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Villainous Glutton: Live-Action Film
  • Kaspar Gutman, "The Fat Man" (Sydney Greenstreet) in The Maltese Falcon.
    • Jasper Blubber (John Houseman) in The Cheap Detective, an homage to Greenstreet's role.
    • Signor Ferrari, Greenstreet's character in Casablanca.
      • Count Fosco in The Woman in White also played by Greenstreet.
  • Laird Cregar is best remembered as the prissy chocoholic villain Willard Gates in This Gun for Hire, who letches after Veronica Lake and pays off Alan Ladd in "hot" money to sic the cops on him. Ironically, Cregar wanted to be a matinee idol and wrecked his health with a crash diet, dying at age 31.
  • Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt, baby! (And yes, the Hutts are all fat, but the Hutts are also all evil with only a handful of exceptions - and those tend to be a little more mobile. The bigger they get, the more arrogant they are.) Jabba can eat people alive, and is the Trope Namer for Jabba Table Manners.
    • In fact, in Hutt society, a Hutt's physical size can determine its social status. Jabba gained a lot of weight between the first movie and the third, and during that time period, he had gained enough influence to practically rule Tattoine.
  • Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs. (Not only is he a glutton, he's edible. A henchman tells him that he's "delicious", which he takes as a compliment. Unfortunately for him, at the end of the film, he locks himself inside his limosine and eats himself to death.)
  • Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. He's slightly sympathetic after he opens up about his weight problem, and ends up dropping most of the weight by the end of the third movie.
  • Dennis Nedry from the film Jurassic Park.
  • Big Fatso from Barb Wire. He appears to live in a crane, and do nothing but eat and get fatter and get money. He's also evil.
  • Pearl from the first Blade movie.
  • Big Dan Teague (John Goodman) in O Brother, Where Art Thou? is a con man, mugger, and leader of the Ku Klux Klan, who not only gets a gluttony scene, but beats up the main characters and steals their money. And, in a redundant or over-the-top Kick the Dog, kills their toad. One-eyed, Big Dan represents the cyclops Polyphemus in O Brother Where Art Thou's inspirational source, The Odyssey.
  • The three trolls in The Hobbit become a problem for the company because they were hungry and stole some of their ponies and later were going to roast the dwarves after capturing them. Gollum took advantage of an injured goblin to kill and eat and when seeing Bilbo wanted to eat him too, though his emaciated appearance sets him apart from the trolls.
  • Dr. Klopfer in the World War II drama Conspiracy is an obnoxious, obese Nazi who indulges himself with the food and other niceties prepared for the attendees in the Wannsee villa. He's still mowing down leftovers when the other Nazis have already departed.

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