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Videogame: Smite

Smite is a MOBA game from Hi-Rez Studios, makers of Tribes Ascend. Unlike most other MOBA games, Smite is played in third person view instead of the classic isometric perspective popularized by DOTA and it's other derivatives. Instead of heroes or champions, the players in Smite get to control gods from various mythological pantheons, like Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, etc. Like in almost all MOBA games, it takes place on a map of three lanes, defended by towers that have regular waves of NPC Mooks running down them. The objective of the player is to help these "Mooks" destroy the enemy towers and eventually their base (Or Titan in this case) while preventing the enemy team from doing the same. Players gain gold and experience for killing NPCs and enemy gods which they respectively use to buy new items and level up to improve their abilities. Smite, however, includes several other game modes that deviate from the standard formula.

  • Conquest: The aforementioned standard game mode.
  • Assault: A spin-off of the standard game mode seen in others MOBAs, where in players take randomly selected gods and go in only one lane and have one chance to buy items at the shop after spawning, being unable to heal up from it or buy again until after death and respawn. This is based off a popular game mode "all random all mid" that has been seen in numerous other MOBAs.
  • Domination: A control-point based game mode similar to the Battlefield series' conquest mode. Teams have a pool of tickets, and controlling more points out of the three on the map than the enemy team causes their tickets to drain until they run out and are defeated. Killing enemy players deducts one ticket per kill as well.
  • Arena: A deathmatch-like game mode with a twist. The teams have a pool of 500 tickets. You deduct the enemies' tickets by killing their players (5 tickets), killing a minion (1 ticket and yes you have to last hit it), and destroying their spawn towers (15 tickets, very rare). If a minion reaches the enemy's portal at their spawn they further deduct a ticket. This rewards pushing and aggressive play whereas a pure deathmatch rewards fighting next to your spawn.
  • Joust: A 1v1 or 3v3 Conquest game mode upon a one-lane map which, unlike Assault, has sides including neutral NPCs.
  • Siege: A variant of 4v4 Conquest, with two lanes and a jungle between them. Scoring kills gives your side progress towards spawning a powerful Siege unit, which is very effective against Towers and Phoenixes. A second one can be spawned by killing a Wild Juggernaut in the middle of the map.
  • Daily Random: An exhibition match mode where you play on any game mode with a certain special theme to it, from everyone starting with more gold than they could ever use and all random gods, to playing only as lightning-themed gods.

The game is Free To Play and was released March 25th, 2014. It has adopted a similar model to League of Legends, with a weekly rotation of gods that can be played by anyone and the option to permanently unlock them with in-game currency earned by either playing or paying.

An Xbox One version has been confirmed to be on the works.

The characters page can be found here.

Smite! provides examples of:

