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* An eccentric sort who's out to bring smiles to a harsh and gloomy city, but he is constantly defied by a vicious man in a dark outfit. [[spoiler:The Joker]]
* This beautiful, talented young woman wanted to make a difference in the world. All she wanted was to make everyone's lives less boring. To do so, she convinced several of her schoolmates to help her plan come to fruition. Said plan consisted of a series of social experiments to help people understand just how exciting life would be if it weren't so predictable all the time. Unfortunately, during the last experiment, she lost her sister to an act of senseless violence. Several participants in the experiment also heavily disagreed with the girl, preferring their boring lives over something new and exciting. The girl was so distraught by their lack of enthusiasm that she was DrivenToSuicide. However, she had planned ahead for such a scenario, and had one of her friends give the people a computer simulation that would show the benefits of an unpredictable world. Sadly, the program was deleted by a group of amnesiacs before any major progress could be made. The young woman's legacy now lies with a grade schooler she tutored during high school, but recent events have shown that the child wants to do something more with her life besides carry on her mentor's wishes. [[spoiler: Junko Enoshima from the Danganronpa series]]

[[AC:@/Rabid Badger 1632]]
* After leaving her son to watch over their home, she returns to find him brutally murdered. She then justifiably seeks RevengeByProxy against the wizard who murdered her son. Unfortunately in the process, said wizard, who apparently doesn't think he/she's caused enough emotional turmoil murders every single one of her relatives. [[spoiler:The Black Dragon, from the Order of the Stick.]]
* Despite always looking up to and idolizing his hero and showing potential as a sidekick, he was constantly shunned and belittled by the uncaring jackass. Fifteen years later he becomes a successful inventor and decides to sell his inventions to everyone so that nobody will feel inferior like he did. Our protagonists believe the appropriate response is throwing him into a jet turbine. [[spoiler: Syndrome from WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles]]
* He was never a favorite of anyone due to his darker features and more diminutive size. No one thought he could ever be a capable leader, so he set out to prove them wrong. He works hard so that a previously disadvantaged minority can access the same rights as the majority, and also strives to unite a kingdom after the unfortunate loss of his older brother and nephew. His failure to do so may only have been caused by unfortunate droughts he couldn't have possibly planned for. On top of that, his secretary and subordinates are constantly making cracks behind his back, he's almost positive, about how great the previous king was. [[spoiler: Scar from ''The Lion King'']]
* He worked hard to find people he could provide his services to in order to repay debts to some friends of his, but nobody trusted him because he was black and a member of a very misunderstood minority religion. [[spoiler: Dr. Facilier from ''The Princess and the Frog'']].
* He took in a deformed, ugly baby with no mother and, in addition to caring for it as if it were his own child, he protected it from the unfortunate hate and prejudice the outside world would have for the child. In repayment for this, the child grows up and can't wait for an opportunity to run away, disobey, and reject him as his father figure. And on top of it all, this lonely man is also rejected by the woman he loves, even when he offers her protection. [[spoiler: Frollo, ''The Hunchback of Notre Dame'']]
* She spends all her time working to help the less fortunate, using the one thing that she's good at. But she does expect payment, you can't just expect something for nothing. And when she takes advantage of a young girl's naiveté and silly romantic notions for her own gain, you can't really blame her. [[spoiler: Ursula from ''The Little Mermaid'', of course!]]
* This loving brother and sister pair, while longing to return to their distant home, work hard, even though it's for a boss who's a murdering bastard, who thinks the whole world revolves around him and is a total AttentionWhore. When the boss creates a handsome monster for use as a sex slave, the brother valiantly lets the poor creature go free. However, they realize that their boss went too far when he killed a man, and they take steps to make sure that he doesn't escape punishment. [[spoiler: Magenta and Riffraff, ''The Rocky Horror Picture Show'']]
* He is a lonely man. After his wife tragically passed away in an unfortunate accident, he was filled with an emptiness that could not be filled by any woman. He tries to be a father, but feels so bad about himself that he thinks it's better for his teenage son to live alone or with someone else than to even be around him. He's someone who hates himself, a belief that's only strengthened by the military and people in another organization constantly berating him for every little mistake he makes with his organization. Even though he saves the world from certain destruction countless times, he receives almost no respect. [[spoiler: Gendo Ikari, ''Neon Genesis Evangelion'']].
* He and his twin brother were rivals for their adopted mother's affections from birth. He was the Unfavorite for inexplicable reasons. What he saw while traveling on a spaceship convinced him that HumansAreBastards. His brother argued in their favor, but the brother's arguments were ultimately just naive idealism and did not, in his mind, explain the horrible things that these impressionable children had witnessed together. Being smarter than the humans because, also, HumansAreMorons, he was able to manipulate control of the space ship and attempt to create a world that he saw as ideal, but his meddling brother got in his way. Ultimately, the brother abandoned him, leaving him alone on a desert planet. [[spoiler: Knives from ''Trigun'']].
* She just wants to be loved, and is willing to do anything to make sure she's the most popular girl and that she gets the guy she wants. However, her first kiss and the love of her life rejects her completely. [[spoiler: Sae from ''Peach Girl'']]
* This pair of unlucky people, though born into wealth and status, have to constantly explain their failures to an unsympathetic boss, and, insultingly, they're constantly (and often comically easily) bested by 3 children and a rodent. Their job also involves a lot of travel, which, it's indicated, that they are not compensated for. Their salary is so low, and so many things get deducted from it, they often have to use all their cunning just to eke out a little money for food. They also have a snarky cat with them who torments them mercilessly. [[spoiler: Team Rocket, ''Pokemon'']].
* He is trying very hard to create a living space where his people can thrive without intrusion from, or being seen by, humans. It's not his fault they insist on breeding like rabbits. Still, he does his best to run an organized, sensible society that won't attract unwanted human attention. [[spoiler: General Woundwort, from ''Watership Down'']].
* He just knows that a Princess belongs in the lap of luxury, i.e. living in a castle, and not with a common plumber who can not provide the lifestyle she's accustomed to. [[spoiler: Bowser from the ''Super Mario Bros'' series]].
* He decides to think for himself and wants to give humans the power of freewill too, so they won't spend all their lives as slaves to an angry man who insists on everyone worshiping him, and who goes on to become an OmnicidalManiac. Although he gives people freewill, said man still has to be a dick by making human lives short and filled with pain. [[spoiler: Satan from ''The Bible'']].
* She's charged with the task of educating children whose school has been fraught with turmoil. Yes, she occasionally uses harsh discipline, but she really just wants the kids to turn out for the best because of it. [[spoiler: Dolores Umbridge from ''Harry Potter'']].
* He went through a terribly troubled childhood, and though he was able to succeed at a boarding school which became his true home, he was still not trusted fully by one teacher, who would go on to become the Headmaster. When his death is foretold by a psychic, he says ScrewDestiny and uses his intelligence and knowledge from school to try to make himself immortal. [[spoiler: Tom 'Voldemort' Riddle from ''Harry Potter'']]
* He just wanted to win the approval of his friends and family, and especially to win the admiration of his father. And that dream was ruined by some DeadpanSnarker little punk who didn't fully belong in his world and who was, even as a child, a challenger to a man his father greatly respected and loved. [[spoiler: Draco Malfoy from ''Harry Potter'']]
* He was horribly disfigured from head to toe in a tragic fire, and set out to get revenge on the people who burned him. Touchingly, he still had the love of a woman who loved him for what was on the inside, and had loyal followers who supported him. Without them, he probably would have killed himself a long time ago. [[spoiler: Lord Shishio from ''Rurouni Kenshin'']]
* He saw firsthand evidence that HumansAreBastards. And even though he was human, he found an opportunity to become something greater, something supernatural. [[spoiler: Sensui, from ''Yu Yu Hakusho'']]
* She was trying to overthrow a dictator who was not fit to rule, being only a stupid kid who had no compassion for the needs of the people and only cared about his own vanity. And, being an older woman, she can't escape all kinds of hurtfully cruel jokes made about her appearance. [[spoiler: Yzma from ''The Emperor's New Groove'']]
* He was a strong leader, trying to keep his army together in the face of obstacles presented to him by his superiors, and when he challenged a child who had offended his honor, said child killed him in a fight, only to go on to commit crimes so horrible, they had to make a new word for what he had done. [[spoiler: Bonzo Madrid, from ''Ender's Game'']].

