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[[AC: @/{{Camacan}}]]
* He ''never'' ignores you. There will always be a room for you. Treats all his people like family. Always willing to explain, even if he seems self-contradictory at first. A firm hand in this time of war, ready to make the hard decisions. [[spoiler: Big Brother from ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'']]

* A friendly rookie cop who tries to bring the world's suffering to an end. [[spoiler: Tohru Adachi, ''VideoGame/Persona4'']]
* A magician who is on a quest to save the world, even though [[ButtMonkey the world hasn't been too kind to him lately.]] [[spoiler: Black Mage, ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater''.]]

* A race of deathless guardians existing beyond time and space. They believe very firmly in the power of the community, and dedicate themselves to scientific research and making sure the laws of nature continue to function. They once sponsored a major effort to improve timekeeping. [[spoiler:The Auditors from ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'']].
* A man of science who only wants to grant the cute little critters who inhabit the neighboring area enough power to strike back against the killer robots who invaded the area and whoever sent them. Keep in mind that his plan harnesses only [[AllNaturalSnakeOil all-natural ingredients]]. [[spoiler:The Doctor from ''VideoGame/CaveStory'']]
* A boy who lost everything he held dear to the most terrible monster ever to exist. His strength and bravery helped save all of existence. His reward for this valiant deed was to be locked up with a megalomaniac who kept whispering lies and temptations into his ear. After he broke out with every intention of making the world a better place, most of his so-called heroes turned on him. Now he roams time and space, always looking for a way back home; a way back to his family, the girl he loved, and everything else he misses so. Though he's made some wrong decisions, deep in his heart, he just wants to be a hero. [[spoiler:''ComicBook/SuperboyPrime'']].
* Through hard work and dedication, he became the best of the best. Still, he was told he could never be the Chosen One, and, thus, he was fated never to achieve his maximum potential. But he decided to ScrewDestiny and prove that the only choice that matters is one's own...before the supposed "hero" decided to kill him over a worthless scrap of paper. [[spoiler:Tai Lung from ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'']].

* A socially awkward girl with problems expressing emotion who was cast aside by her parents like she meant nothing to them, only to be taken in by someone who raised her for a few years, then betrayed her and her beloved nation when they needed her the most. Her home was dissolving into chaos, the world's greatest protector had completely vanished, and one of the few people she thought she could trust was refusing to help. Despite knowing she would be maligned as an evil tyrant, she took matters into her own hands, helping to bring order and balance to a crumbling nation using any means necessary-even those that attacked her nation, she allowed to live and sent them to camps where they could learn to be more loyal people and contribute to others rather than harming them. When she decided to expand her nation in order to bring the rest of the world under her care as well, her fiancé was kidnapped and she was forced to choose between her home and man she loved. When all was said and done, after all the pain she'd gone through and all the hard decisions she'd had to make, she managed only a BittersweetEnding, finally finding someone she could open up to about her pain, but still being sent to prison. Plus, she built a giant robot, and that's just awesome. [[spoiler:Kuvira, ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'']]

* A family man who loves his wife and son dearly likes to keep his home in perfect order and strives to protect his family from reckless use of powerful magic. [[spoiler:Vernon Dursley, ''Literature/HarryPotter'']]
* She adores children, and whenever she meets a child who's received a bad lot in life, she takes them in and offers them anything and everything they could ever want. [[spoiler:The Other Mother, ''WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}'']]

* Star-crossed lovers who must keep their socially-unaccepted relationship secret, yet manage to find time to share their hobbies and attempt to show their love to their ungrateful drug-abusing son. [[spoiler: Condesce and GHB as shown in ''FanFic/{{Hivefled}}.'']]

* An officer of the law in a society of AI, he is betrayed by his government when he fails to capture the most dangerous menace to ever threaten that society. He attempts to make a place for himself in the world and brings many like-minded individuals to his cause while trying to get revenge on the criminal who ended his career. He is ultimately killed when the government hires that very same criminal to murder him. [[spoiler: Agent Smith, ''Film/TheMatrix'']]
* This man founded a company to tirelessly pursue the advancement of Science in ways which had great potential for curing several degrading mental disorders, but even as he became the most powerful man in the world, was still prepared to return to the very bottom of his company in order to help protect the lowliest of his employees. He carefully ensured that the most dangerous technologies invented by his company were concealed, and therefore his death led quickly to the apocalypse. [[spoiler: Boyd Langton, Series/{{Dollhouse}}]]

* A disfigured scientist who creates groundbreaking compounds that can, for example, strengthen the user, out of love for her field of study. She works to help her country, which is being attacked by foreigners. [[spoiler: Isabel Maru, ''Film/WonderWoman2017'']]

* A man deeply devoted to his village, he'd do anything to ensure it had a strong and capable leader. He grew more and more bitter over time but never stopped working towards a bright and shining future for his village. He was killed trying to take down the two biggest threats to his home, trying to make something good come from his death, and ultimately failed in one of the more tragic manners. [[spoiler: Shimura Danzo, ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'']]

* A being who travels the world, helping governments and locals in need, this man has dedicated his days solely to making his family happy and bringing a new era of progression to the world. Incompetent workers make his work stressful, and a Pagan Goddess and her deranged eco-terrorists make his life hell. [[spoiler:Hoggish Greedly from ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetandThePlaneteers'']]
* A loving, caring father and a great leader, who had managed to make his kingdom grow in a hostile land, constantly has to face two genocidal bullies and their associates who confront him violently when he simply attempts to bring the one he loves most to his home. [[spoiler:Bowser/Koopa from ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'']]

* An old man who has been walking the Earth to find people he shared a drink with years ago and share knowledge and memories with them. Sometimes shares drinks and knowledge with his daughter and even random strangers. [[spoiler:Szilard Quates from ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'']]
* A queen who wishes to execute all those she deems to be criminals in her kingdom. [[spoiler:The Queen of Hearts from ''Literature/AliceInWonderland'']]
* An excellent host who gives advice to confused young women and took in an abandoned child when no one else would. [[spoiler:Doc Scratch from ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'']]
* Seven children who all love their father and would do anything for him. [[spoiler:The Homunculi from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'']]
** The eldest son who takes great pride in his important position among his siblings. [[spoiler:Pride]]
** The only daughter and OnlySaneWoman of the family, who keeps her siblings in check. [[spoiler:Lust]]
** A young man who didn't like the direction his family's goals were going and ran away. [[spoiler:Greed]]
** A young man who is especially enthusiastic about serving his father's goals. [[spoiler:Envy]]
** A very chipper boy with a big appetite. [[spoiler:Gluttony]]
** A boy who works hard, no matter how tired he gets. [[spoiler:Sloth]]
** The youngest son, with the single most important job of all of them: Leader of the entire country! [[spoiler:Wrath]]
* Alternatively, seven tortured souls who seek help from a smiling old lady [[spoiler:The Homunculi from the ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemist'' 2003 series]]
** A man seeking revenge on his father for abandoning him and his aging mother [[spoiler:Envy]]
** A woman desperately seeking a purpose in life [[spoiler:Lust]]
** A boy longing for parental affection [[spoiler:Wrath]]
** A proud leader of the country [[spoiler:Pride]]
** A woman who is trying to find a way out of her amnesia [[spoiler:Sloth]]
** A woman who takes pride in her looks, misses the man she loves after he leaves her and is afraid of dying [[spoiler:Dante]]
** [[spoiler:Gluttony and Greed are left out because they're basically the same in both continuities]].