  • Ancient Grome: For the Greek and Roman Pantheon, averted. Hercules, Bacchus and Cupid are counted amongst the Roman Pantheon rather than Greek. Lores of the Roman Pantheon uses the Roman name (Jupiter, Juno, etc) rather than Greek name. Zeus didn't have much to say to Hercules, while Aphrodite didn't have much to say to Cupid (her son, Eros) and Vulcan (her husband, Hephaestus).
    • Over time, this trope starts to take effect: post VU, Hercules referred Zeus as 'father' when the former killed the latter. Also one of the 'Match of the Day' is themed around the shaky marriage of Vulcan (Roman) and Aphrodite (Greek). And then flipped again when Vulcan gets his directed taunt on beating Aphrodite: He says she just reminds him of Venus, meaning they are really different. And then flipped again when Nox, a Roman Goddess, refer Thanatos as her offspring (he really was Nyx's son) and warning Zeus, not Jupiter, about not to go out of control again.
  • Announcer Chatter: He announces the deaths of gods, team deicides, turrets being under attack or falling, in addition to voicing all of the voice commands for the game. However, you buy a voice pack for a god which switches the announcer in voice commands for the god you're playing as.
  • Art Evolution: Domination is currently the only map that hasn't gotten a visual update yet. Many of the older character models are getting touched up as they go along. Guan Yu, Sun Wukong, and now Kali are special in that they also got kit reworks to go along with the new visuals.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The AI for the conquest 1v1, 3v3, and arena 5v5 Bot games aren't very advanced, making the mode more suited to grasping abilities and working on builds than being challenged. These include by aren't limited to;
    • The AI's pathing isn't great, and they really dislike going into the jungle, if you use an ability that knocks a bot out of position and into the jungle, or get them to chase you, they'll quickly realize what you're doing and try to get back into the lane, and if you body block them they'll just sit there trying to force past you while you auto-attack them to death, and if they're a ranged bot (the 1v1 Ra AI is especially bad about this) might not even bother attacking you back.
    • The bots have a habit of using their ults as soon as they see you as soon as they're off cooldown, in 1v1 where Ra is always the only opponent, this is merely an annoyance and can be helped with a health pot or returning to base, annoying but not significant. In the 3v3, while this can potentially score them a kill, the fact that Ne Zha is the only currently coded melee AI means that the problem with Ne Zha players is even worse, as Ne Zha Bot will very often save enemies from being hit by Poseidon's (much more damaging) ult.
    • And like the issue with players, the issue with Anhur's obelisk blocking allies from getting a kill or landing ults, or helping an enemy get away is much worse than it is in PvP games.
  • Ascended Meme: Swagni, a joke based on Agni's bizarre pre-rework walk that made him look like he was walking on the moon, eventually made its way into the game as a skin for him.
    • Derpules, pretty much a case of Be Careful What You Wish For. Hercules post-remodel was complained a lot for his less Boisterous Bruiser fun persona and a disproportionate head. Derpules shrunk the head even further and makes the voice even more high pitched.
  • Awesome but Impractical: Ares' ultimate is terrifying at first glance (it can potentially pull the entire enemy team into one spot and stun them for 2.5 seconds. The problem is there are now 3 active abilities that everyone can purchase that can block the effect, and the increasing number of gods with CC immunity means many gods don't even need them. Don't expect to ever actually land such a pull in a serious game. Oh, and to make matters worse: contrary to popular belief, you can still attack Ares while he does his ultimate, putting him in a very risky spot.
    • Cabrakan's third ability causes an earthquake that deals decent damage in a good AoE, pulls enemies towards him and can be sustained as long as he has mana. While this may sound terrifying, it's worth noting that the ability doesn't provide any form of CC immunity to Cabrakan himself, nor does it disable escape abilities... meaning that pretty much anyone worth trapping is able to either dash/jump/blink away or to stun/silence/dazzle/push/pull Cabrakan and interrupt the ability. It does have a low cooldown, though, so it's not as impractical as it might seem, but still...
    • Vamana's ultimate turns him into a colossus few can take on in a straight up fight. Unfortunately it doesn't make him any faster and actually disables his dash and slow, meaning most people will just run away from you and you can't catch them.
    • Xbalanque's ultimate gives all enemies a Morton's Fork between stopping and getting beaten on, or trying to get away and suffering a long stun. While sounding powerful at the first, the fact that it's so telegraphed means that skilled players will know to queue up their escapes to wait until after it's passed, or even time it perfectly so they can stop the second the stun activates and barely be slowed down by it. The fact that Xbalanque himself does enough damage on his own to obliterate most enemies means his Ult is the least powerful part of his skillset.
    • Chang'e's passive sends her rabbit companion to fetch items for her when she buys them. While this sounds useful at first, the rabbit's speed, as well as the nature of the genre being to go back and get items when you're low on health/mana, means that you'll rarely use it outside of the first few minutes of laning and just spend the rest of the match teleporting back.