* He was an amusement park owner who only wanted to make things more exciting for customers by bringing in celebrities. [[spoiler:Swackhammer from ''Space Jam.'']]
* An immortal being who only wishes to bring fun and silliness to an uptight monarchist country. Sadly, his unique methods are not accepted by the community and his social skills don't help. This attempt earns him a fate worse than death. Twice. [[spoiler: Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]]

* He tried to protect his clan against its enemies, and resisted a false peace that he knew would destroy them. Even after everyone else betrayed him, he never gave up fighting against the enemy [[spoiler: Madara Uchiha, ''Naruto'']].
* An artist who provided his services to many clients and was recruited into an evil organization against his will. [[spoiler: Deidara, ''Naruto'']].
* He wants to retire from piracy and live in peace, which involves eliminating his former crew first. [[spoiler: Captain Kuro, ''One Piece'']].
* A businessman who is trying to deal with a fanatical terrorist organization and secure his company's future by obtaining a valuable resource. [[spoiler:Ryo Ishikawa, ''Shogo: Mobile Armor Division'']].
* A group of sisters who fight for each other's well being as well as to help their creator achieve his dream of obtaining a place to continue his research. [[spoiler:The Numbers, ''Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: [=StrikerS=]]].
* An entity that seeks to grant all wishes and allow people to live out their fantasies. [[spoiler:Remedi, ''Final Fantasy Tactics Advance'']].
* A girl who enables people who have lost much to war and oppression to relive happier times. [[spoiler: Mao, ''Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally''- incidentally, she's female in this version]]
* A patriot who fights for his country in spite of losing several members of his family [[spoiler:Victor Drazen, ''24'']].
* He was once forced to serve and fight alongside warriors until he gained his freedom, and now wants to extend it to the rest of his kind. [[spoiler:Muramasa, Filler Villain of ''Bleach'']].
* A girl who wanted to get the attention of the boy who once helped her, and thus enlisted the help of an entire hotel to meet with him again. [[spoiler:Chiyo "Panza" Sakura, ''Muhyo and Roji'']].
* A group of siblings who want to restore their parents to life. [[spoiler:Kid, Ivy, and Michael "Mick" Cortlaw, ''Muhyo and Roji'']].
* He turned on his creators, who wanted to use him for their own purposes, and set out to fulfill his dreams with his "daughters". [[spoiler: Jail Scaglietti, ''Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha [=StrikerS=]]].
* This man suffered much from war, and wants to help other people gain a greater understanding of pain. [[spoiler:Toredia Graze of Strikers Sound Stage X]], and this can also apply to [[spoiler:Pain from ''Naruto'']].
* A military officer who gives his enemies a chance to surrender in order to minimize the death toll of war. [[spoiler: Captain Hook, ''Curious George Goes to Paris'']]
* A leader who guided his nation through many wars, and was popular enough to be elected over ten thousand times. Upon being released, he rewards his followers by allowing them to achieve a higher state of existence. [[spoiler: [=BaROCK=] Dominatus Caesar Inferno Vespucci Giovanni Goku Super Sexy Awesome Absolute GOD O.B.A.M.A, Fuck The Jesus Beam]].
* He manages to bring about the downfall of his barbaric empire with the help of a friend he met. After succeeding, he offers the friend a job, only to get betrayed by the friend and killed by his boss. [[spoiler:Drakuru, World Of Warcraft]].
* His people were forced from their lands by an invading force, and he was tortured and mutilated trying to prevent this. Much to his dismay, the invaders eventually joined up with his former allies. [[spoiler:Zul'Jin, Warcraft]].
* An outcast, who, despite a condition that prevents him from getting near people or satisfying any of his needs, only wants to make some friends. [[spoiler: Vector, Muhyo and Roji]].
* An orphan, who, after almost being killed, was taken in by a young man and made part of his business, causing him to become quite loyal to his benefactor. [[spoiler:Hanao Ebisu, Muhyo and Roji]].

