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Villains Out Shopping: Webcomics
  • 8-Bit Theater: When loser sociopath Black Mage unexpectedly finds himself without his despised bunch of "allies" (aka The Light Warriors), he enjoys the freedom from their quest to fulfill his lifelong dream of... becoming a cobbler's apprentice. After murdering the previous owner of a cobbling shop (the man made the mistake of rebuffing Black Mage's application), Black Mage takes over as the new owner. (The amazing thing, knowing Black Mage, is he did ask beforehand, but the more amazing thing is that he actually sticks with the job.) Turns out, he is surprisingly good at making shoes. Something of a wasted talent, what, with all his usual plans for death and destruction and sacrificing orphans to the Dark Gods, that is.
    • In true Black Mage form, though, he does make shoes out of the COBBLER HE SLAUGHTERED.
  • In Clan of the Cats, Dracula has been revived after years of being dead. The first thing he does is...go shopping for Dracula memorabilia.
  • DMFA does this a lot.
  • In Everyday Heroes, Mr. Mighty steps out his of front door one morning to find his arch-nemesis, Dr. Unpleasant, volunteering as a school crossing guard.
  • The entire point of The Last Days of FOXHOUND, which mostly shows the titular group when they aren't performing super duper top secret missions or plotting global revolutions.
    • At one point, Sniper Wolf gets her prescription for Tranquilizers refilled.
  • A Miracle of Science has a variation: the villain is seen doing things such as pruning his plants or conducting an orchestra, but it's always for the purpose of improving his machines (e.g. the pruning is a performance test for a motion controlled robot), as his Science-Related Memetic Disorder makes it impossible for him to do anything that isn't related to his obsession; he may be out shopping, but he's only shopping for things that will assist his plans.
  • The hero and the villain are both shopping in this page of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.
  • A few strips in The Order of the Stick have gags where the characters talk about how evil Xykon is, and then cut to him doing something incongruous, like playing Yahtzee or setting up a goofy death match of the undead.
    • In this strip, he actually does go shopping. At QuestBuy.
    • Inverted later when Nale comments on the dedication of the heroes, then the story cuts to them playing Parcheesi (although Belkar - who is a short order of Sociopathic Hero, with extra sociopath and hold the hero - joins in, so it's still kind of a straight example).
    • In the prequel Start of Darkness, the then human Xykon enjoyed coffee. One of the reasons he descended into full Ax-Crazy evil is that being turned undead robbed him of his sense of taste, meaning he couldn't enjoy coffee anymore.
  • From Sinfest: 1, 2
  • The whole point of the "Meanwhile In The Dimension Of Pain" Filler Strips in Sluggy Freelance was to show what the Dimension of Pain demons (who try to steal Torg's soul every Halloween) do the other 364 days of the year. Even when the demons return to canon strips for the "That Which Redeems" arc, we still see them take breaks from slaughtering the human race to do more mundane things, like shopping (albeit for pre-packaged human souls).
  • We first meet Butterfly in Collar 6 when she's out walking her slave.
  • Roommates (and for a lesser extent its Spin-Off s Girls Next Door and Down the Street) tends to run on this, if for no other reasons than most of the characters are villains and out of their own continuity. So they are out shopping, at work (the local university is an interesting place), doing laundry, having a movie night, eating sushi (don't ask about the bar), having picnics, and playing video games amongst others.
  • Samurai Princess: Nicholas and their pet raccoon engage in banter while having some ice cream at cafe after shopping.
  • The Adventures of Superhero Girl: Superhero girl runs into a shopping ninja.
  • Greta Gravity and Doctor Universe out getting ice cream in Spinnerette. Coincidentally, this is occuring at the same time that Spinny and Mecha Maid decided to take some time off from their training by the Canadians.

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