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The diversion point was that Morgan Fey was born with strong spiritual powers
Figuring this one out myself...

The Magatama in this timeline wasn't the one given to him by Pearl, but is a different one that Phoenix got from Iris.
Since the Phoenix of that timeline has been in a relationship with another Fey all these years, this would certainly explain why he has it despite the timeline switch...

Prosecutor!Phoenix is the one who tried to poison Damon Gant.
Being a prosecutor working directly under Lana Skye, Phoenix would've known about Gant's corruption, so tried to get him out of the way. He ended up incriminating Mia and Dahlia to get himself off the hook. This explains the Psychlocks Misty saw during that trial, and why Lana would ask Phoenix, "Do you really want to destroy everything you and my sister worked for?" and then resign so easily and tell him to do 'what he thinks is right'. It's Phoenix, not her, who would have to take the fall in the end.

Kay Faraday was trying to spy on Prosecutor!Phoenix in order to expose some corrupt dealings of his.
Seems like the most logical reason she'd be in his car to me.

Phoenix still has memories of the canon universe because the Magatama's spiritual energy protected him.

Tsukasa Oyashiki never hid the body of the IS-7 Incident (Gregory Edgeworth's last case) and caused the alternate timeline
Since she hid the body, she's indirectly responsible for the forgery of evidence, which leds to von Karma's penalty, and then the DL-6 incident. So maybe if Tsukasa never hid the body, the DL 6 Incident never happened.
  • Jossed, the body was still hidden. Word of God stated that it would be found way later, but earlier compared to Gyakuten Kenji 2.

Characters from Gyakuten Kenji 2 will definitely appear at one point.
Since Gyakuten Kenji 2 has the case that started the DL-6 Incident, Tateyuki Shigaraki (Gregory Edgeworth's former assistant) would probably come to see Miles Edgeworth at one point. Sōta Sarushiro and Manosuke Naitō may also have different lives if the IS-7 Incident was solved differently.
  • Confirmed. Word of God on the fic's Tumblr blog states that Nenilein is definitely including some GK 2 characters and there are some hints in chapter 26 which suggest this could be Tateyuki. "...there is one GK 2 character who will show up in this fanfic and he will play a keyrole. You might be able to identifiy him from a passage in Chapter 26, in fact…"
  • If this ask is to be believed, this "Raymond Shields" person is probably a fanon localisation name for Shigaraki Tateyuki. "Tate" means "Shield" in Japanese, so it's not much of a stretch. The attorney stated in chapter 26 also "used to work" for Gregory (just like Shigaraki), which brings up the question: used to?
    • As one of the members of the AAI 2 fan translation team, I can cornfirm that is indeed the fan localisation we are using. This does look interesting...

Ema and Prosecutor!Phoenix are investigating the smuggling ring and it involves the case of Ema's murder
According to the author the smuggling ring is still alive. So maybe Prosecutor!Phoenix sent Ema to look for evidence of the ring and the smugglers found out. So they send a black haired assassin (not Yew because she's dead) to kill Ema and take the evidence since Ema's said ""P-Ph-Phoenix… I-I'm so… s-sorry… th-they took… it…", then framed Lana.

Evil!Pearls is actually Dahlias spirit haunting Phoenix.
Mia even said in chapter 24 that the girl pretending to be Pearl was some kind of malevolent spirit but Mia herself cannot figure out who or what she was. How many vengeful spirit women could be out to mess with Nick's head? It would make sense for it to be Dahlia (or possibly even her mother Morgan Fey), although her motive isn't exactly clear. Maybe she is after him as she has no way of screwing Mia over anymore.
  • But in the Tumblr blog, Nenilen said through Mia that the spirit ISN'T Dahlia. Of course, what kind of spirit could possibly be AS/MORE evil than Dahlia Hawthorne?!

Larry's little cousin 'Lil' who was stuck in the tree in one of Phoenix's dream sequences is really Defense Attorney Lilie Heatherd.
As if there wasn't enough Mind Screw in the plot already. It's extremely possible though, because the author is just that awesome.