[[AC: @/ARandomSerf]]
* The son of a man who fought against Adolf Hitler, and a devoted and passionate lover. He even made sure to check whether his tools worked properly. He was betrayed by a junior officer, his colleagues were manipulated and ordered to their deaths, and his family fortune was stolen by a group of duplicitous foreign agents. When he stood up for himself, he was killed slowly and painfully. [[spoiler: Colonel Volgin, ''Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater'']]

* A mother whose deep faith in Christ opened her eyes to the evil that lay dormant within her daughter, and who died heroically trying to stop the girl's massacre of her high school classmates. [[spoiler:Margaret White from ''Carrie''.]]
* An upstanding businessman who is upset that one of his associates, whom he sent down to Florida to expand his business, has instead turned his back on him and used his investments to carve out his own business, locking him out of a growing market in the process. He goes down to Florida to negotiate with his associate, only to be murdered by him in an effort to protect his empire. [[spoiler:Sonny Forelli from ''Grand Theft Auto: Vice City''.]]
* A man who, after witnessing his world destroyed by a raging, unstoppable monstrosity, went back in time to prepare his past self for what was to come. That way, when the beast comes, there will be somebody to stop it before it destroys everything. [[spoiler:Kessler from ''[=inFamous=]''.]] Oh wait...

* A diplomat who has dedicated himself to ensuring that humanity has a place in intergalactic society, and that, that place isn't endangered by the reckless actions of a commander who has little regard for the political fallout of his actions. [[spoiler:Ambassador Udina from ''Mass Effect'']].

[[AC: @/{{Renita}}]]
* A visionary leader and inspired philosopher, blessed by the spirit of the planet with immortality after his former kingdom fell as a result of human nature, given the task of leading the world back into it's former glory over the course of ten millenia. In the modern day, he is in charge of the largest corporation in the world, a front for his true cause that he is forced to hide behind from a world gone mad. Standing in his way is a fellow monarch whose kingdom was destroyed as a result of its ruler's actions and whose favoured means of dispatching threats is psychic lobotomies. [[spoiler: Dartz from ''Yu-Gi-Oh'']].

* A queen who personally journeyed to a dangerous and unknown land to dispense justice on a much-hated domestic terrorist who had previously escaped punishment in order to satisfy her people. [[spoiler:Gnorga, ''A Troll In Central Park''.]]

* A well-renowned and prestigious physicist who had sought to continue his family's glorious legacy and help bring out the best potential that humans had held from within themselves. Despite gaining success from within his own personal time and accord, he was unfairly arrested and exiled from Earth by a corrupt federation who saw him as a potential threat to their own shrouded and devious ambition. Even through he was imprisoned, he wouldn't stay locked up for long and made a surprising escape, being forced to modify and change himself in order to fight against his sworn enemies and that he had gathered a cadre of fighters and forces to help him out from within his noble cause. Aided by his young daughter whom he truly loves and vows to protect while being assisted by various fighters whom he treats with respect, this person vows to bring an end to the corrupt federation so that he can help unite a galaxy under a strong and benevolent order. [[spoiler:Dr. Edward Bilstein from ''VideoGame/StarGladiator'']]

* A Hong Kong Chinese man who has struggled throughout his life, being forced to endure the harshness of the world and realizing that there are monstrous people who are truly cruel and heartless. Determined to change things for the better, he had helped organized a group of people who have faced the same emotional ordeal so that they can help stop the violence and bring about a peaceful world. [[spoiler:Richard Wong from ''VideoGame/PsychicForce'']]

* A man who was raised from when he was adopted to believe he would inherit the {{Mafia}} family he was in only to have the right taken from him by a 14 year old...all because he's not the biological son of the {{Mafia}} [[TrueCompanions family]] boss. [[spoiler:Xanxus from ''Katekyo Hitman Reborn''.]]

[[AC: @/RileyTaker]]
* All he asked was that one of his employees not be so anti-social, and what did he get for it? Constantly being humiliated and attacked by said employee, and branded evil by his own consumers. [[spoiler: Vince Mc Mahon, from WWE]]
* He just wants to create a world where there is no conflict by eliminating the reason conflict exists. [[spoiler: Ultron, from The Avengers]]
* She tried to use the power of prayer to get a group of people through a very troubling time, only to be shot and killed for her efforts. [[spoiler: Mrs. Carmody, from "The Mist"]]
* He wants to fullfill the mission of his former master, and, [[spoiler: along with the woman he loves]], take revenge on the vigilante who murdered him. [[spoiler: Bane, from ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'']]

* A tough, implacable war veteran, officer, and father to his men, with no tolerance for debauchery in the line of duty, who did whatever was necessary to defeat the enemy without ever wasting a second whining about it. [[spoiler: Staff Sergeant Barnes, from Platoon]]
* A bold and efficient young soldier who made the best of a bad situation and showed outstanding courage even in the face of death. [[spoiler: Bunny, also from Platoon]]
* A put-upon, no-nonsense figure of authority who wasn't afraid to put wiseass juvenile delinquents in their place. [[spoiler: Principal Vernon, from The Breakfast Club]]

* A supernatural force that punished a tyrannical monarch for establishing an {{Egopolis}} and editing history to justify his iron-fisted reign over the land. [[spoiler: The Phantom Blot, ''VideoGame/EpicMickey'']].
* An organization that wanted to bring order to a land of chaos, giving shiftless beatniks some meaning to their lives besides meaningless self indulgence and parties and attempting to rid the country of its hideously clashing colored buildings. [[spoiler: The INKT Corporation, VideoGame/DeBlob]]
* A visionary freedom fighter who realized that the social norms commonly associated with goodness are actually part of a hegemony to keep the proles in control, and anyone who disobeys will be savagely beaten by a KnightTemplar. He burns currency to demonstrate its meaningless, exposes a district attorney's ugly side, and creates a social experiment that reveals the shallowness of the moral system that keeps the citizens cowed. [[spoiler: SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker from ''Film/TheDarkKnight'']].
* A millionaire investor with a rare disorder is sabotaged by a conspiracy of secret agents and, in a last bid effort, gambles to win back the money. [[spoiler: Le Chiffre, ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'']]
* A casino owner who provides quality entertainment and five-star commodities, and gets robbed because he complies with Nevada gaming law. [[spoiler: Terry Benedict, ''Film/OceansEleven'']].