* A creative, brilliant, charismatic young leader, rising up to save his fellow people from the domination of an opposing government which conquered the planet through civil war. [[spoiler: Megatron from ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'']].

* Tired of the constant workload he has to endure, along with frivolous laws that include a humiliating dress code, this paper pusher manages to seize control of the monarchy's power, single-handedly wins the war with a rival kingdom, and now seeks to do away with as much of the oppressive system governing his people's existence as he can. But first, he must contend with four foreign rebels and their guardians, who are intent on wresting control from him - made worse when the tool which allowed him to rise to power in the first place falls into the wrong hands. Oh, and in an alternate life, he plays a mean piano. [[spoiler: Jack Noir from ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'']].

[[AC:[[@/ColonialOnePointOne Colonial 1.1]]]]
* There was once a man, a man with an unshakeable belief in himself and in order, who was born with the right to rule over and protect his world. He also had to see to that world's, and therefore his, interests and resources. When he looked around his home, he saw his order implemented to perfection, so much so that his people called him their God. Oh, he had to keep them on their toes every now and then, and had to give them a large amount of work to do, but on a planet like his, harsh environs and all, this was very necessary. He then looked to the endless stars and planets out beyond his realm, and thought that he should bring his order to the chaos out there, maybe even create an entire state, comprising them all in perfect lawful harmony. His, of course. After all, his way had worked so well here, he should bring it everywhere!
** The nearest world, however, was not very receptive to his ideas, or his requisition of territory (they didn't even need it!). In fact, they and their incompetent, superstitious, blowhard of a leader launched a massive, completely pointless war with the man, taking his world's meager resources almost to its breaking point. Peace came with a terrible, personal cost: the ruler's very own son. In his own son's place was that of his enemy, who would become, despite what little attention the busy ruler could spare him (and military training, too), a lumbering oaf who, more often than not, roared off on reckless campaigns which did not help (or even hindered) his 'father'. Oh, how the man tried to make the impetuous child understand that his attempts to please were going the wrong way, but somehow, none of it got through.
** The Ruler would look elsewhere to bring his ideas to full flowering, resources to properly sustain his governance, worlds lush and chaotic, clearly meant for his fiery gaze to meet and put the law to. He would meet his biological son many more times in his search, now a man in his prime, a nearly unparalleled warrior. Sadly, this most worthy son had been raised and thoroughly indoctrinated by his old foe, and could not be swayed from their inconsiderate and illogical ways by any means. In all their encounters, the father would always praise his wayward son and his fighting ability, no matter how harsh the fighting, no matter how vitriolic the outburst in return.
** Eventually, the Ruler would come across a little blue world in the backwaters of an average galaxy, which nevertheless had many extraordinary things and people upon it. So ''chaotic'', though! Many times he would attempt to make the people of this world see things his way, but he would always be thwarted by the self-righteous hypocrites who would have none of it, foremost among them, a man who didn't even belong to that world! The Ruler gradually became tired of it, seeking a way to easily and '''instantly''' bring order to the cosmos, a way which he could handle within his own specific parameters. In the end, this Ruler would find that way...and then die before he could properly bring it to function throughout the universe, all at the hands of a man who gave up his own beliefs to kill him. [[spoiler: ComicBook/{{Darkseid}}. Yeah, it's a doozy, but a piece of work like him deserves a doozy.]]

* This far-seeing teacher takes a young man of prophecy as his apprentice, in hopes that someday, the two can stop the cult that destroyed his hometown from causing the destruction of the entire world. [[spoiler: Master Van from ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'']].

* All he wants to do is become king and replace the corrupt and ineffectual rulers who got his homeland into a brutal war in the first place. While he betrayed his friends to do so, they were planning on abandoning him and his noble cause to pursue their own selfish interests. The one hit hardest by the betrayal, his best friend and second-in-command, was a sociopath who only knew how to kill and took clear enjoyment in slaughtering people weaker than himself. [[spoiler: Griffith from ''Manga/{{Berserk}}''.]]
* He wants the world to be a better place and actively tries to accomplish his dream. While he is a remorseless killer, he only killed those who either deserved it or got in his way. He admitted that he was not perfect and had no place in the world he was trying to create. His main foe was a man who was hiding two criminals with knowledge of government secrets, and who not only made no attempt to improve his personality but actively embraced his worst flaws. [[spoiler: The Operative from ''Film/{{Serenity}}''.]]

* A jaded teen who was born with powers that isolated him from other people when he tried to interact with them. He teamed up with a person and started a relationship with her only to be double-crossed. In pursuit, he hopes to gain vengeance and give justice to six other people who were also victims of her monstrous treachery (as well as stop anyone from dating her at all, for the sake of the universe, so that no more people suffer), albeit in differing ways. Some Chaotic Evil hipster and a terrible story writer stand in all of their ways. Simply put, they all had some mental issue and really were just a support group that should have made use of the "group" part of their function, and maybe tried to emulate less of their CrapsackWorld. Erroneously labeled as a monster on the grounds of his goal of preserving those he loves so they don't die. [[spoiler: Gideon Gordon Graves of The League of Evil Exes, ''ComicBook/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'']]...(shudders)[[spoiler: I hate vs. the World outside of the League of Evil Exes. 'Nuff said.]]
* A man who loved his wife so much that he kept her alive in a water tank and tried to cure her ailment while coping with his own ailment in the process. [[spoiler: Mr. Freeze, the ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' series]].
* Rank 9 in his group. [[BrilliantButLazy While too relaxed for his own good, a treacherous member is confronted by him in the most peaceful and intellectual way possible]]. The traitor's friends make insulting remarks about his psychosocial condition, which provokes him to throttle the three before ultimately being defeated. [[spoiler: Demyx of Organization XIII, ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' series]]

[[AC: @/CrazedNinja]]
* A great king who took one of the few surviving members of a ninja clan in and raised her as his own daughter. He allows his people to live simple lives in which they never have to worry about anything, and his subjects obey his every command with enthusiasm. [[spoiler:Overlord Zenon, ''VideoGame/Disgaea2CursedMemories'']]
* An experienced lawyer who will do anything it takes to make sure the guilty are brought to justice. He was even kind enough to take in the son of his fiercest enemy after he was orphaned. [[spoiler:Manfred von Karma, ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'']]
* A gentleman who believes strongly in honor, and values the trust of his clients above all else. [[spoiler:Shelly de Killer, ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyJusticeForAll'' (Does it count if he was already portrayed somewhat sympathetically in the series?)]]
* He is an ordinary man who wishes for nothing more than to live an ordinary life but is prevented from doing so due to an unfortunate and bizarre fetish. [[spoiler:Yoshikage Kira, ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure'']]
* A brilliant scientist who lost his wife to a terrible accident in the very lab he worked in. Despite the loss of his wife, he continued his research and developed revolutionary technology, just for the chance to be reunited with his love. [[spoiler:Gendo Ikari, ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'']]
* An angel who provided unconditional love to a depressed and confused child in his darkest hour, and sacrificed his life for the sake of humanity. [[spoiler:Kaworu Nagisa, ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'']]

[[AC:@/{{Crion 87}}]]
* A self-driven visionary with unbelievable charisma and ingenuity, with a new resource of extraterrestrial origin, becomes the focus of religious zeal and devotion from his followers. Somehow immortal, and has always re-emerged to help his beloved people not just once, but three times, all the while working to improve their lives and end an oppressive regime. [[spoiler: Kane, from the VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberianSeries]].

