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  • Jewel of Darkness: Midnight enjoys competing in semi-legal street races when she's not busy running her company or plotting against the Titans.
    • At the end of the first arc, the Titans track down Guerra for any information he might have on where Midnight took the abducted Robin, and find him eating in a dive bar. Since his contract with Midnight is up and he has no grudge against them otherwise (except for Cyborg), he tells them what little he knows, wishes them luck, and goes back to his dinner.

Death Note

Harry Potter

Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Queen of All Oni: Jade is often shown doing various non-villainous things when she's not busy fighting for the masks and tablets, such as video games and (on Halloween, obviously) trick-or-treating. She's also shown to take advantage of new developments for fun, such as pitting her tribe of Shadowkhan against Ratso's in a baseball game, or using her new contortionist skills to cheat at bets with the Enforcers. Hell, she'll sometimes even find ways to have fun during her schemes, like the time she and the Enforcers raided a food stand at an amusement park she was attacking.
  • Queen of Shadows: In his second scene in the new reality, Shendu is shown relaxing in a bath, reflecting on enjoying the simple joys in life.
  • In Jade Dragon, Jade alleviates the boredom of being trapped in stone by having the Shadowkhan bring her a TV to watch.

The Legend of Korra

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Night's Favored Child: Nightmare Moon and The Inquisitor are shown in several scenes simply relaxing, usually over a nice cup of tea. The Inquisitor has also been shown to have a number of hobbies, including listening to music and reading.
  • The Pony POV Series:
    • A Running Gag in the Dark World Series is someone wondering what Discord's doing or he'll be back soon... only for it to cut to him having a night out with Fluttercruel with a surprising lack of torture and maiming. The two instances that most fit this trope are cutting to him and her playing video games at an arcade and them skiing. All in all, he only does one genuinely evil thing the entire time.
    • "Nightmare House". It takes place before (or possibly during) the main Dark World story and depicts Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox and her Psycho Rangers merely talking at their house between Paradox's interventions in Dark World. They simply hang out. Though it's a somewhat dark in that the focus is more or less on them trying to play the part of their old lives but being unable to due to what they've become.

  • In Nareto: The Scret of Shiobi, Danzo and Darkeye go to a movie together, despite being constantly stated to be really, really evil. However, the movie is called "How to Take Over the World".
  • If the story involves the Akatsuki being turned into cats and sent to our world, this is the most likely thing that will happen after they are turned back into humans. Some involve Hidan sneaking into the Victoria's Secret store.

  • This humorous fanart of Ghetsis doing household chores.

Star Wars

  • In one chapter of Shadowchasers: Power Primordial, the Paragons pass the time playing poker; Menzoberra wins, causing Rary to comment that wearing veils shouldn't be allowed in games where bluffs are used.