Ryo Mizuhara is an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent, happily living [[ParentalAbandonment alone]] with his younger sister Akane... until one day a mysterious girl in jet-powered parachute crashes through their window. The beautiful Shizuka Masuda introduces herself as Ryo's new fiancé, selected by a supercomputer under a secret, experimental government project to address the declining birthrate. Between Shizuka's self-defense instincts and her [[TheMenInBlack Men in Black]] army, Ryo doesn't have a choice.

Cue wacky romantic comedy hijinks as Shizuka does her best to integrate herself into Ryo's life and win his heart.

[[AnimatedAdaptation Adapted]] [[AnimeOfTheGame from a]] Princess Soft VisualNovel, it consists of [[ThirteenEpisodeAnime 13 half-length episodes]] which aired alongside ''VisualNovel/WWish'' (also from Princess Soft) during the "Princess Hour."

!!''Final Approach'' provides examples of:

* {{BFG}} -- Shizuka's Light Antitank Weapon.
* BiTheWay -- Miki. Wouldn't mind sharing body heat with Emiho and certainly wouldn't mind a relationship with Ryo.
* {{Bishonen}} -- Haruki "Haru" Murasaki, the cafe owner. According to him, his job is to sit in the cafe and look pretty to attract [[strike:{{Fangirl}}s]] customers. For this reason, he keeps the fact that he's dating the waitress Yurika a secret.
** Ryo, simply because of the story's cosmetic standard.
* {{Bishoujo}} -- Design aesthetic used for Akane, Emiho, Miki, Shizuka and all the other schoolgirls.
* BrotherSisterIncest -- Nothing physical happens, but Ryo and Akane are WAY too close, although it's generally played for laughs. When the [[UnwantedHarem girls of the series]] competed to see who'd get to play the role of Ryo's bride, Akane insisted on taking part too.
* DynamicEntry -- Done in the first few minutes of the first episode, no less.
* GenericCuteness -- Every young adult in ''Final Approach'' is good-looking.
* TheMenInBlack -- Acting as Shizuka's personal army.
* TheOjou -- Shizuka and, to a lesser extent, Emiho.
* ParentalAbandonment -- The current lifestyle of Ryo and Akane has been quickly explained to be caused by the death of their parents in a freak accident.
* ParentalMarriageVeto -- [[spoiler:This is the reason for the setup of the story as Shizuka's grandfather is using his enormous wealth to get his granddaughter to marry the grandson of the woman he lost due to Parental Marriage Veto]]..
* ParentalNeglect -- [[spoiler: Shizuka's dad. His indifference towards his daughter is the actual reason Shizuka left to find someone else to be with, much to the approval of her more caring grandfather.]]
* ParentalSubstitute -- Haruki.
* SatelliteLoveInterest -- Shizuka. No reason other than it's because of Ryo, Ryo and Ryo.
* SuperDeformed -- Quite often.
* {{Tsundere}} -- Miki. Slighty hinted when her concern for Ryo was brought up.
* UnwantedHarem -- [[DownplayedTrope Loosely]], Emiho, Miki, Shizuka and Akane are romantically involved with Ryo in varying degrees.
* UnwantedSpouse -- Shizuka. Ryo slowly (and bitterly) learns to appreciate her presence. After the show's [[WhamEpisode Wham! Episode]], they become an OfficialCouple.
* [[WhereDoesHeGetAllThoseWonderfulToys Where Does Shizuka Get All Those Wonderful Toys?]] -- [[JustifiedTrope Answer]]: She's an {{Ojou}}.
* YamatoNadeshiko -- Shizuka. She [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded this]] in her introduction.