* A small, plucky little robot who tries to be smart, even though he really isn't. After assisting a human in toppling the former robot in control, he gets in control, goes mad with power, [[spoiler: and is jettisoned into space]]. Once out of power, he really is sorry for what he did, but no one can hear him now. [[spoiler: Wheatley, ''VideoGame/Portal2'']]
* A group of young adults just trying to get some cool pets. [[spoiler: Any villainous team (Pick your favorite), ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}.'']]
* A talented, if conceited, chef just trying to make some wonderful dishes, yet always annoyed/foiled by a womanizing old man and his mentally disabled apprentice. [[spoiler: Endive, ''WesternAnimation/{{Chowder}}'']]
* Some guards just trying to do their jobs and stop the escaping prisoner. [[spoiler: The Guards, ''VideoGame/TheEscapists'']]

[[AC: Tropers/CyanFlame]]
* All she wants is for her cruel, disobedient daughter is to take up an interest in sewing. [[spoiler: Other Mother, ''WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}'']]

* A young man who is always smiling and has the spirit of a child. His ultimate aim is to eradicate death itself. [[spoiler: Jonathan Teatime, ''Discworld'']]
* A police officer who was crippled when a superhero failed to live up to his responsibilities, but subsequently managed to empower himself. He then dedicated himself to helping the hero who failed him become a better person. [[spoiler: Hunter Zolomon/Zoom II, ''The Flash'']]

* A [[FromNobodyToNightmare humble watchmaker]] whose obsession with an ArtifactOfDoom led to the death of his wife and children. Overcome with grief, now all he wants is to [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong reunite with his family,]] [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity no]] [[TheUnfettered matter]] [[PoweredByAForsakenChild the cost.]] Had his plans succeeded, 200 years of genocide and destruction would have been undone. [[spoiler:Noximilien Coxen, a.k.a. Nox, ''WesternAnimation/{{Wakfu}}'']]

* He is a king ruling over a peaceful land. He has a big appetite, but not as much as his rival. He is commonly the target of [[BodySnatcher body stealing]] [[EldritchAbomination eldritch abominations]]. He just wants to relax. [[spoiler: King Dedede from ''Kirby'']].
* He wants to enjoy a fine, sophisticated lifestyle. He can't due to his extremely annoying neighbor and co-worker. [[spoiler:Squidward, from Spongebob Squarepants. Not really a ''villain'' but portrayed antagonistically.]]
** After losing most of a recipe to a co-worker (who is the epitome of penny-pinching), he then became a competitor with said co-worker. Unfortunately, the one part of the recipe he had was garbage. He was then forced to stoop as low as stealing food. [[spoiler:Plankton.]]
* He got rid of pain, sorrow, and hatred. Once, he tried to share it with others, however, he ended up in a FateWorseThanDeath. [[spoiler: Cyrus, from ''Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum''.]]
* A man who, while being morally cleaner than his brothers and co-workers, is constantly hated due to the fact that his job description sounds like someone else's. [[spoiler:Hades, from Greek Mythology]].
* A boy who was cruelly manipulated by a man who may or may not be his father, and whose beliefs, ideals, and dreams of liberation were shattered by the person he considered his only friend. [[spoiler:N, from ''Pokémon Black / White'']].
* A race of creatures who cannot survive without a radiation that should be lethal, and they need cybertronics, too. They were 100% hated by everyone and everything and were wiped out by their only friend, the protagonist. [[spoiler:The Grox, from ''Spore'']].
* A trio of men who work for the man who saved their lives, moral or not. Some are convinced they're women. [[spoiler:The Shadow Triad, from ''Pokémon Black / White'']]
* A man following his leader's ideal of making a better world. When that fails, he tries to simply find new resources for mankind. [[spoiler:Saturn, from ''Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum'']].
* Throughout his childhood, he was picked on because he was small and weak. When he finally escapes this place, ho goes into a place that is only worse. Despite a huge disadvantage in this new land, he manages to turn a collection of rogues into a strict, orderly band of workers. [[spoiler:Scourge from Warriors]]

[[AC: @/{{dancnbna}}]]
* Understanding that the world he lived in was corrupted beyond repair, he used his powers to ensure that the world would be properly reborn in a better state. [[spoiler:Kyurem, ''Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity'']]
* She had lived in the depths of despair for who knows how long in a hostile world. Despite this, she managed to find a loyal group of friends, who brought her out. She deeply cares about her friends and is saddened by their suffering, and hopes that by rebirth of the world, her friends' pain will finally be relieved. [[spoiler:Munna, ''Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity'']]
* Bullied and teased as a child, he could only find refuge in the silver screen. The actors there provided him with the idea that he could rise against those who had troubled him. His fierce determination led to him finally getting the strength to show that he was no longer going to tolerate being pushed around. [[spoiler:Muggshot, ''Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus'']]
* As a poor child, he was fascinated by the New Year fireworks displays of the noblemen of his country. He spent well over a decade refining his talent... only for them to not hold up. With fierce determination, he improved his skills and became a powerful leader... only to be defeated and humiliated by a small-time thief. Combined with his beloved daughter being taken away to be married to an unscrupulous tyrant, this was enough to break him. He struggled with finding inner peace, and was unable... until, ironically, he somehow was roped into working with his fiercest enemy. [[spoiler:The Panda King, ''Sly Cooper'' series]]
* He was only just starting to make a name for himself when he was rendered [[HumanPopsicle frozen alive]] in a freak accident. Once he awoke, he resumed work in a land of new beliefs and values, making him a big-time FishOutOfTemporalWater. He sought to tame the wilderness in ways that would've made his people proud back in his time. In addition, he managed to create a shipping empire consisting of tireless trains- the fact that he got ''four'' artifacts of incredible power are a big sign of what he's capable of. Only problem was, in the new age, his practices made him a big target by environmentalists... and other criminals. [[spoiler:Jean Bison, ''Sly 2: Band of Thieves'']]
* His talents were incredible, and it seemed like he was on the way to become a big-time opera star... until the times changed and opera was replaced by a more disagreeable genre of music. Enraged and out of work, he still had some loyal fans, and with these he rose to prominence once more. One day, he hopes to show the world the talents that they had rejected long ago. [[spoiler:Don Octavio, ''Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves'']]
* Strong, agile, wise, bold- these words aren't enough to describe this lawful-good man. Proud of his capabilities and appreciative of his workers, he keeps the town safe from any intruders. He even managed to bring a notorious criminal to justice. [[spoiler:Sheriff Toothpick, ''Thieves in Time'']]
** He was uprisen from his life of street crime for his art talents... and the art world ''hated'' him. Nowadays, he refines his art techniques and is a renowned paleologist, recovering never-before-seen Stone Age artwork with pinpoint accuracy. However, he is constantly at odds with his uncaring and greedy boss. And besides, he just loves to skate- the one thing that lets him escape from reality. [[spoiler:Grizz]]
* Just a simple baker of the royal court, the greedy and unscrupulous king framed him for a crime he didn't commit. Thus, he was executed. He managed to rise later, seeking to prove his rightful name against the one who resembles the king that framed him. [[spoiler:The mummy baker, ''WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog'']]
* It is a simple-spoken being that truly means no harm. All it wanted was to assist a young man who was struggling with heavy self-confidence issues. Unfortunately, its [[UncannyValley appearance]], combined with its strange mannerisms and method of communication, led to it being associated with [[TheDreaded fear and dread]]. [[spoiler:The blue nightmare creature ([[FanNickname call it whatever you want]]) from "Perfect", ''Courage the Cowardly Dog'']]
* All he ever wanted to do was to retrieve a valuable artifact of his that was stolen. Nothing can ever beat his persistience. [[spoiler:King Ramses, ''Courage the Cowardly Dog'']]

