Vitriolic Best Buds / Web Animation

  • Red vs. Blue: Most of the friendships in the series seem to work like that... not surprising, as in Real Life the creators and voice actors seem to get on this way.
    • When Caboose comes to Church's new base in Reconstruction, Church tries to literally snipe him, but his aim is so bad that he repeatedly misses. Church is still clearly devastated when Caboose seemingly dies, though. This comes up when Church meets the version of himself inside of Caboose's head. Mental Church claims to be Caboose's best friend. Real Church is not amused.
      Church: You're not Caboose's best friend, okay? You don't have a best friend. You know why? You don't need one. You're Church! Knowing other people just waters down the experience. Live the dream, buddy!
    • Simmons and Grif also qualify quite nicely for this trope. Even though they're always throwing insults or worse at each other, they never stop being Those Two Guys (if not Heterosexual Life-Partners). In fact, the very first scene of the series set them up to have this kind of friendship.
    • The voice actors for Simmons (Gus) and Grif (Geoff) also qualify, they make fun of each other for their heavy drinking, lousy gaming ability, extreme nerdiness, etc. but they also lived together for years, have made out with each other (as a joke), and live a block down the street from each other to this day.
    • Doc also seems to think that he and O'Malley have this relationship by season 4. However, given that O'Malley is pure evil, his hatred for Doc is probably completely genuine. Probably.
  • Vendetta hates Charlotte in Making Fiends, often attempting to kill her with her fiends. However, Charlotte (being a Cloudcuckoolander Genki Girl) thinks they're the best of friends.
  • Homestar Runner and Strong Bad. (Though Strong Bad is occasionally almost decent to Homestar, Homestar is oblivious to Strong Bad's constant insults almost all of the time.) This is noted a few times in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People:
    Strong Bad: I thought we were bros!
    Homestar: Wait, I thought I thought we were bros, and you're always beating various stuffings out of me.
    • Meanwhile, Bubs and Coach Z describe the second type. The two hang out frequently and usually get along, but in the Strong Bad Email "current status", they make fun of each other's bodies after getting their head swapped by Strong Bad's shenanigans, and in the Thanksgiving toon "Fall Float Parade" Bubs dedicates a float to calling Coach Z a jerk. Then there's this line from episode 3 of SBCG4AP:
      Coach Z: Aw, Bubs'll be back. He loves me like a brother! (beat) Hates me like a brother, too.
  • The entire main cast of Tomorrows Nobodies are this to eachother. Especially Eric and David, at least in terms of vitriol displayed.
  • In RWBY, Weiss and Ruby end up with some shades of this towards the end of Volume 1. Establishing moment being the combat skirt low-five. A season later, all it takes is a shared glance at each other for Weiss to know what to do to prevent the team and Oobleck from dying in a fiery crash. Even if they are on good terms, this doesn't stop them from spending most of their time insulting each other, wilfully disregarding each other's opinions, and in Weiss' case denying that they're friends.
  • In X-Ray & Vav, our titular heroes are this. X-Ray is a major It's All About Me kind of guy while Vav wants to be portrayed as The Cape and the two will clash over their ideas all the time. But, when worse comes to worse, the two will stand up for each other and save the day.
  • Quite a number of character pairs from The Most Popular Girls in School, both types.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Alex and Seth. They are at each others throats almost constantly, but they are still great friends.
  • Dreamscape: Vampire Lord has this kind of relationship with Anjren and especially Dylan. He and Dylan's disagreements quickly escalate into heated arguments, but they are still very close. Anjren's and his escalate even quicker, because Anjren pushes back harder than Dylan does.