Lilie Heatherd is part of the smuggling ring which (as mentioned above) Prosecutor!Phoenix and Ema were investigating.
As Yew is dead in this world the smuggling group need their hands on another Amoral Attorney, in this case Heatherd. (for the record Heather is a type of weedy purple shrub like plant while Yew is a poisinous tree. See a connection?) Being Phoenix's neighbour gives her an ideal chance to be a witness so she can draw attention away from the fact that Ema was killed by a black-haired smuggling group assassin. This means she can paint Lana (Who is still under Gant's control) as guilty while utilizing Dylan's computer genius skills to hack into the security camera files, while using him as a scapegoat if Phoenix begins to suspect them. All the while pretending to be "Lanny's" loyal girlfriend. Bitch.
  • The main case against Lana? No one else could enter the apartment. [[Spoiler: Except Dylan.]] Phoenix and Edgeworth conclude that the killer hit Ema in the head because they were weaker than her. Heatherd is almost certainly involved somehow, but I wouldn't put a massive plot twist past the author.

Edgeworth is only dating Dahlia because he suspects she was involved in 'that' case.
Athough we don't know what case they are referring to yet (Maybe the BD-7). Translating the German in chapter 22 Edgeworth and Franziska are dicussing a 'missing person' on the security tape. Franziska accuses Edgeworth of keeping a (female)muderer under protection for years, Maybe under the guise of her being his girlfriend? Maybe he suspects her of being the murderer of his own father, Gregory Edgeworth Or maybe I'm just trying to explain away the disturbing Crack Pairing that is Dahlia/Edgey. The author said herself that she doesn't support any pairings that involve Dahlia or Edgeworth and that there are plot-based reasons for everything established.
  • As it turns out, she was the suspect in the BD-7 incident, where his father was murdered.

The Iris that Phoenix met at the courthouse and in Kurain, is actually Dahlia.
The meek 'Dahlia Fey' in prison with Mia is actually Iris, it wouldn't be the first time they'd switched places. Misty Fey did see a girl from her family near Phoenix's apartment. If she's not trying to protect Maya than maybe she's doing what any branch family member should do: Protect the 'Master' at all costs. Phoenix himself even notes that alt!Dahlia was much more like her sister: "This Dahlia was different. This Dahlia before me here seemed… scared, weak and fragile… In a way, she reminded me more of Iris than of Dahlia."
  • I also think there's a twin switch going on in some form. Consider these three points. 1, Edgeworth and Phoenix have a conversation about Dahlia dying (or rather bleaching) her hair four times a year to look different from Iris, which is an odd point to give so much detail to. 2, in the letter from Maya to Prosecutor!Phoenix that Phoenix reads, Maya mentions a "hair thing" that he asked her about, saying that it might be better to ask Ema about it instead. This could refer to the way Dahlia dyes her hair, which would be an important point to consider, if Prosecutor!Phoenix thought there was a twin switch going on between his girlfriend and her sister. And it could link into the third thing. 3, Ema's last words, about "the black hair."
  • Other things to consider: Iris has been Master for years, which means... she's the older one? But she also didn't want the position. Did Dahlia possibly want it or at least want to use it? Also, it's Iris's finger prints that are on Nick's door handle, and even twins have different finger prints, but who was the "Iris" that gave the sample they compare the prints to?
  • I also noticed something recently: in the new Steel Saumrai movie, Maya and Iris are playing Mayoi the Mauve and Chinami the Crimson respectively. The latter initially confused me, as Ayame is Iris's Japanese name. Then I was looking at the Name Change page for Ace Attorney, and then it hit me... Chinami is DAHLIA'S Japanese name! There's a new chapter up, so this may already be confirmed, but I'll have to check it out...

Phoenix is becoming the Chessmaster.
Canon!Phoenix clearly entered the world after his disbarment,(hence the Psyche-locks caused by Klavier and Trucy) but before the events of Apollo Justice (as Justice himself caused no locks). Therefor, the events Canon!Phoenix witnesses here will give him the knowledge for the MASON system's impossible leaps of logic. (How did he know Apollo could perceive? He saw it in an alternate universe.) Thus, Phoenix will become his 'all-knowing' self, because he's seen stuff that hasn't happened yet. Alternatively, Prosecutor!Phoenix is in the canon world and either is Chessmaster Hobo Phoenix or is the reason Phoenix lost all his friends.

Gregory Edgeworth was killed in an incident with fire instead
Explains why Edgy asked if the elevator has a history of randomly bursting into flames.
  • Jossed

Prosecuter!Phoenix was being forced to work for the smuggling ring.
This would explain why he had changed so much since what would have been his debut trial. After all, Portsman couldn't have been the ONLY member of the Prosecutor's Office to be in their employ.