[[AC: Tropers/DanteDyavol]]
* A simple-minded man that is unknowingly hurting people, while he only sees that the people that he is hurting are incredibly happy and enjoying his presence. [[spoiler:The Pyro, Team Fortress 2]]

* Despite being a scientist at the top of his field and achieving results that nobody else can, this loving father still struggles to keep his job. On top of that, he actively involves his family in his research. [[spoiler:Shou Tucker from ''Fullmetal Alchemist'']]

[[AC: @/DearPrudynce]]
* He took over the kingdom after his brother died. [[spoiler: Scar from ''The Lion King'']]
* He wanted to marry a nice girl who liked to read. [[spoiler: Gaston from ''Beauty and the Beast'']]
* She's a single mother who runs her own business. [[spoiler: Mom from ''Futurama.'']]


* A grieving father is harassed, tricked into murder, and ultimately slain by his son's killer. [[spoiler:Howard Saint, ''The Punisher'' (2004)]]
* A cop uncovers a conspiracy to overthrow the government. [[spoiler: O'Brien, ''1984'']]
* One soldier stands alone to defend his country from a foreign conspiracy. [[spoiler:General Jack D. Ripper,''Dr. Strangelove'']]
* A king whose father just died has to deal with five traitors, two of whom are his own kin. [[spoiler:Joffrey Baratheon, ''A Song of Ice and Fire'']]
* A priestess seeks to enlighten the godless population across the sea. [[spoiler:Melisandre, ''A Song of Ice and Fire'']]
* A father hunts a monster lurking in the woods near his home. [[spoiler:Joe Montague, ''The Galaxy Invader'']]
* A patriot hunts down a deserter who seeks to ruin the war effort. [[spoiler:Thor, ''Teenagers from Outer Space'']]
* An old lady wants some peace and quiet. [[spoiler:Mrs. Albright, ''Stitches'' (2001)]]
* A preacher man saves a bunch of children from the clutches of death. [[spoiler:Czakyr, ''Children of the Night'']]
* A working class man has a good time after his wife kicks him out. [[spoiler:Stagger Lee, "Stagger Lee" by Nick Cave]]
* A devout priest seeks to revive the goddess he worships. [[spoiler:Fuad Ramses, ''Blood Feast'']]
* A man who's been on a spaceship his while life tries to see land for the first time. [[spoiler:Elijah Kalgan, ''Space Mutiny'']]
* A military commander protects his base and wife from rebels while she gives birth. [[spoiler:Captain Vidal, ''Pan's Labyrinth'']]

* A child's kindness is repaid by them getting pushed into a murder-suicide plot by their new best friend. When his unwillingness to actually commit murder gets him killed instead, he is unintentionally brought back to life countless years later in an unrelated science experiment that leaves him emotionally crippled and a functional quadriplegic, but also one with a newfound ability to bounce back from death and "reset" time back to his resurrection. Despite everything, he spends countless "resets" helping those around him, before burning out on this GroundhogDayLoop and slipping into violence. However, due to everything being reset anyway, his actions aren't permanent and only he knows they ever happened. Eventually, he meets another child that resembles his old best friend, and when this child shows him kindness despite his continued aggression and violence, he cannot fight back the feelings of guilt and gives up everything he has to help people again, ultimately just having wanted his friend back all this time. [[spoiler:Asriel/Flowey, ''Undertale'']]

* A tireless servant of the [[TheTrainsRunOnTime few government departments that works efficiently,]] this individual protects the earth from several serious alien threats and has dedicated his spare time to keeping the FBI doing what it should be doing, fighting crime and not worrying about bizarre conspiracies. Regularly checks on his old co-worker's son and his partner at the FBI, who never even bother to learn his name and just refer to him ''by the serious illness he has!'' The jerks! [[spoiler: The Cancer Man / The Cigarette Smoking Man. ''The X-Files.'']]
* A troubled individual raised by his abusive mother, who just wants to get closer to people, especially his children, who he takes a special interest in, even after his tragic death. Became an important part of the bureaucracy of the afterlife upon his death, he has previously been romantically involved with angels. Regularly fights/foils the plans of [[TheGrimReaper Death himself]]. Invented a new variant of musical chairs. [[spoiler: Drip, The Sin of Lust. ''Jack.'']]
* A consummate politician who works tirelessly to raise the earth to its rightful place amongst other planets, this individual has done more to ensure human-alien integration that any other individual. In fact, because of him, thousands of humans and aliens co-inhabit. And all this despite the repeated efforts of a small cell of terrorists (who use child soldiers) supporting a corrupt alien empire to stop him. [[spoiler: Visser Three, ''The Animorphs'']].
* [[InspectorJavert A tireless law enforcement officer]] [[KnightTemplar for the gods themselves,]] This individual has to protect the people despite his boss apparently believing every lie fed to him by the inhuman, demon-using, opiate-addicted thug who has corrupted the avatar of a god, the chosen one, a poor, mentally disturbed teen, the local healer, and an elderly librarian. No-once else appears worried by the actions this [[HalfDressedCartoonAnimal partial nudist]] who hangs out with Demonspawn, convicted murders, cannibals, and hags and lures people into traps full of vampires and who, let's not forget, burst into this world from who-knows-where, destroying part of an ancient temple in the process; only our hero can see this thug for the non-human evil she is. [[spoiler: Captain Jhalm, ''Digger'']].

