[[WMG: ''Literature/ACanticleForLeibowitz'' is set in the past of the ''Franchise/{{Dune}}'' Universe.]]

Dune is set ~10,000 years in the future. Canticle takes up 1,200 of that. The "Butlerian Jihad", in which humans got rid of computers sounds a lot like The Simplification. While the two were not the same event, the history of Canticle likes repeating itself.
* Oddly enough, this makes sense...as the humans in ''Dune'' aren't aware of where Earth is anymore (possibly because the knowledge was lost/deliberately suppressed in order to give humanity a fresh start) and the Bene Gesserit, while being an exclusively female religious order, are run much like the Jesuits (possibly because their origins lie with the original church-sponsored colony ship).

[[WMG: ''Film/TheBookOfEli'' is set in the past of ''Literature/ACanticleForLeibowitz''.]]

It takes place before or during The Simplification. Either Alcatraz was eventually destroyed, or it managed to stay secret until after the first and second parts of the book.

[[WMG: ''Literature/ACanticleForLeibowitz'' is set in the past of the '''''{{Simoun}}''''' universe.]]

See the ''{{Simoun}}'' WMG page for details.

[[WMG: The world of ''Literature/ACanticleForLeibowitz'' is not our future. It's our distant past.]]

The world of the book is simply too different from ours. There are immortal beings and mutated zombies, and what appear to be [[spoiler: psychic powers]]. When the [[spoiler: second]] [[ApocalypseHow nuclear war destroyed the world]], the [[FlingALightIntoTheFuture ship of refugees that was sent out to preserve mankind]] landed on a [[AllPlanetsAreEarthlike conveniently habitable planet]] which was then named after EarthThatWas. Thanks to EternalRecurrence, our present civilization ended up [[FantasyCounterpartCulture taking on more than a few features of theirs]], minus the MedievalStasis. Of course, [[FutureImperfect history has become so muddled over time]] that our origins have been [[LostForever long since forgotten]], but the story was [[LiteraryAgentHypothesis preserved in a chronicle of the events]] by an obscure author who never wrote anything else.

Oh, and Benjamin? [[SnarkBait He's dead.]] Atomic blast hit him. Nothing could be done.

[[WMG: Benjamin ''is'' Leibowitz]]

He is the WanderingJew, destined to WalkTheEarth until the return of Christ. Which is why he's still hanging around at the end.