How do you play a classic game when you don't have the old systems and you want to avoid the trouble of UsefulNotes/{{Emulation}}?

The answer: get a re-creation.

''Zelda Classic'' is a mostly faithful [[FreewareGames freeware]] re-creation of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaI''. It includes the first and [[NewGamePlus second]] quests, along with a big LevelEditor called [=ZQuest=] for making your own quests. Do not think that you are stuck with just everything from the first Legend of Zelda game: there are items implemented from [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast A Link To The Past]], [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina Of Time]], and [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaLinksAwakening Link's Awakening]] to name a few; you can change the HouseRules for each individual quest as needed; and with the latest versions, you can now create your own items, enemies, and script.

You can get the game at the [[ Zelda Classic homepage]].

'''This page is for the computer game, Zelda Classic, NOT the first Zelda game. For that, go [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaI here]].'''
!!Master using Tropes and you can have these:
* AscendedGlitch: The original [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaI The Legend of Zelda]] had a minor bug in Level-1 of the First Quest that caused the locked door in the entrance room to disappear if the player left and re-entered the dungeon. This is retained in the recreation of the First Quest used in Zelda Classic.
** In fact there's a whole slew of glitches from the original [=LoZ=] that were deliberately programmed into the game, which can be enabled or disabled when making a custom quest.
* BossInMookClothing: Some of the new enemies count. Magic Octoroks are essentially a boss fight unless you have a Mirror Shield. Mirror Wizzrobes are nigh invulnerable without their weakness.
* ClassicCheatCode: It has been expanded upon. ZELDA still works, ALPHA launches the "official" third quest, and [[spoiler:GANON]] launches the "official" fourth quest.
* DamageDiscrimination: Usually averted by quest makers, who want the bombs to hurt Link.
* DenialOfDiagonalAttack: Averted with an item that gives you the ability to slash your sword.
* EasterEgg: Entering [[spoiler:GANON]] as the file's name not only launches the "official" fourth quest, but turns the save screen red.
* FanRemake: It is a Zelda 1 remake with items ranging from the series. It includes items from VideoGame/ZeldaIITheAdventureOfLink to VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks.
* [[BulletHell Fireball Hell]]: Levels 8 and 9 in the Third Quest.
* FreewareGames
* GameBreakingBug: Older versions used to have a Continue bug that could mess up where you spawn after you die.
* HouseRules: There are many of them.
* JumpPhysics: Gaining the Roc's Feather allows Link to jump.
* LevelEditor: and there's an Item Editor and Enemy Editor too.
* MagicMeter: It works almost similar to the magic meter from Zelda II. An upgrade to halve magic consumption, like how it was in VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast is also available.
* MatrixRainingCode: The screen saver is this.
* MookBouncer: The Windrobes[=/=]Wind Wizzrobes. Get caught in a tornado to be sent back to the start of the dungeon or cave.
* NewGamePlus: Sticking with the "official" quest line, there are now third and fourth quests as well as the second.
* NoFairCheating: Using cheats and saving in a quest brands that file with a "Used cheats" text below the time in the status screen.
* NoSidepathsNoExplorationNoFreedom: The "official" third and fourth quests could be seen as this. In them, you go through every dungeon. Every path leads either to a hidden staircase or a dungeon item, and you get marched through every single room in the dungeon before fighting the boss.
* NintendoHard: Many of the custom quests can fit in this.
* PlayingWithFire: Din's Fire is available as a mostly-screen circle that burns enemies vulnerable to fire to a crisp.
* {{Retraux}}: Making a quest using the classic tileset.
* SaveGameLimits: New wrinkles for this trope. While you can hit F6 any time you want to get the traditional Continue/Save/Retry screen, there is still a limit of how many saved games you can have. In 2.50, the limit is now 15.
* StuffBlowingUp: The Super Bomb in quests it appears in, blows apart super bomb flags and [[NighInvulnerable phantom Ghinis]] and Peahats in flight. It can also deal severe damage to Link, if the "bombs hurt Link" rule is checked. Enemies can use explosions, bombs or super bombs as a weapon, including enemy Bombchus.
* TheRemake: Creator/DarkFlameWolf made the excellent [[ Origin]] quest. Now has [[VideoGame/{{Origin}} its own page]].
** [=Old-Skool/King Aquamentus=], in 2005, made a special version of 1st quest with shaded graphics and altered dungeons. He is now remaking THAT, as a "Zero Mission" Aunouma-style retelling of the first game.
* UnwinnableByMistake: If quest makers aren't careful, this can happen.

The program has been used to create over 300 fan games, all of which but a few can be found at [[ PureZC]]. Quests with their own page:

* ''{{VideoGame/Eiyuu}}''
* ''VideoGame/IsleOfRebirth''
* ''VideoGame/IsleOfTheWinds''
* ''VideoGame/LostIsle''
* ''{{VideoGame/Origin}}'' (not to be confused with the Electronic Arts program that [[NamesTheSame shares the same name]])
* ''VideoGame/UmbralCloud''
* ''VideoGame/ZeldaRandomizer''