* A man who always keeps a smile on his face, constantly compliments even his foes, and saves a princess from being brainwashed. [[spoiler: Dimentio, ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'']]
* A man who will do anything to resurect his master. He is constantly being stopped by a man who breaks into people's houses and destroys their property, as well as kill thousands of his minions. When he does resurect said master, the master kills him and traps his soul inside of a blade. [[spoiler: Ghirahim, The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword.]]

* An angel who's simply taking care of his sister and trying to fulfill her final wishes by ending all discrimination. [[spoiler:Mithos Yggdrasil from ''Tales of Symphonia''.]]
* A beautiful Queen who governs several ''trillions'' of people effectively, while making sure they've all got a job in their only industry, which was once chaotic. [[spoiler:Queen Sadako from ''Yu+Me Dream'']]
* A group of Environmental Activist trying to take back what was once theirs, and at the same time attempting to save it from destruction at the hands of those who do have it. [[spoiler:The Aliens from ''Tokyo Mew Mew'']]
* A Father-Son team trying to bring peace to their waring societies. [[spoiler:Hawkfrost and Tigerstar from ''Warriors'']]

[[AC: @/{{Divra}}]]
* The son and most favored general of a warlord bent on conquering all of humanity and imposing his version of militant atheism through whatever means necessary, he led a group of his brothers and their followers against his father, seeking to secure their right to religious freedom. He was rewarded for his efforts by being wiped from existence by his father, and his followers were scattered. [[spoiler: Horus, ''Warhammer 40K''.]]

* An entire race who've managed to deal with all those painful emotions that cause people so much hurt and distress, and who just want to share this with the rest of the universe. [[spoiler: The Cybermen from ''Doctor Who'']]
* A charming, cultured, and remarkably brilliant man with piercing insight and impeccable taste, who has helped law enforcement officials locate vicious serial murderers and stop them from hurting innocent people. [[spoiler: Dr. Hannibal Lecter from ''Silence of the Lambs'']].
* A brilliant genius who just wants to help humanity reach its full potential without having to rely on an aloof Messiah figure to solve all their problems for them. [[spoiler: Lex Luthor from ''Superman'']].
* A brilliant environmentalist who is deeply in touch with nature and wants to remind people of the ecological damage they do to the planet. Frequently attempts to extract her best friend from an abusive relationship. Is persecuted by a ruthless, brutal, and single-minded industrialist fiercely opposed to everything she stands for. [[spoiler:Poison Ivy from ''Batman'']].
* Superheroes who are just looking for something to eat. [[spoiler: The Marvel Zombies]]

* A man who just wishes to stop the cruelty and racism in his hometown, as well as make it a better place for his adopted son, who was almost killed by his birth father due to the hysteria caused by the aformentioned racism. [[spoiler: Momochi Zabuza, ''Naruto'']].
* A horribly abused little girl who just wants her distant, emotionally and physically abusive father to love and be proud of her and her big brother. [[spoiler: Azula, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai, from ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'']]
* A kind, caring woman who only wants her adopted daughter to be happy and loved after being forgotten and pushed away by her biological parents. [[spoiler: Other Mother]]
* An old soul who's taken up the life of a hermit, trying to get rid of all the war and hatred encompassing the world, some of which he had a hand in creating back when he was young and foolish. [[spoiler: Uchiha Madara, ''Naruto'']].

* An AdventurerArchaeologist who merely wants to reintroduce an advanced way of life unto a dying world, his research was instrumental in saving that world on at least two occasions. Aided [[YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters a group of patriots trying to save their country]]. Is seen by many [[TheUnfought as a]] TechnicalPacifist, but is willing to defend [[TrueCompanions people he finds interesting]]. Is opposed by a group of oathbreakers who pledged service to a despot[[note]]as well as the children of said oathbreakers, who pledged and broke oaths with a different despot[[/note]] and a giant rock who turned three innocent humans into a dragon and set them/it upon ''their/its children'' '''[[OmniscientMoralityLicense as a "test"!]]''' [[StalkerWithACrush Adored]] [[IncestIsRelative his cousin]], but [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy was willing to let her live her own life]]. [[spoiler:Alex of Imil, ''Golden Sun'' series]].

* He wanted to reform a corrupt society. When he was almost killed, he just wanted another body. [[spoiler:Morbius]]
* They merely got people to help them breathe. [[spoiler:The sentient Macra]]
* The ChosenOne, he fights against TheEmpire, which is run by a man who commits infanticide ForTheEvulz. [[spoiler:Eragon Shadeslayer]]

* The chosen hero of his people journeys to a foreign world to gain the energy he needs to save his dying homeworld. He is blessed by his gods and devises a plan to save his world without harming the other. [[spoiler:Dhaos from ''Tales Of Phantasia'']].

* He was trapped in an abusive partnership for years. One fateful day, a young man happened across this person engaged in a brutal fight with his partner. He successfully convinced the young man to help him. Now he was free to do his job and be himself, but his partner convinced the young man that he was the bad guy, and they teamed up. Eventually, just as our person had become more successful than ever, his partner and the young man imprisoned him. When he was released many years later, his partner had found a new ally in a teenage girl. The girl's uncle had helped to free him, but really just wanted to use his power and influence. Nonetheless, with the uncle's help, he was able to defeat his partner once and for all… or so he thought. The girl, all by herself, killed her own uncle to also destroy our victim, ''and'' saved the abusive partner! Is it any wonder that this arc is widely disliked by the fandom? [[spoiler:[[WesternAnimation/TheLegendofKorra Vaatu]]. Yes, I managed to whitewash a {{God of Evil!}}]]
* After generously funding the civil war against the unfair goverment of planet Inon II, this honourable member of an advanced alien species was imprisoned and marooned on a primitive world, and forced to adopt a new identity. Out of respect for the new planet's history, he decided to restore the honour and legacy of a once great, but corrupted hero, who had died years earlier, by adopting his name and identity. And out of sheer kindness and good will, he adopted an orphaned girl (who didn't even belong to his species) and lovingly raised her as his own daughter. Although his sole desire was to simply return to his homeworld, he was eventully banished away to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.[[spoiler:The Shredder as decipted in the 2003 ''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'' series.]]

* He started out as an ambitious little boy who had big dreams for his future. But all that fell apart, and he was instead dragged through one long period of suffering. It all started one fateful day when he and his mother were recruited by an EvilOverlord. She tried to betray said overlord, so he had her and her son tortured. The boy just barely survived, but the mother did not. Later, after receiving medical help from a nearby abbey, the boy was unfairly accused of stealing from them, turning everyone in the abbey against him. He accidentally killed a member of the abbey, but only in self-defense. After this, he was left outside to be killed by a horrible monster. He somehow survived, but was horribly scarred, forcing him to hide his deformation with a mask for the rest of his life. Understandably, he never was able to get past the trauma of his childhood, and came up with a brilliant plan for {{Revenge}}. [[spoiler:Slagar the Cruel from the ''Literature/{{Redwall}}'' series.]]

