->''Against an alien mind, we wield the human heart.''
->''Love is our weapon.'' ''Trust is our armor.''
->''Against these nightmares, we will not sleep.''
--> - Motto, Treasure Island [=ANIMa=] Corps

'''Bliss Stage: ''Love Is Your Weapon''''' is the official VisualNovel adaptation of the TabletopRoleplayingGame TabletopGame/BlissStage, by [[http://www.tao-games.com Ben Lehman's imprint, These Are Our Games.]] The game is being produced by [[Tropers/TsundereLightning Perpetual Motion Games.]]

Links to the Mediafires for the public demos for Mac, Windows, and Linux are available [[https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1041711353/bliss-stage-visual-novel/posts/272887 here]].

The main discussion thread on Lemmasoft is [[http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=13681&p=180152#p180152 here.]]

The story expands on the events and characters from the one-shot, Final Act, published in the first edition of TabletopGame/BlissStage. It follows the adventures of [[HotBlooded Josh Preston,]] the newest pilot of [[LaResistance The Treasure Island Resistance]] and son of its MagnificentBastard Commander, Jim Preston. They are fighting a losing battle again an AlienInvasion by the Nightmares, a race of {{Eldritch Abomination}}s from a dimension adjacent to our dreams.

His weapon? The [[HumongousMecha ANIMa]], a [[AppliedPhlebotinum reverse-engineered alien device]] that creates a psychic manifestation of his [[LevelUpAtIntimacy5 intimate relationships]]. But time is running out for him... Bliss happens, and if he drags his feet too long, or [[YouLoseAtZeroTrust acts like a]] JerkAss, he is going to either [[YourHeadASplode die messily]] or [[HeroicBSOD fall to the Bliss]].

In addition to the tropes from the main TabletopGame/BlissStage page, this game and its characters provide examples of:

[[AC:Dev Team]]
* AuthorAppeal: If a certain writer is in charge of a given character's dialog, this is probably part of the reason.
** Not to mention the character designer openly admits to a fetish for scars.

* DatingSim: The [[BreatherLevel Interludes.]]
* DiscretionShot: This game is probably going to be [[RatedMForMoney the equivalent of an ESRB M rating]]. Including [[{{Hentai}} explicit]] {{Optional Sexual Encounter}}s is probably, [[OnlyFatalToAdults given the age of the survivors of the Bliss,]] a very good way to wind up in a hostile court.
* InfinityPlusOneSword: [[LevelUpAtIntimacy5 Hitting Intimacy 4]] with a character gives you an upgraded weapon with special powers, useable at at least Trust 2: Intimacy 5 makes the power available without prerequisite trust (which is a [[GlassCannon mixed bag.]])
** Anna Lin demonstrates this with the [[SniperDuel Sunshooter]], her relationship to her son, and the [[PowerOfTheVoid Singular Void]] in a cutscene before the first mission. And yes, the [[BrokenBird Void]] is from a relationship manifesting as an UnrealisticBlackHole [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic where her ANIMa's heart should be.]]
* LevelUpAtIntimacy5: Based as it is on the TropeNamer.