Phoenix will eventually be accused of murdering Kristoph Gavin
This one's so predictable it probably won't happen, but bear with me. Suppose the Zak Gramarye case happens in both universes, but Phoenix is the prosecutor instead of Klavier. Without someone to replace Kristoph (poker is not Edgeworth's game), he remains Zak's defense attorney and his forgery plan goes off without a hitch. Some time later he ends up dead, and Phoenix gets implicated for his murder. The thing is, a case could be made against both Phoenix's. The case against prosecutor!Phoenix would be that he was sore from losing to Kristoph and pulled a Manfred von Karma. The case against canon!Phoenix has to do with stopping Kristoph from killing the Mishams to cover up his forgery (not to mention what he might do to Zak and Trucy). Phoenix might even say something like "I'm not the man who killed Kristoph Gavin, though part of me wishes I was." when Edgeworth goes to interview him.
  • Well one look at the blog and I just Jossed my own theory. Kristoph was replaced in this timeline, by Diego Armando, and later Raymond Shields. Implications uncertain.

The "black hair" Ema mentioned was the evidence.
Before she died Ema mentioned "black hair" which everyone assumed is the description of the killer, but if fact she was telling him that the black her she was supposed to analyse was stolen. Ema was visiting his apartment to use the set for DNA testing on this hair but the killer came for her and stole it to prevent it from being analysed.

Lilly will claim that Phoenix and Ema had an affair
...or at least that Iris thought they did. The mess from Maya's letter will be used to let people think that Phoenix is into younger girls, and possibly suggest that he cheated on Iris with both Maya and Ema. This will be used as motive for Iris to kill Ema, as well as explanation of what was she doing in his apartment in the first place. Is she wants to save Dylan she'll have to pin it on someone and Iris having key to Phoenix's apartment is good possible suspect.

Phoenix narrowly dodged what was supposed to be a group threat/assassination attempt at the beginning of the story
It's implied that Prosecutor!Phoenix was in the final stages before his secret work paid off and he could neutralize the Network, and invited Ema and Lana to his apartment to fill them in on their roles. Unfortunately he made those plans via cell texts including the intended time, which he didn't know was bugged. Near the appointed time goons working for the Network (including Dylan, who is probably being controlled like Phoenix) ambush Lana in the hall, break in using Dylan and attack Ema, who catches a glimpse before being knocked out. But there's still a loose end: no Phoenix, on account of him being replaced by Canon!Phoenix who leaves, gets attacked with a baseball bat, abuses a table, passes out standing up and misses the meeting "he" planned. Whatever the goons' plan was, it probably wasn't to stab Ema and set up Lana to take the fall, that was probably a hastily-made Plan B that, as we see in trial, did not stand up to scrutiny. It's likely they were attempting to catch them all together to scare them into dropping the issue with threats of violence or 'disappearing', and were forced to invent a cause for the violence that had already happened in order to cover their tracks when it was discovered. As well, the Network would assume Phoenix would take the killing as a message to get back in line before more people get hurt... but Canon!Phoenix doesn't have that context and pursues it anyway.

Phoenix is a SHIFTer
That would explain what is he doing in this universe. Additionally what happened to him matches SHIFT mechanics, as SHIFTers tend to lose memories during jumps if they're out of practice. This would explain why he doesn't remember anything after Hazakura case. The white Psycholocks are blocking memories he lost when he jumped. Additionally fic was started in 2013 and while Zero Time Dilemma had yet to be created Virtue's Last Reward was already out, which means that while the term "SHIFT" itself wasn't yet created, the mechanics of jumping were already set. Additionally author referenced "clover words" from 999, meaning she most likely knows the trilogy, and could've been partially inspired.

The photo of Phoenix and Iris was taken by the network.
This is how the Network convinced him to work for them. They sent him that photo with a comment like "Cute girl you have there. Shame If Something Happened to her". They might've added other photos over time for other people he cares about. Given that the they had him under control since BD-7 it's very likely that they demanded a guilty verdict for Dahlia. Phoenix then Took a Third Option and broke his leg making it look like an accident so they wouldn't think he wilingly disobeyed them. Then they made Karma take the case knowing he won't need additiona motivation to find her guilty.