* A multicultural alliance of various races that banded together in order to complete one of their most sacred religious rites. They are constantly threatened by a racist, authoritarian government, soldiers that give them [[NicknamingTheEnemy very demeaning names]], and a SociopathicSoldier who mows down thousands of their own troops, even when they try to run away. [[spoiler: The Covenant, ''Halo'']]
* This [[EvilIsSexy beautiful]] [[Really700YearsOld young]] woman ran away from her home when she discovered her [[DeathBySex sexual]] [[TheSciopath identity.]] She is always on the run from her mother, a psychotic, LawfulEvil KnightErrant who would kill anything if they disobeyed some obscure, outdated religious laws. Disobeying almost every [[ThouShaltNotKill religious law]] unfairly forced upon her, she seeks nothing more than to [[TheHedonist enjoy]] her [[DeathBySex unique]] version of bisexuality. Known for her [[TheVamp outstanding]] [[MindRape charm]], she has refined tastes and prefers to date struggling artists over dumb brutes. Her [[EvilIsSexy beauty]], [[ManipulativeBastard intelligence]], and [[MindRape pure psychic power]] often brings up comparisons to various [[VampiresAreSexGods mythological creatures]]. [[spoiler: Morinth, ''Mass Effect 2'']]
** When the galaxy faces a massive invasion, this spec-ops agent disobeys his government in an attempt to live in peace with the invaders rather than face annihilation. He also tried to save a dying alien race from a DepopulationBomb. [[spoiler: Saren, ''Mass Effect'']]
** This organization puts profit, politics, and religion behind them in order to fulfill the idealistic goal of promoting human advancement and protecting humanity from extraterrestrial threats. When the Galactic and Human governments fail to act to act against terrifying race of aliens, they recruited a war hero and gave him the equipment, men, and contacts needed to save the galaxy, and all of humanity, once again. [[spoiler: Cerberus, ''Mass Effect'']]
** When human colonization pushed far into their ancestral lands, these men disobeyed their own government, the Galactic Council, and the Human governments by sharing one of their most treasured and threatened [[CultureJustifiesEverything cultural]] [[ASlaveToTheIndex practices]] with impoverished human colonists. [[spoiler: Batarian Slavers, ''Mass Effect'']]
** The [[TimeAbyss oldest]] of an [[EldritchAbomination extremely intelligent race]], this nomadic alien [[KillEmAll observed and interacted with]] many different alien races, but found himself intrigued by the true [[HumanResources potential]] of humanity. With the help of another alien race who was [[BrainwashedAndCrazy recruited]] to the cause, he [[AlienAbduction gathered]] numerous humans to [[PlayingWithSyringes contribute]] in [[NightmareFuel one of the most psychologically compelling scientific enterprises in galactic history]] to provide [[AndIMustScream immortality for millions of people]] so we could AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistance. Along with his interest in human development, this extraterrestrial is also known for his [[LargeHam battle cries]], which manage to motivate both his troops and the enemy in one unified display of joy. His work will [[BrainBleach never be forgotten]] as he shows [[HumanResources humanity]] [[PeopleJars their]] [[BodyHorror true]] [[EvilutionaryBiologist genetic]] [[FateWorseThanDeath potential]]. [[spoiler: Harbinger, ''Mass Effect'']]

* A member of his city's defense squad where he heroically fought those he considered threats to protect his country and his family. But then a supposed group of heroes ended up creating a robot with a twisted sense of morals. This robot created a device to lift the entire city into the air with the threat of dropping it on the ground to end the world. He persuades his family to go outside the city in the country to protect them, and then the supposed group of heroes does battle with the robot in the city causing even more collateral damage, and when they destroy the device lifting the city into the air, in comes falling down to the ground killing many innocent people, including his family. The group of supposed heroes then proceed to go home and not stay around and help. He then vows his revenge on the supposed heroes, decrypts files that a member of the heroes released online and learns of a horrible truth and a horrible secret a member of the team is keeping from another member of the "heroes".He originally attempts to gain the ability to get the information that he need by getting it out of a Nazi that holds it will not give it to him and he kills the Nazi who is shown to be indirectly responsible for hundreds of deaths, only then does he have to resort to lower methods that he would rather not do, as he does not want to stoop to the levels of his enemies. He frames an already well-known criminal and mass-murderer with another crime that he used to cause discourse among the team that caused him to lose everything. After the mass-murderer is apprehended he takes the role of the psychiatrist that was supposed to interrogate him and finds out where the mass-murderer was kept, as he knows that is where several other mass-murderers have been kept frozen, and also where the tape that shows the horrible truth is as well. He goes there as he knows that three members of the team will go there. He kills all five of the mass-murderers so they won't have the opportunity to kill anyone else and plays the tape of the mass-murderer killing one member of the team's parents in front of that member of the team and the team's "heroic" leader has kept the secret for the last two years. He escapes having accomplished his goal of having the team of "heroes" lose everything as he lost everything. He apologizes to those who he accidentally wronged in the quest to get his revenge. He is stopped from joining his family in the after-life and thrown in a cell where if he even raises his voice he will be electrically shocked. [[spoiler: Helmut Zemo, ''[=Captain America: Civil War=]'']]
* A key member in one the most successful companies of America who simply wants to take control and gain power, when it is made clear that the current CEO will run the company into the ground, and also probably has mental problems. [[spoiler: Obadiah Stane, ''[=Iron Man (2008)=]'']]
* A general who wants to apprehend a man who has the ability to become an uncontrollable monster that will wreak havoc on any populated area and also to keep this man from his daughter who is romantically interested in him. in spite of the fact that anything too exciting might trigger the uncontrollable monster. He tries to stop him with as little damage as possible and even though he joins forces with him at the end against even bigger threat and the goal is accomplished, his daughter still wants nothing to do with him, even when all he has done is protect her and his country from dangerous people. [[spoiler: General Ross, ''[=The Incredible Hulk (2008)=]'']]

* Teenager having family problems gets picked up by a corporation, which uses his insecurities in their nonsensical war. [[spoiler: Scout, ''[=Team Fortress 2=]'']]

* Born bound to a small area, he worked his way up to founding a country which he calmly rules from a fancy throne. He works on a special project with his children whenever he can, which is often, as he is a stay-at-home dad and a devoted father. [[spoiler:Father from the ''Fullmetal Alchemist'' manga.]]

* A young man who must take over his father's business after the latter is killed by a murderous psychopath. Opposing him is a ragtag group who think nothing of using terrorism to achieve their goals. Eventually, one of his most trusted and scrupulous employees joins them. He maintains his composure, even when faced with certain death. [[spoiler: Rufus Shinra, ''Final Fantasy VII'']].

* A creature that was shunned and feared, who only wanted a friend. He was killed by the resident "hero". So strong was his want for happiness that he came back from the dead and showed the whole galaxy what he was feeling, so that people would sympathise and love him. He searched for the only thing that could alleviate his sorrow, a magical crystal, and it was promptly taken away from him. The "hero" took the crystal from him and used it to kill him again. [[spoiler: Zero/Zero Two, ''Kirby'' series.]]

