He rolls around on the floor because of this. And why doesn't he have a spine? [[spoiler: [[OurElvesAreBetter Because he's a f*cking elf!]] ]]

[[WMG: The plot of a Very Potter Threequel will include...]]
Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco trying to get a certain [[MyImmortal "goffic"]] Mary Sue out of their universe.

[[WMG: The characters know how to pronounce Hermione's name, they only mispronounce it to troll her]]
Notice, they're singing "Hermione can't draw", not "Herman can't draw".

[[WMG: Gilderoy Lockhart really did write the Harry Potter series]]
They mention that they couldn't catch him because he has a Time Turner. After finding out what happened with Harry defeating the snake in the Chamber of Secrets, he goes back in time to before ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' and ''Literature/TheHungerGames'' became popular and publishes the Harry Potter books.

[[WMG: Lockhart's attempts to sell Harry's story had motivation other than greed.]]
When Lockhart first entered the muggle world to find books to steal, he noticed that there was a book series more popular than Twilight or Hunger Games: Harry Potter series. So, all of his actions were done to complete a time loop.

[[WMG: The guy played by Jim Povolo in Voldemort's flashbacks was Goyle, Sr.]]

[[WMG: Professor Flitwick actually appears in all three plays.]]
He is just so small that we can't see or hear him.

[[WMG: Voldemort and Quirrel's daughter is actually Lavender Brown's offspring.]]
After her torrid love affair with Ron, she began to be riskier and more lustful. Eventually, she ended up having a child well before she was ready, so she had to give her up. Luckily, that nice Professor Quirrel just got released from Azkaban and is willing to adopt! Just don't ask about how his growth came back...or why it now has legs.
It would make sense, given the apparent absence of any other Asian's in the "Very Potter" universe, and if Lavender still got to visit, it would explain the "Engrish"; she picked it up from the "Cho Chang" song!

[[WMG: Kingsley Shacklebolt and Yaxley are brothers in this Universe.]]
Similar to the above, only with a bit more evidence. First, there's the obvious fact that they're played by the same actor, Yaxley's apparent RaceLift, and the conspicuous eyepatch, but there's something else. When we first see Yaxley, he's commenting on how he broke into the Ministry. That would be a lot easier with someone on the inside, don't you think? On top of that, he brings up the wizard cops and how unbeatable they are. However, in AVPSY, it actually seems easy to escape from them. Of course he would think they were unavoidable, [[FridgeBrilliance his brother's there leader!]] Of course, this is ignoring the fact that, in Harry Potter canon, they're unrelated, but come on. When have these plays ever followed canon?