[[AC: @/{{rose64bud}}]]
* As obnoxious as he is, he's not entirely a bad person; started an organization to help kids stay in school and loved his mama enough to start an organization in her memory, etc. [[spoiler:Music/KanyeWest]].

* A lovely, soft-spoken, and gentle Messiah who worked tirelessly to spread word of a new way of life, one free from suffering. Although she sacrificed her life to bring peace and order to a realm filled with some of the most nightmarish horrors imaginable, she was ultimately thwarted by [[VillainousHarlequin an insane harlequin]] who had betrayed their people. [[spoiler: Daemon, ''Reboot'']]
* The sole survivor of his [[DoomedHometown village's massacre]], this young rebel bared his soul to overthrow the government that had carried out the slaughter in order to fuel the creation of [[MacGuffin seven dark artifacts]]. Even after losing his life, he ensured that his {{Reincarnation}} would be [[SuperpoweredEvilSide capable of continuing his cause]] when his greatest foe rose again. [[spoiler: Thief King Bakura, ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'']]
* One of the last remaining members of an ancient civilization, this priest called on his patron deities for the power to fight a band of alien warriors who had invaded his home planet. [[spoiler: Mumm-Ra, ''Thundercats'']]
* This sweet, delicate flower of a girl came from a broken home as the result of [[BigScrewedUpFamily her clan's twisted political structure]]. Despite the tragedy that surrounded her life, including the deaths of her stepsister and two of her lovers, she was able to win countless hearts with her sweet smile and her charming personality. [[spoiler: Dahlia Hawthorne, ''Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations'']]
* A clever young man who wanted to avenge the deaths of his parents and ensure that his home town would be freed from the influence of corrupt scientists and politicians. Despite the enormity of his task, he also managed to help his personal hero expose an impostor who was tarnishing the gentleman's good name. [[spoiler: Clive, ''Professor Layton and the Unwound Future'']]

* A tired old man, who goes back into his past to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, and even though he is met with both abuse and scorn from his younger self, he never fails to be polite. [[spoiler: The Valeyard, ''Doctor Who''.]]
* An ambitious and stylish young woman who, despite her profession and bad temper, has a good heart and cares deeply about her partner and friend. She has a very interesting set of morals. [[spoiler: Yashiro Uzuki, ''The World Ends With You''.]].
* A diligent and hardworking man, who has a love of food and attempts to put influences of that in his work. Is honourable and, unlike certain others in his organisation, is direct about his motives and expectations. [[spoiler: Yodai Higashizawa, ''The World Ends With You''.]]
* A strange young man who, after being abandoned by his own brother and left to the mercy of 'the most horrible creatures you can imagine', seeks his revenge. [[spoiler: Gray, ''Torchwood'']]
* A young woman seeking love in all of the wrong places. [[spoiler: Mitsuko Souma, ''Battle Royale''.]]
* A mysterious woman, brutally murdered before her motives are ever made clear. [[spoiler: Ultimecia, ''Final Fantasy VIII''.]]
** This troper thought you were talking about [[spoiler:The Wicked Witch of the West from ''The Wizard of Oz'']].

* A white-clad, jovial man who attempts to stop a band of terrorists, only to be defeated trying to rescue his true love, by a monster assassin who has bathed in his comrade's blood. [[spoiler: Ladd Russo]].
* An attorney whose life was ruined by a corrupt politician who threw off his timing. [[spoiler: The Clock King]]
* A businessman who has to stop the demons he has unleashed, armed with his ability to plan for contingencies. [[spoiler: David Xanatos, ''Gargoyles'']].

* A man with a terminal illness requires a transplant. [[spoiler: Thanatos, ''Secret of Mana''.]]
* An architect wants payment for his work. [[spoiler: Edwin [=VanCleef=], ''World of Warcraft''.]]
* A world leader pushes to decommission an especially dangerous class of weaponry. [[spoiler: Malygos, ''World of Warcraft''.]]
* He united a broken nation and inspired his people to pursue greener pastures. [[spoiler: Genghis Khan.]]
* A historical scholar brings an extensive and painstakingly detailed depiction of European folklore to the world of tabletop role-playing. [[spoiler:Byron Hall, creator of ''FATAL''.]]
* A little girl delights her friends with her offbeat sense of humor. [[spoiler: Miu Matsuoka, ''Ichigo Mashimaro''.]]

* A sweet young man with the heart of a child, who finally snapped after centuries of being manipulated and abused, who genuinely loves his sisters and only wants to live in a warm place surrounded by sunflowers. [[spoiler: Ivan from ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'']]
* An intelligent, respected doctor who was rejected by the woman he loved, and who provides a home for the orphans of VictorianLondon and helps them forget their troubled backgrounds, only to be murdered by a clinically insane young woman he had been trying to look after. [[spoiler: Dr Bumby from Alice Madness Returns. Yes, I went there.]]

* After a devastating war occurs, one of the last surviving members of his species makes it his quest to rebuild his civilization with the help of his child-like allies. [[spoiler: The Master from ''Doctor Who'']]

* He just wants to stop a species of aliens from accidentally destroying the universe. [[spoiler:The Anti-Spiral Leader from ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'']]
* A general that wants to overthrow an evil dictator and follow his dreams. [[spoiler:Kefka from ''Final Fantasy VI'']]

* He is capable of warping time and space, and yet longs for a true companion in his timeless existence; has a great wit and is a paragon of style, yet surrounded by idiots. Smitten with a spoiled, self-centered young woman he adores from afar, and empathizing with her plight, he gives her exactly what she wants and offers more besides. Despite her fickleness, willfulness, and ability to turn those who serve him against him, he would devote himself to her if only she would show him love and faithfulness. In the end, his heart is broken. [[spoiler: Jareth, ''Labyrinth'']].