[[AC: @/{{emmaliza}}]]
* A former ruler who was betrayed and cast onto a plane, and into a body, she didn't belong in, something that caused her painful insanity every day for (apparently) ''twenty-five years''. She desperately wanted to go home. She kept herself together all that time, never giving up hope, and was murdered in her most helpless state immediately before she could go home like she wanted. [[spoiler: Glory from ''Buffy The Vampire Slayer'']].


* A charismatic war hero and patriot, this man led his country out of an economic downturn to world prominence. During his administration, he assiduously worked to [[FinalSolution end racial conflict and bigotry]], and strove for [[TakeOverTheWorld world peace]]. His ambitious foreign policy persuaded ideological enemies such as Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin to set aside their differences, led to the establishment of the UN, and resulted in the use of international tribunals to try war crimes and crimes against humanity. His approach to human rights exposed the true evil of racism and anti-Semitism, leading to their marked decline in the West and discrediting the pseudoscience of eugenics. His legacy has been memorialized in monuments and museums throughout the world, with many vowing that his deeds must never be forgotten. [[spoiler: UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler.]]

* He/She was wronged and ended up dying, and now wants to punish people who do similar things to others. [[spoiler:Most ghosts in ''Supernatural'']]
* He/She was trapped in an alternate dimension and tortured, then forced to torture others, and has finally managed to get free. [[spoiler:The demons in ''Supernatural'']]

* A man who would face hell for the woman he loves - indeed, he did, yet his efforts still went tragically unnoticed by her. [[spoiler: Claude Frollo from ''The Hunchback of Notre Dame'']].
* He lives in squalor and, throughout his series, only seeks to better himself. [[spoiler: Count Olaf from ''A Series of Unfortunate Events'']].

* He'll do anything to be the governor of his country. [[spoiler:Snattle, ''Pokémon XD'']].
* He was king of the world, and had so much time on his hands that he was willing to make his army kill each other, until he started working under somebody to alleviate his boredom. [[spoiler:Baraggan Luisenbarn, ''Bleach'']].

[[AC: @/FalconPain]]
* An attractive, highly intelligent man who served his people and deity loyally. When his beloved succumbed to illness, he and his closest ally discovered and enacted the means to prevent him from suffering the same fate, ensuring him a long and fulfilling life. He eventually became a great leader and found himself a second betrothed who would bear his child, one of the strongest forces for good in existence. But she was murdered, so he set a plan in effect to properly punish the people responsible for the crime. He continues to return sporadically, especially in times when evil is at its worst, to fight against those who permit such evil to thrive. [[spoiler: Dracula from ''Castlevania''.]]
* A powerful being who is notable for his imposing physical presence, more intelligence than his outward appearance suggests, and skill in a wide variety of combat methods that include his natural abilities, weaponry, and sorcery. His goal is to kill or otherwise dethrone a noted and almost universally despised evil king who seeks to destroy the world's entire population. His first attempt involved gaining the leadership of his enemy's army and using it against him and his surviving heirs. His next notable attempt involved teaming up with a powerful ally to allow him to travel back in time and eliminate the king before he could ever come into power, thus undoing a long life of evil deeds and gaining the throne with a minimum of bloodshed. He is most commonly remembered for an occasion when he was trapped in an out-of-the-way room of his enemy's fortress from which he could not escape. Even then, he didn't actually do anything before he was attacked and killed by his enemy's only son in an act that served no actual purpose aside from giving the son the power to subject others to a slow death with his mere physical presence. And worst of all, everyone would rather have the evil king in power than him, for no adequately explained reason. [[spoiler: Galamoth, also from ''Castlevania''.]]

* A young teenage boy strives to bring order to a TeenageWasteland, and handles a massive disaster much better than anyone else. Unfortunately, his attempts to achieve peace have all been thwarted by his twin brother, whose main hobby seems to be sabataging whatever plans there are for peace, then whining when people expect him to take responsibility. Coming up on his sixteenth birthday, this boy has driven away and temporarily defeated an EldritchAbomination all for the love of a girl, escorted all his friends to safety and comfort only to return when the townsfolk who rejected him were in danger, and defeated huge monsters while his brother--still hailed as TheHero--took a hike. Meanwhile, he's still despised and looked down on, has paid an incredibly high price for whatever he's worked for, and has been betrayed by almost everyone he knows. And, to top it all off, his pregnant girlfriend just abandoned him. [[spoiler: Caine Soren from ''Literature/{{Gone}}'']]

[[AC:[[@/TheLaughingFan Fan]]]]
* He just want to get the love of his life to laugh. [[spoiler:The Joker from ''Batman'']]
* Because she is too afraid to reveal her true feelings, this is the only way she can spend time with her one true love. [[spoiler:Shego from ''Kim Possible'']]
* After saving the empire from a racist military dictatorship, he spends the rest of his life protecting the empire from an out of control uprising led by domestic terrorists. [[spoiler:King Galbatorix from ''The Inheritance Cycle'']]

* A brilliant man, severely physically disabled from birth, dreams of one day inspiring the emergence of a genuine superhero. [[spoiler:Elijah Price, ''Film/{{Unbreakable}}''.]]
* A socially maladjusted genius. He just can't seem to find Ms. Right; why do his efforts towards that end cause so much controversy? The antics of his ungrateful daughter eventually get him killed. [[spoiler:Joseph Grey Veil, S.L. Viehl's ''Literature/{{Stardoc}}'' series.]]
* A team of complete and utter badasses—consisting of an EmpoweredBadassNormal in search of [[EnlightenedAntagonist enlightenment]], a [[TragicVillain deeply wounded]] former ChildSoldier, a [[SwissArmySuperpower resourceful]] DisabledSnarker, and a [[AffablyEvil cheery]] [[WrongContextMagic innovator]]—[[VillainousFriendship genuinely close to one another]] and even including [[ShipTease at least]] one [[UnholyMatrimony couple]], who toppled a tyrant and were willing to challenge a PhysicalGod in the name of [[BombThrowingAnarchists freedom]]. For their troubles, they all [[TailorMadePrison did over a decade of hard time]]; then, shortly after getting out, [[AlasPoorVillain all but one of them met horrible deaths]]. [[spoiler:The Red Lotus, ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra''.]]