      • Not to mention that in the Assault game mode, you can't go back to base or buy anything until you die. This means that Chang'e effectively has no passive at all due to the rules of Assault, putting her at somewhat of a disadvantage.
  • Apocalypse How: It's implied by the gradually changing visuals of the Conquest, Seige, and Assaults maps that the battle between the gods has managed to trigger every Pantheon's version of the end of the world at once. In Assault's case especially, the red team is actively working towards hastening Ragnarok.
  • Badass Beard: So many, "Battle of the Beards" has been a Daily Random. See the character pages for details.
  • Badass Boast: Considering how they are gods, one has to be aware that they know how to talk down to their opponents.
    Chronos: "They might be able to kill you, but I'll make it as if you were never born!"
    Hercules: "I have performed impossible labors before! Defeating me will be your first!"
    Xbalanque: "When the world closes in on you, I will be there! And you will know fear!"
    Ymir: "I am unstoppable force and the immovable mountain."
  • Back from the Dead: This is usually the excuse for certain beings being in the game when they are supposed to be dead in their respective religion. Ymir and Bakasura are good examples of this.
    • Happens every time a god respawns.
  • Better to Die Than Be Killed: Dying to minions or towers does not reward the enemy team with gold for your death. Because nobody can return to the fountain to heal or buy items until they die in Assault, expect to do this often in that game mode.
  • Butt Monkey: Denton gets slapped around a fair bit in his appearance in post-match animations. He's a rather popular character in the Smite community.
  • Captain Ersatz: A lot of the gods have kits pretty obviously inspired by existing characters in other MOBAs, most commonly League of Legends (Freya is obviously inspired by pre-rework Kayle, while Loki is Shaco with Warwick's ultimate instead). Some have clearly been pieced together from several other characters; Isis, for example, has modified versions of Anivia's Flash Frost, Rumble's Flamespitter and Maokai's Vengeful Maelstrom.
    • Chang'e deserves special mention for her clear similarities to Sona. They're both pretty Asian women in blue dresses with a musical theme (a music note plays every time Chang'e autoattacks). Chang'e seems to be voluntarily mute (she giggles occasionally to show she CAN talk, but usually lets her pet rabbit talk for her) for no apparent reason other than to press the resemblance to actually mute Sona. Thematically, Sona's abilities are a poke, a heal, and move speed for evasion. Chang'e's abilities are a poke, a heal, and a dodge, all of which give her move speed. Their ultimates are nearly identical. Unlike most pairings they both look and play nearly the same.
    • Hercules is pretty much melee Huskar. This also makes him a Captain Ersatz of Huskar's other Captain Ersatz Tryndamere. He combines the two's traits by adding Tryndamere's melee nature and heavy hits onto Huskar's powerful heal which gets better the more injured he is.
    • Surprisingly averted by Bacchus (a pure tank), who looks and sounds like Gragas (a burst mage), but in practical application plays NOTHING like him at all.
    • Also averted by Anubis (a burst mage) and Sobek (a pure tank), the real life gods on which Nasus and Renekton (both bruisers) were based.
      • And later on, retroactively averted, when Riot Games revealed Azir, who is based on Ra (burst/sustain mage)... and plays nothing alike despite being a mage (minion-mancing mage)
    • Athena (magic tank) and Tyr (heavily ability based bruiser) look a lot like and have a couple of the same skills as Pantheon (physical assassin) and Tryndamere (heavily autoattack reliant carry) but also play very differently from their league counterparts.
    • This is even more noticeable in the item shop. Most items have clearly recognizable League of Legends counterparts. For example: Deathbringer and Rod of Tahuti are clearly Infinity Edge and Rabadon's Deathcap respectively, Executioner is pre-rework (ie current back when it released) Black Cleaver, Midgardian Mail is Randuin's Omen without the active, Polynomicon is Lich Bane, Hide of the Nemean Lion is Thornmail, Bloodforge is Bloodthirster, etc. Most new items are physical/magical equivalents of magical/physical items that do exist in Lo L (and by extension Smite itself). A couple items have been reworked to not have active components, for example Soul Reaver is basically a Deathfire Grasp that automatically uses itself on ability cast once a minute instead of having you activate it once a minute.
  • Combat Stilettos: More than a few goddesses run into battle with these. Everyone expects Aphrodite to sport them but so does ATHENA with all her heavy armor.
  • Cosmetic Award: Playing as a god enough can unlock up to three skins for them - a golden and blue Palette Swap, a golden and black Palette Swap, and just recently a diamond and blue palette swap.
  • Crack Defeat: Because your respawn timer gets longer the more you're winning combined with the much higher native respawn timers for higher level gods it's entirely possible in Joust or Assault (Conquest too but this is rarer) for a dominating team to slip up in one teamfight, get deicided, and then have the beleaguered enemy team push down the Titan before the respawn.
    • Happens egregiously in Arena and Domination too. The handicap respawn timer goes up to 50 seconds in game modes where normal respawn is around 5 seconds and the entire team spawns in one wave. 50 seconds of uncontested play is enough for the losing team to push 3 minion waves through the portal in Arena or capture all 3 points in Domination.