* A beautiful young man driven to open the key to paradise for his mother no matter the cost [[spoiler: Sephiroth from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'']]
* A man who gives his ungrateful excuse for a son the chance to pilot a cool robot, loves his departed wife [[ExactWords and]] "daughter" very much, and only wants the best for humanity. [[spoiler: Gendo Ikari from ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'']]

* A man who lost his mother and father at a young age, only cared about his half-brother, and didn't know true love until he met a certain young woman; he then went to incredible lengths to keep her by his side and protect her. [[spoiler:Alvis from ''Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu'']].
* A scholar who lost his wife to kidnappers during a war and tried desperately to bring her back, in the process sending his young son and daughter away to protect them. [[spoiler:Nergal from ''Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken'']]
* A poor street urchin with no family to call his own struggled and clawed his way up to the King of his theocracy. All he ever wanted was for the continent's most valuable treasure to grant his one simple wish, but the rival territory held it too close for him to touch it and he was forced to resort to extreme measures to obtain it only to be sneeringly beaten into the ground by said territory's prince. [[spoiler: King Gangrel, ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'']]
* A handsome, charismatic man with a desire to please his ruler and protect the person he loved. Unfortunately his love was taken from him, he was forced to babysit a new recruit with no respect for him and was continually humiliated and foiled by a group of teenage girls until the leader finally killed him with his own weapon. His last words were a cry of his lover's name. [[spoiler:Kunzite from ''Sailor Moon'']]
* An enigmatic but charming figure who used to be a handsome prince until he fell ill. His sister refused to let him help people anymore, causing him to fall from grace, but he's still very much a gentleman who pleases both sexes. [[spoiler:Akio Ohtori aka Dios from ''Revolutionary Girl Utena'']]

[[AC: @/{{Sarameya}}]]
* He spent his long life completely isolated from the world of men, unable to go out and partake in their life. All he wants is a companion who would share his little hobby. He would do anything to win the loyalty and support of a said companion. [[spoiler: Chzo from Chzo Mythos]]

* A being who is looked upon by humans as an indescribable monstrosity who's only crime is being different. [[spoiler: Cthulhu from the ''Cthulhu Mythos'']]
* A restaurant owner who is only attempting to make an honest living, while his business rival constantly cheats him out of it so that he doesn't get as much as a single customer. His rival's greed drives the poor guy to depression and attempted suicide. [[spoiler: Plankton, ''Spongebob Squarepants'']]

[[AC: @/SevenOfDiamonds]]
* With a little help from his ''friends'', this doctor taught a spoiled womanizing gigolo a lesson while helping his poor abused servant find romance. He later gives a young woman from a humble background the chance to make her dreams come true, but she instead chooses to marry said gigolo and turn all the doctor's friends against him. His biggest crime was squishing a bug. [[spoiler:Dr. Facilier from Disney's ''The Princess and the Frog'']]

[[AC: @/Shadic9000]]
* A young man wants to help his brother get revenge against the man who destroyed their lives. He is hard on him because he wants his brother to become strong. He may seem cold but he cares about his brother's safety. [[spoiler Naoya from Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survior]]
* A man who takes it upon himself to try and bridge the divide between the council of mages and the church, becoming both a priest and a magician, despite the hate this earns him from both factions. He dedicated his youth to fighting abominations such as vampires and other undead. After having a heart to heart conversation with his ally, he began to wonder about his purpose in life. Depite being injured, he managed to resist being corrupted and disintegrated by a curse holding all the evils of the planet, which has been shown to be instantly lethal and/or corrupting to characters who are more powerful than he is. After this, he keeps his faithful companion alive despite the immense sacrifice this requires. He makes it a special point to never tell a lie, and is incredibly helpful towards the hero, explaining the entire situation to the newcomer truthfully and in great detail. He enjoys eating Mapo Tofu, but is selfless enough to offer to share his dish with the protagonist. In one route, after hearing about a demigod manipulating the rules of a sacred rite to summon the Grail to earth, he refuses to overlook it and confronts the rule breaker, but is murdered the next day. In the three routes, he always meets a tragic end after being betrayed:
** In the first, he dies just as the Grail is about to appear, and just before he has a chance to ask the semi-divine deity inside about his life's purpose. His only remaining ally is tricked, ambushed, and cut in half at the same time. His last words are shock at how his student has betrayed him. His life's work is undone as, minutes later, the 'hero' forces his love interest to sacrifice herself to destroy the holy artifact.
** In the second, he is stabbed in the back by an ungrateful demigod who he has kept alive despite the danger and strain this put him in.
** And, finally, in the third route, he is beaten to death by the now-swordzombie protagonist in a futile attempt to stop said 'hero' from killing a baby and destroying the Holy Grail. This is particularly cruel as he had, not four days ago, saved the lives of the protagonist, his little sister, and his love interest, before fighting off a legendary assassin and a Complete Monster of a magus made of flesh-eating rape worms AFTER having his heart crushed by said assassin. All hail [[spoiler: Kotomine Kirei]], the poor, betrayed [[spoiler: priest of LightNovel/FateZero and VisualNovel/FateStayNight]].

* A loveable rouge and protagonist of an acclaimed third-person shooter series' second act, this man heads to a place that pains him greatly to avenge his wife's death...[[EnemyWithin whoever]] [[EnemyWithout the killer]] [[TomatoInTheMirror was]]. [[spoiler: James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2]].

* An orphan, whose entire family was taken away by one man. When he finally brought this man to justice, he discovered the man was sent by the leader of his village. He joined a demon-hunting organisation in order to receive the proper tools to bring justice to his fallen family. [[spoiler: Uchiha Sasuke, ''Naruto'']]

* A victim of ParentalAbandonment who is punished for living life on his own terms and leaving his former home to explore the outside world. Just wants to enjoy himself and make use of his unique abilities, which regrettably makes him unable to integrate well into human society. [[spoiler:The Corinthian from ''Sandman''.]]
* A handsome, charming professional man who changes the life of a beautiful but lonely office worker forever after a chance meeting at an airport bar. [[spoiler: Jackson Rippner from ''Red Eye''.]]
* An ardent admirer of female beauty who likes to always look his best. Never sleeps alone. [[spoiler: Pavi Largo from ''Repo! The Genetic Opera'']]
* A stern but loving father to his men who has managed to create the sole island of order in a post-apocalyptic world, and would fight to the death to protect the soldiers in his care, despite their rough edges and ingratitude. [[spoiler: Major Henry West from ''28 Days Later''.]]
* A mentally ill man who only ever wanted love and approval from his father. Tells stories to children; loves his sister dearly. [[spoiler:Commodus from ''Gladiator''.]]
* As punishment for being a "naughty" woman, and impris[[spoiler: m]]ing a ruler no one really seems to want back, she is forced to be defeated by wave after wave of would-be heroes. She never did anything to them. [[spoiler: The Naughty Sorceress from ''Kingdom Of Loathing''.]]
* Grieving for his wife and his unborn child, he sets off on a crusade to punish the man responsible for their death. [[spoiler: Nero from ''Star Trek XI'', naturally.]]
* Discovered the cure for a supposedly incurable disease before his thirtieth birthday. Always curious and probing in pursuit of scientific knowledge. Doesn't care about personal injury as long as the woman he loves is safe. Started over again after an unbelievable tragedy with his [[NecroMantic beloved young wife]] and pet German Shepherd, Frankie. [[spoiler: Faust VIII from ''Shaman King''.]]