* A perfectly rational man who doesn't let emotions get in the way of getting his job done and understands it's not his or anyone else's place to deem if he crossed a line or not; it's history's and history's alone. [[spoiler: Cancer Deathmask from ''Saint Seiya'']]
* Granted, he's a BloodKnight and has very high expectations for his teammates in fights, but he also adheres to those same rules himself and punishes himself accordingly when he loses too. He also helped make a JokeCharacter take many a [[TookALevelInBadass level in badass]] and is set up for fighting one of the antagonists of the current story arc. [[spoiler: Neptuneman from ''Kinnikuman Nisei'']]

[[AC: @/FigmentJedi]]
* A noble and cultured king dressed in black who just wants that troublesome white knight and his allies to leave him and his princess alone. [[spoiler:The Phantom Blot, essentially in his own words in a 90s era ''Mickey Mouse'' comic]]

* A strong leader who gave hundreds a newer, better way of life, and is only looking to improve it by seeking territory that can support them. [[spoiler: Scourge of ''Warrior Cats'']]
* A brave leader who wants to merge warring groups and 'purify' their ranks. [[spoiler: Tigerstar, also of ''Warrior Cats'']]
* A proud chief of police who believes that, if he is given control of things, the job will be done correctly every time. [[spoiler: Gant of ''Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney'']].

* A man, who was taken from his home when he was younger, has dreams of a better world. Along with his friend, he tries to make the world a better place. [[spoiler: The Brain, ''Pinky and the Brain'']]

* A great warrior, this man discovers that a rival superpower has developed a horrifying weapon of genocide. The rival government claims that it is a device for "peaceful terraforming", but even if this claim weas not laughable, the fact that the device was invented by the son of the rival nation's most notorious military commander tells him all he needs to know. The warrior leads his men on a quest to destroy the weapon and the research developing it, or, failing that, to at least secure the horrible weapon for his own people, ensuring MAD-enforced peace. After some hesitation, he decides he has no choice but to [[IDidWhatIHadToDo kill the inventor]]. He is slain in battle with the enemy commander, dying for his people and bringing honor to his family. [[spoiler: Commander Kruge, ''Star Trek III'']].
* This nation was carved from the wilderness by outcasts and political refugees. It eventually grew into a continent-sprawling great power which proceeded to liberate Eurasia from the Nazis. It then set about unifying the world under a regime wherein every man can live up to his full potential, yet even the lowliest menial worker would be satisfied, nay, happy, with his lot in life. The nation has accomplished this utopian dream, though it still faces attacks from the descendants of the people who sent its founders into exile in the first place. [[spoiler: The Domination of the Draka]].

* A beautiful young Action Girl who manages to maintain her sense of humor even in the face of overwhelming tragedy and enjoys giving hugs. [[spoiler: Laughing Octopus/Laughing Beauty from ''Metal Gear Solid 4'']]
* The champion of beauty, pleasure, and passion in a world dominated by grim, dictatorial militarism. [[spoiler: Slaanesh from ''Warhammer 40K'']].
* A clever, determined, and rather kinky EnsembleDarkHorse with a lot of style and a talent for multitasking, who gave up everything for the sake of the ideals of the man he loved and a free world. [[spoiler: Ocelot, ''Metal Gear saga'']]
* A devoted mother who just wanted justice for her disabled son. [[spoiler: Pamela Voorhees, from ''Film/FridayThe13th1980'']]
* A brilliant, inner-directed GeniusBruiser who used his unique talents and vision to conspire against Nazi Germany from within. Unfortunately, his efforts to unlock his full potential put him on the wrong side of BeautyEqualsGoodness and made him an outcast from normal society. [[spoiler: The Red Skull, from ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger'']]
* A strong woman who managed to build a successful career for herself under a highly patriarchal right-wing regime, and now wants to find a man who can keep up with her. [[spoiler: Film/IlsaSheWolfOfTheSS]]
* A woman who's [[CuteMonsterGirl unconventionally beautiful]], [[DarkActionGirl badass]], and, after some consciousness raising, [[FullFrontalAssault comfortable in her own skin]]. She had always been different. After spending her childhood trying to hide, she finally chose to embrace her distinctiveness and fight for a world in which she wouldn't have to pass for normal - this alienated her from the only family she had. After she suffers a disabling injury while fighting for their shared cause, she's rejected by the man who introduced her to radical identity politics. [[spoiler: Mystique in the X-Men movies.]]

* This tortured soul was a tireless animal rights crusader, out to end the tradition of ritualized blood sport plaguing his world. He was also a devoted father who took a great interest in raising his son right, allowing him the honor of gaining all the glory and attention while he was content to stay out of the spotlight. He was also responsible for saving the lives of at least three people. Even after his defeat he was so magnanimous as to give the boy who selfishly undid everything he worked for three unique and powerful artifacts. When he returned, he made contributions in reversing global warming. He's also physically disabled, but hasn't let it get in his way. [[spoiler: Ghetsis, ''Pokemon Black and White'']]

* A fragment of an ArtificialIntelligence that was mind-raped and fragmented by his "father" in a callous attempt to save money, he uses his cunning and craftiness to work with his "brothers" and undo what was done wrong to them and become whole again. Oh, and he helps a clumsy, brutish soldier take a level in badass. [[spoiler:Sigma, ''Red vs. Blue'']]
* A heartbroken man who is persecuted for his well-intentioned attempts to help the armed forces. Thankfully, he was able to escape via LoopholeAbuse. [[spoiler:The Director, ''Red vs. Blue'']]

* She tried to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, and although she ultimately failed to do so, her actions lead to TheDragon doing a HeelFaceTurn, which, in turn, lead to an ArtifactOfDoom (and associated guardians) doing a HeelFaceTurn, thereby saving Earth and potentially several other worlds from destruction. [[spoiler: Precia Testarossa, ''Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha'']].

* A surgeon who only wants to make his clients beautiful. [[spoiler:Dr. Steinman, ''Bioshock''.]]
* An artist, abandoned by his best friend and betrayed by his colleagues, requests only four pictures from someone before sending them exactly where they need to go, and even goes so far as to supply them whatever they may need to collect the shots. [[spoiler:Sander Cohen, ''Bioshock''.]]

* An independent thinker who once worked on a creative project in collaboration with several members of his family. At one point, he added a unique and original contribution to this project and presented it to his colleagues/family members. They proceeded to disown him and violently drive him out of their family home simply because they disliked his idea. Not discouraged, he continued to work independently, developing his own idea and expanding its scope, but his family members continue to interfere with his work whenever they can. [[spoiler: The Lone Power, ''Young Wizards'']]
* An elderly scientist who conducts research to create a medicine that dramatically improves the long-term health of whoever takes it. His personal goals include reconnecting with some old friends he used to drink with a long time ago and expanding his knowledge of the world. He likes to pat people on the head. He has fathered many children, but all of them have eventually rejected him. [[spoiler:Szilard Quates, ''Baccano!'']]
* A little boy who wants to be loved and have fun. Everyone in his community hates him, even his own family; his attempts to make himself liked only intensify their hatred. [[spoiler:Anthony Fremont, ''Literature/ItsAGoodLife''/''Series/TheTwilightZone1959'']]
* Her dying wish was to help an old friend achieve his full potential. [[spoiler: Regalia, ''The Reckoners'']]
* In a world where [[BewareTheSuperman most superhumans are power-mad tyrants]], one of the most powerful among them chooses instead to selflessly serve a higher cause, striving to bring an end to the chaos that plagues his world. [[spoiler: Obliteration, ''The Reckoners'']]