[[caption-width-right:350:[[MsFanservice Fortunately, she doesn't always]] [[HealingFactor look like this.]]]]

By 2099, global warming has transformed Earth into a SingleBiomePlanet where it is [[CyberpunkWithAChanceOfRain always raining]], and the environment has been destroyed. [[FutureFoodIsArtificial People are forced to eat flavored foam]] because animals cannot be raised and crops cannot be cultivated.

Luke Black is a successful programmer and bioengineer for [[MegaCorp Nanotech]] in London. Apart from his stellar programming skills and relative wealth, [[AudienceSurrogate Luke is an average guy]] experiencing relationship problems with Helen, his fiancé, while trying to maintain his friendship with Tom, his best friend.

One night, an android named Tanya arrives at Luke’s apartment and demands to be let in. Tanya is on the run from her creators and the police, and needs Luke’s help in discovering [[QuestForIdentity why she possesses memories from the early 21st century]]. Around the same time, Luke is offered a top secret position at his company to work in the laboratory developing parts for androids.

''VisualNovel/BionicHeart'' is a SciFi VisualNovel created in UsefulNotes/RenPy by Tycoon Games[=/=]Creator/WinterWolves, fully voiced with [[MultipleEndings 24 endings]]. Download the demo or purchase it [[http://www.tycoongames.eu/adventures/bionicheart.php here]].

[[http://www.winterwolves.com/bionicheart2.htm A sequel]] has been released as of April 14, 2013.

!!This VisualNovel contains examples of:
* AIIsACrapshoot: At the very start of the game, Tanya has rebelled against her creators and escaped from the lab where she was created. As you continue playing, there are plenty of endings where Tanya will do objectionable things, such as [[spoiler:kidnap Luke, kill him, or murder Helen out of jealousy.]]
* AmnesiacDissonance: Tanya learns that [[spoiler:she was a serial killer in her past life, leading to a HeroicBSOD.]]
* ArtificialHuman: Tanya has a metal skeleton, but she has artificial organs identical to a human’s. They don’t function, however. [[spoiler:But Tanya does have a working human brain that are the cause of her memories.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler: Richard]]
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Richard, the CEO of Nanotech, bribes the police into pursuing Tanya as a fugitive, illegally manufactures androids, and [[spoiler:preserves people’s bodies so that he may place their brains into android bodies to do his bidding.]]
* CyberpunkWithAChanceOfRain: It is always dark and raining everywhere.
* DoAndroidsDream: Luke struggles with the fact that Tanya seems to feel and express emotions just as any human would.
* TheDragon: Julia acts as one to Richard, rivaling Tanya in combat. True to form, [[spoiler:she has a HeelFaceTurn in one ending where she realizes his actions will create a CrapsackWorld]].
* FlyingCar: Luke has a hovercar.
* FutureFoodIsArtificial: Almost everyone is a vegetarian in the future because the constant rain and lack of sunlight makes it impossible to raise livestock and difficult to grow fresh crops. People typically eat a sort of flavored foam instead of real food.
* EtTuBrute: [[spoiler:Tom gives Luke up to Nanotech]] if you choose to tell him the truth about Tanya.
* GreenEyedMonster: In one ending, [[spoiler:[[MurderTheHypotenuse Tanya kills Helen]] because [[{{Yandere}} she is jealous of all the time Luke spends with her.]]]]
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Julia turns on Richard in endings where her vision reveals that Richard’s actions will devastate the world.]]
* HeroicBSOD: Tanya snaps when she discovers that [[spoiler: she was a serial killer.]]
* HeroicSacrifice: After expressing regret for helping Richard, [[spoiler:Luke decides to blow up the laboratory with him and Richard still in it. ]]
* LoveTriangle: Two different ones. The first is between Tanya, Luke and Helen. The second is between Luke, Helen and [[spoiler:Tom.]]
* MegaCorp: The company Luke and Tom work for. They deal with nanotechnology, using this information to illegally build androids.
* MsFanservice: Tanya and Helen both wear tight-fitting, {{Stripperific}} outfits that reveal lots of cleavage with BareYourMidriff. Worth mentioning is Tanya's post-{{Shower Scene}} when she walks out with nothing but [[HandOrObjectUnderwear her hands to cover her breasts]].
* MurderTheHypotenuse: See GreenEyedMonster above.
* {{Nanotechnology}}: Allows Tanya’s skin to [[HealingFactor completely heal]] within minutes even if half her face has been blown off.
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: Although the story is set in London, not one of the characters has an English accent.
* OnlyFriend: The only friend Luke seems to have at work is Tom, who is the social type trying to help Luke get out more. [[spoiler:This makes it all the worse when Luke learns that Tom was having an affair with Helen, his girlfriend.]]
* PeopleJars: [[spoiler:Richard has captured and preserved some of the greatest minds from the last 50 years into PeopleJars so that he can place their brains into android Prototypes and use them for personal gain.]]
* PersonalityChip: Except that the personality chip in Tanya’s head is, in actuality, [[spoiler:a human brain.]]
* PsychicPowers: Julia was a psychic in her past life, [[spoiler:and has a vision of Richard’s dystopian future [[HeelFaceTurn just in time to stop him.]]]]
* RobotGirl: Tanya and Julia.
* RoboticReveal: Subverted. When Luke first meets Tanya, she has had half her face blown off by the police pursuing her, revealing the mechanical parts underneath her skin.
* RoboticPsychopath: If you fail to calm down Tanya after [[spoiler:she discovers that she was a serial killer in her past life, she goes on a killing spree after having murdered Luke.]]
* ShoutOut: When Helen, Tom, and Luke escape to Mars, Luke’s alias is [[Franchise/StarWars Lucas Walker.]]
* SingleBiomePlanet: Global warming has destroyed Earth’s climate; as a result, rainclouds have blocked out the sun, and it is [[CyberpunkWithAChanceOfRain always raining]]. [[InJoke With the exception of Italy.]]
* TalkingToHimself: Dan Conlin voices Luke and Richard, Danielle Kogan voices Helen, Tanya and Tina, and Brandon Baus voices Tom and Roby.
* TheMole: In the ending where Tina is captured, if you choose to free her and flee with Tanya without learning of Richard's whereabouts, it is revealed that [[spoiler:Tina was already under Richard's control and is now his [[DetectiveMole personal mole for the police]].]]
* TronLines: Luke’s apartment seems to be completely made of TronLines.
* UnwillingRoboticisation: When you try to report Nanotech’s illegal experiments to the police, [[spoiler:Richard arrives, captures you, and turns you into Prototype 11.]]
* VideoPhone: Whenever Luke needs to call someone, they appear via video phone.
* {{Yandere}}[=/=]CuteAndPsycho: Tanya’s feelings towards Luke drift from curiosity to obsession. There’s a point in the story where Tanya [[CatFight ends up in a dispute with Helen]] over Luke.