* Abandoned physically by his father and emotionally by his mother at a young age, which forces him to grow up at age 8 so he can be there for his younger sister. Moves into a home where the woman who’s supposed to be caring for him treats him like a curse. Is forced into fulfilling a contract that his father walked out on. He tries to run away, but is caught by the company that holds the contract. Is told that people's dreams don't matter and that it's his job to simply smash them and feel no remorse. Steals from his best friend and is unable to explain himself. His friend then thinks of him as a thief and he can't do anything about it because he doesn't want to drag anyone into his problems. Isolates his younger sister to protect her from the same horrible company he's in, and has to watch her sign up with them anyway. He falls in love with a girl who sees past his JerkAssFacade and knows he's got a good heart, but is forced to push her away to keep her safe. He's forced into becoming a [[BrainwashedAndCrazy literal puppet]] of the company he works for and loses all of his free will, being locked in a room when not being forced to go out and corrupt people’s hearts and attack his friends. Even after the head of the company finds out the mind control they're using on him may ‘’kill’’ him, he’s still forced to undergo it. All this lost alley cat wants is to find his father, play his beloved violin, and, most of all, be free. Quite possibly the most misunderstood 'villain' of all time. [[spoiler: Ikuto Tsukiyomi, ''Shugo Chara'']].
* He works for an ungrateful boss and his JerkAss co-worker taunts him on a regular basis. A sweet young girl who sees good in him when no one else is able to falls in love with him. It takes him awhile, but he finally realizes he feels the same about her. He's just about ready to turn his back on the evil organization he was once loyal to, but is then cruelly killed by one of his own former allies. He dies in the arm of the girl he's come to love, with his last words being an apology that they'll never be able to go on that date they made earlier and a declaration that he was glad to have met her. [[spoiler: Nephrite, ''Anime/SailorMoon'']].
* Was forcibly turned into a soulless monster by a woman who promised to show him the world. He didn't ask to become a mass-murdering vampire and, when a curse returned his soul, he was genuinely sorry for all the horrible things he'd done. He's just trying to be a better undead person now. [[spoiler: Angel, ''Buffy The Vampire Slayer'']].
* All this girl wants is to be acknowledged by the only father figure and family she's ever known. She does whatever he asks of her, even if it causes her pain. She's even willing to die for him, yet he treats her coldly and doesn't value her life at all. She was raised to believe that being happy and following your dreams is selfish. She spent the first fourteen years of her life in an awful, bleak, dystopian society blindly serving an awful creature that doesn't give a damn about her. And when she meets someone who teaches her happiness, it causes her awful emotional torment as she slowly finds her values and view of the world as she knew it chipped away. This girl isn't evil at all, she's just lonely. All she wants is love. [[spoiler: Eas, ''Anime/FreshPrettyCure'']].

[[AC: @/{{Snarf}}]]
* A lonely young man attempts to keep a struggling family business afloat. Bored with life, he takes up a fascinating hobby which he shares with visitors to his establishment, which he works hard to keep clean and reputable. Despite a troubled upbringing he still loves and respects his mother very much. [[spoiler: Norman Bates, ''Psycho'']]
* Imprisoned at the bottom of the ocean, this extraterrestrial being only seeks to respond to the call of his followers. Any harm he might inflict in the process is purely coincidental and unintended. [[spoiler: Cthulhu, HP Lovecraft mythos]]
* All he really wants is someone to love, and to go home, after devoting his life to [[ForScience SCIENCE!]] [[spoiler: Frank N. Furter, ''The Rocky Horror Picture Show'']]
* He's trying to give you what you want. [[spoiler: Morden, ''Babylon Five'']]
* They've received a vision from God and as a result have been inspired to throw off the bonds of their oppressors. Later, seeing that they may have gone about things the wrong way, they attempt reconciliation. [[spoiler: The Cylons, ''Battlestar Galactica Reimagined'']]
* Already having been exploited by one alien race, these creatures are only responding in kind when humans attempt to enslave and weaponize them. If we'd just ''leave them alone'' they'd be harmless. [[spoiler: The Xenomorphs, ''Alien'']]
* This hugely successful conglomerate has a long track record of boosting shareholder profits while ensuring employment for thousands. Their corporate presence can even be felt in ''very'' remote areas. They have diversified across all sectors and are seeking to make groundbreaking progress in defense and biotech-related fields. [[spoiler: The Weyland-Yutani Corporation, ''Franchise/{{Alien}}'']]
* The son of criminals, he sought to overcome his disreputable ancestry by pursuing a highly-successful career in law enforcement. He is so dedicated to his job that he will pursue even a minor parole violator across country for years in order to see that the law is satisfied. Not even impending revolution will deter him from ensuring justice is served. [[spoiler: Javert, ''Literature/LesMiserables'']]
* A young boy survives the Holocaust only to experience continued bigotry due to his origins and unexpected special talents. He grows up to use his talents to protect and advocate for others in the same position. [[spoiler: ComicBook/{{Magneto}}, ''Franchise/XMen'']]

* This ambitious entertainer loves to entertain and is empowered by the sound of laughter. [[spoiler:Zombozo of Ben 10]]
* This brilliant young man's dreams of being a superhero were crushed by his own idol. Today, he has made it his mission to see a world where anyone can be super, regardless if they have powers or not. [[spoiler:Syndrome, The Incredibles]]

