Video Game / Toki
Going Ape Spit.
Toki (original title JuJu Densetsu, "Legend JuJu") was an arcade Platform Game made by TAD Corporation in 1990, that never received any sequels but was ported to a few systems a short time later. It is a simple little game, that was well received and still remembered to this day in Retro Gaming circles.

The Excuse Plot tells the story of a tribesman, Toki, whose girlfriend Miho was kidnapped by the evil witch doctor Vookimedlo, who also turns Toki into a cartoonish little chimp. Toki then has to fight through five dangerous environments and Vookimedlo's lair to regain his love and humanity. Luckily, the transformation gave him the ability to spit energy globes from his mouth, that are also his main weapon.

Not to be confused with Toki Tori. Or Kenshiro's elder brother.

Tropes that can be found in Toki: