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Videogame: Space Cadet

Space Cadet (full name: 3-D Pinball: Space Cadet) is a Digital Pinball Table included with copies of Microsoft Windows 95 through XP, thus making it one of the most readily available pinball games ever. It was later included as part of Full Tilt Pinball!, along with two other tables, "Dragon's Keep" and "Skulduggery".

In Space Cadet, the player is a member of a space fleet who can increase his rank by completing missions. Each mission requires the player to perform a certain number of shots, such as hitting bumpers or making ramp shots. Missions end either when the goal is met, or when the player runs out of fuel. Completing enough missions raises the player's rank.

This pinball demonstrates the following tropes:

  • Level Grinding: Advancing through the ranks requires repeating the same missions several times.
  • Rank Up: The ranks are Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Lt. Commander, Commander, Commodore, Admiral, and Fleet Admiral.
  • Space Cadet
  • Timed Mission: Many of the mission have a time or fuel limit.
  • Unrealistic Black Hole: There is a kickout called "Black Hole" (oddly enough, it's white). There's also a mission named "Black Hole Mission" where you've to lit all the engine lights and send the ball to the "black hole". When you accomplish it, you get the message "Black Hole eliminated".
  • Wizard Mode: The Maelstrom, which can only be activated after getting a rank of Admiral or better, then completing a series of requirements. Getting it rewards five million points, and every target on the board becomes lit for high scoring opportunities.

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