* The leader of a tribe of nomads living in a desolate, inhospitable land, he made an alliance with a more fertile kingdom to the east in hopes of providing for his people, but found that the king cared little for his allies (this king would later ignore the starvation of his allies in the mountains). This left him with no choice but to take the land by force, and when he had power over it, he not only provided for his own people but even went so far as to reward an exploited worker on a nearby farm. [[spoiler: Ganondorf from the ''Legend Of Zelda'' series]]

* A quartet of travelers who seek to bring order to their wartorn world by cleansing it of the evil, worthless, and insignificant. They've already stopped four beasts of great power from destroying the world. Their only flaw is that they tend to cause considerable collateral damage. [[spoiler:The Light Warriors, ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'']].
* An eccentric but well-meaning scientist who seeks to punish his granddaughter's murderers. [[spoiler:Professor Gerald, ''Sonic Adventure 2'']]
* A strong willed, independent woman who truly loves her daughter, but has trouble showing it due to suffering from severe emotional trauma caused by her own abusive mother. [[spoiler:Syphile, ''Drow Tales'']]
* A tough but fair soldier of the gods sworn to protect his people. He currently seeks to detain and interrogate a suspicious woman, who, he believes, is connected to the recent, bizarre occurrences in his country. [[spoiler:Captain Jhalm, ''Digger'']]
* A young idealist, who seeks to unify the races of his world under one, peaceful banner. [[spoiler:The Architect, ''Dragon Age'']].
* A loyal servant of God who seeks to protect the timestream from a TemporalParadox. [[spoiler:Dusknoir, ''Pokémon Mystery Dungeon'']]

* The member of a species who grew up on a world overrun by evil alien invaders. Became a legendary warrior, rallied his people behind him, and liberated his planet from the oppressors, driving them back to the worlds from whence they came. Sadly, he was unable to enjoy his people's newfound freedom as his one true love was lost in battle, leaving him with a broken heart he was never able to repair. Then, his people's former oppressors acted like ''they'' were the victims! Worse, both standard galactic government and its protectors, both of whom claimed to be pillars of light and justice, sided with his enemies and made his planet pay for it. To top it all off, when he took an honest job to help get his people back on their feet, those same oppressors made another attempt to ravage his homeworld. When he tried to quit in order to kick some more butt, he was all but enslaved when an "accident" was arranged. What was left of his body was brainwashed and rebuilt for the purpose of being manipulated as part of a plot to take over the galaxy, completing the sad, unfortunate journey of a freedom fighter who only wanted the best for his people. [[spoiler: General Grievous from ''Star Wars''. And to be perfectly honest, it's not that far removed from the truth either.]]

* He developed an unhealthy addiction to his favorite food, that's all. Doesn't sound ''too'' too bad, right? [[spoiler:Mr. Nezzer from the ''[=VeggieTales=]'' episode "Rack, Shack, and Benny".]]

[[AC:@/{{Spidey 3000}}]]
* Took a long nap. Was rudely awakened, had a small snack, and had a boat rammed into him, just cause he was different. Also, the same species of little bastards that woke him up completely misunderstands him, and some even demonize him! [[spoiler:Cthuhlu]].
* A security Guard for Death Row prisoners. He is bullied by the other guards for failing to quickly kill a prisoner, and tries to rid the prison of a disease carrying rodent. He ultimately ends up driven to shoot a prisoner by another prisoner, and falls into a catatonic state. [[spoiler:Percy, from ''The Green Mile'']].
* Was once a struggling comedian trying to make ends meet so he could support his pregnant wife, who ended up dying anyway. Not long afterwards, he was dumped into a vat of chemicals and horribly mutilated. The worst part is, the poor guy isn't even sure if that's really his past, or if it's just another false memory. However, he refuses to let the tragic events of his life bring him down, and, in fact, does what he can to spread smiles to the world. [[spoiler: From ''The Killing Joke', the Joker from ''Batman'']].
* Did her best to raise a child despite struggling with her morbid obesity, impoverished state, lack of education, and apparent sex addiction. Despite this, she ends up as the butt of a joke, and it isn't uncommon for people to walk up to her kids and start insulting her, as if being fat, poor, stupid, and uneducated is ground to treat her as if she's got no feelings whatsoever. [[spoiler: Yo Mama]].
* A Court Magician who has served the royal family for [[Really300YearsOld a very long time.]] Goes out of his way to [[PoisonousFriend befriend]] a young prince who just wanted attention from his father. When the boy's father is poisoned; he goes out of his way to make sure the boys brother is imprisoned for this horrible crime. The prince later shows his gratitude by shooting him in the eye. [[spoiler: Flagg, Literature/TheEyesOfTheDragon]]

* A man who just wants to enjoy the inherent unpredictability of life and encourages others to lighten up. [[spoiler: The Joker from ''Batman'']]
* An old man feels responsible for orphaning his best friend and is trying to undo the past. [[spoiler:Mask of Ice from ''Pokémon Special'']], also known as [[spoiler:Pryce]]. (Yes, there is a spoiler ''within'' the answer, as the person in question has a SecretIdentity. The first spoiler is the "villain's" alias.)
* A genius who escaped from an insidious corporation that strips people of their free will and turns them into programmable puppets returns to try to rescue the woman he loves from same corporation. [[spoiler:Alpha from ''Dollhouse''.]]
* An old sorcerer tries to undo the effects of an ancient war that drove a sentient race into hiding in another world. [[spoiler: Nergal from ''Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade'']]
* A prince researches a powerful ancient magic in the hopes of being able to learn of natural disasters before they happen so that he can limit the damage to his people. [[spoiler:Lyon from ''Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones'']]
* A goddess of order wishes to end the constant wars between the major races of the world she watches over, as well as the racism that led to those wars. [[spoiler:Ashera from ''Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn'']]
* An old sage seeks to destroy the four sociopaths that ruined his childhood by repeatedly destroying everyone he cared about, heaping loads of emotional trauma upon his delicate young psyche. [[spoiler:Sarda from ''8-Bit Theater''.]]

* In a world where everyone is [[FantasticRacism racist against witches]], one witch strives to be a great scientist. She is also willing to die so that her [[AmbiguousGender son/daughter]] can have the power he/she needs in order to face off against the world's ultimate evil. [[spoiler: Medusa from ''Soul Eater'']].

* She is the decadence-hating leader of LaResistance. Unafraid of what future generations will think of her actions, she fights TheEmpire with a matchless passion. This [[IronLady iron]] lady [[LadyOfWar of war]] punishes the wicked with ferocity. She rules her band of survivors who have gone underground because of nuclear holocaust sternly and serenely. She succeeds in overthrowing the current regime, and takes control confidently. She [[IDidWhatIHadToDo did what she had to do in order to stabilize the nation.]] She comes up with a brilliant- and gloriously ironic- plan for revenge on the newly-overthrown totalitarian regime. However, the figurehead of the revolution, trusting that PresidentEvil would not lie to her, she (the figurehead, who is also an AxeCrazy reality TV gladiator) murdered this brilliant leader. Oh, and her name means "soul." What's evil about ''that''? [[spoiler: Alma "Hail To the New Boss... Same As The Old Boss" Coin, The Hunger Games.]]
* This dedicated gendarme [[TheFettered lives to uphold justice and the law.]] He is intelligent, dignified, honorable, sensible, [[PureIsNotGood pure,]] chaste, honest, courageous, and will never forgive the wicked. The son of criminals, he was born in prison, and grew up in what was essentially a hellhole. Poor thing. However, he rose up like a phoenix from the gutter, taking control of his destiny, and became the most talented and honorable police officer France has ever had, but always carrying emotional baggage and the fear of rejection by society with him. He is assigned to turn a dangerous fugitive who has attempted to escape from prison five times back in, and chases this man for seventeen years, [[SternChase without dreaming of relenting.]] He is the only one who is not fooled by this man's charm and CanonSue facade, as he is immune to [[{{Glurge}} glurgy tactics.]] He refuses to let a woman die without knowing the truth about her employer. He breaks up a fight led by {{Jerkass}}es and later takes on eight of those thugs singlehandedly, and wins. He has an appreciation for celestial beauty and order. [[BadassBaritone And he has a really sexy voice.]] He's [[spoiler: Javert from Les Miserables]]
* A brilliant woman who helps to rule a city in a post-apocalyptic world, and does a very good job of it, thank you very much. [[TheEvilsOfFreeWill She understands that you just can't trust people to make the right choices, which is why people need help from those who are more intelligent than they are.]] She suspects that the resident CanonSue faction is using their facade of perfectness to hide that they are hoarding much-needed supplies. When her government is attacked in an uprising by a street gang, she has no choice but to fight back. She is finally murdered by one of these punks. [[spoiler: Jeanine Matthews, Divergent]]

[[AC:@/Steel Edge]]
* All he ever wanted was to be left alone. [[spoiler: Isamu Nitta, ''Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne'']]
* This brilliant, LGBTQ scientist is a member of a society that wants to save the world. She opposes the plan to transform the chosen elite into monsters and use the poor as a [[HumanResources food source]], and works to circumvent its supporters. Before putting her plan to save the world into motion, she responsibly uses a computer simulation to test the results. She dies trying to stop her daughter from leaving on a suicide mission with a group of dangerous cannibals, and is killed by her former lover. [[spoiler:Jenna Angel, ''VideoGame/DigitalDevilSaga'']]

* This psychiatrist just wants to protect her decimated family and save her beloved little brother from his ill-advised crush on a violent, under-educated criminal. Sure, her methods might be a bit extreme--she'd be the first to admit that--but desperate times call for desperate measures. [[spoiler: Naomi, ''Supernatural'']]
* This sophisticated, dignified, friendly gentleman served a long and difficult career as one of the shepherds and protectors of one of the most culturally advanced civilizations in the galaxy--and he managed to do that while raising a son! Legally, he would have been within his rights to kill that son, but in his generosity he took him in, mentored him, and trained him to follow in his footsteps. And yet, after all he did, the ungrateful little pervert betrayed him! Then he joined up with his enemies and went gallivanting around with some bratty little foreigner! Truly, there's no justice. [[spoiler: Enabran Tain, ''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'']]
* Somebody's got to keep her frivolous nephew from bringing shame and scandal on their family with his laziness, his impulsiveness, his stupidity, his unfortunate mental disorder, and his conniving, untrustworthy personal assistant. And since nobody else seems willing to do the dirty work, it's up to her. [[spoiler: Aunt Agatha, ''Jeeves and Wooster'']]
* All this victimized intellectual ever wanted was to be the best. Surely you can appreciate that, readers? [[spoiler: The Riddler, ''Batman'' media]]

[[AC: @/{{SundownLiterati}}]]
* An innocent cosplayer who's such a big fan of her show that she does everything she can to keep it going. Sadly, her contestants grow tired of the show, and one of them even suicide-bombs the studio they're on. [[spoiler: Tsumugi Shirogane from ''NDRV3.'']]
* A battle-hardened veteran who just wants to protect her younger sister. [[spoiler: Mukuro Ikusaba]]
* This gentleman simply wants the object of his affection to reciprocate his feelings. [[spoiler: Kilgrave]]
* A firm believer in human individuality and liberty whose primary goal is to the overthrow the corrupt, Orwellian system he lives in. [[spoiler: Shogo Makishima]]
* An intelligent race, handicapped by their biology, graciously accepted the gift of technology from another race and finally got the opportunity to live as a truly developed species. They connected with the other races in their galaxy, forming peaceful coexistences with them with arguably more success than any other race had ever done before. However, the race that had given them the gift of technology soon grew corrupt and envious, doing all in their power to sabotage their triumphs, from hiring child soldiers to engaging in biological warfare. Will this once downtrodden people finally find happiness? [[spoiler:The Yeerks from ''Animorphs''.]]

* An tough yet caring military leader loved by his men and a caring father to his son. After the death of his son in a vicious terrorist bombing, he is forced to form a rebellion against the corrupt government that would willfully ignore warnings of such an attack, uniting his troops and even some of the most unlikely allies under his banner. Unfortunately, despite his army's might, his plans are thwarted repeatedly by a squad of commandoes, spies, and mercenaries sent by the government to assassinate him. Despite this, he fights alongside his attackers in the face of larger threats, even going so far as to save their lives on at least one occasion. [[spoiler: General Donald Morden, Metal Slug series.]]