  • Crossover Cosmology: Pretty much the entire point of the game.There are gods and deities from all the different mythologies and they come together and duke it out against each other.
  • Crutch Character: Assassins tend to either be this or the polar opposite. The Magikarps are generally considered far more viable than the crutches.
    • Averted and Inverted and Whatnot as the game changes. Some crutch characters like Thanatos or Arachne can win entire games solely out of the fact that they can completely destroy the enemy team by themselves before the five minute mark, and the enemy team can't recover in time.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: A running trend they seem to be going for is to give the more unambiguously evil Gods and Demons skins that make them mechanical monsters.
    • Averted with G.E.B. 1. Geb is rather benevolent, but still received a rockin' robot skin as a reference to Transformers.
  • Darker and Edgier: SMITE's original icon was a gold lightning bolt on a royal blue background. Now, it's still got the bolt, but it's a duller, darker gold now, and the background color behind it is just charcoal grey. The bolt is also a bit more narrow and edgier.
    • Same thing goes for the main map itself. during the ealry stages of the beta, it was very sunny, bright and quite pleasant. Now it's rather bleak and destroyed in comparision.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: All over the place due to the different cultural values of the civilizations the gods were pulled from, it's easier to list which gods are as evil as they look. Check out the character page for specific examples.
  • The Dev Team Thinks of Everything: A lot of gods have responses for killing other gods within their pantheon, like Fenrir will say "You cannot stop me, Father!" When he kills Loki, or Wukong saying "You still cannot defeat me, young prince!" when killing Ne Zha.
  • Deep-Immersion Gaming: For the god you're playing as, that is - one of the Revenue Enhancing Devices is buying a voice pack for a god that has them speaking for the game's voice commands system instead of the usual announcer.
  • Divine Conflict: The game is a Crossover Cosmology game all about this. It involves gods from various pantheons, such as Zeus, Loki, Sobek, Sun Wukong, and others, fighting one another.
  • Dynamic Entry: Leaps and teleports that go clear through jungle walls are a staple of the genre. However in this game, because of the third person camera, it is much MUCH more surprising when someone very clearly jumps straight THROUGH a wall (that you can't see behind) and starts beating your face in.
    • Apollo and Athena have global ultimates (Athena's only goes to teammates) that can let them drop in on a fight anywhere on the map within seconds. Thor's is less omnipresent but also comes down much faster. Thanatos' is even more mobile than Thor's but has a rather different purpose.
  • Excuse Plot: Actually, despite god lore often talking about their reasons for joining the battle, it's debatable whether it even reaches the level of Excuse Plot. The story seems to basically boil down to "Gods. Fight. Go."
    • However, a video released by Hi Rez suggests that the humans have stopped worshipping the gods, and the gods have gone to war over whether to destroy/subjugate the humans, or to protect them. Of course you have people like Loki, Thanatos, and Fenrir who are just there to kill the gods or cause chaos.
  • Fanservice: Most goddesses and even a fair amount of gods have appropriately divine endowments and aren't afraid to flaunt them. Quite a few of them actually did dress like that in their respective mythologies however.
    • Ironically, the Hindu fanbase was enraged that Khali was so scantily clad, despite the fact that she only has Godiva Hair in most depictions of her.
      • However it was more like a small part of the fanbase, with many hindu players having liked the pre-rework design.
    • This gets to egregious levels when you see Athena, goddess of batter and strategy, fight in high heels. Many consider this game's spam of fanservice to be a major annoyance.
  • Foil: Consider the fact that both Geb and Ymir serve the same role. Geb is the Earth, Ymir is Midgard. But there are significant differences. Geb is alive, nurturing mankind, while Ymir is simply an inactive corpse meant to serve as ground for mortals to live on. Geb is portrayed as calm, wise, sorrowful and even reluctant to battle. Ymir is portrayed as violent, stupid, vicious and revels in the chance to end his foes. Now consider their abilities. Geb's 1st ability is rolling and tackling opponents (movement) while Ymir's is conjuring a wall (stalling/trapping). Their 2s are somewhat the same, causing damage in a wave form. Their 3s vary greatly, Geb's protects allies while Ymir freezes and traps enemies. Their ults are very similar as well, causing AOE damage around them. These similarities and opposing tropes has people convinced Hi Rez decided to have two gods fulfilling the same role act as total juxtapositions to each other.
    • Nemesis and Tyr. Though both are durable warriors often ascociated with bringing evil-doers to justice, one is a Stripperiffic and vengeful goddess who focuses more on attack while Tyr is a big, bulky god who is more of an upholder of justice that specialises more in defence.
  • Instant-Win Condition: If either your or the enemy team's Titan falls, the game is over, however, the Titan is invulnerable as long as all three Phoenixes are still alive.
  • Foreshadowing: Several Directed Taunt lines are directed to a God that wasn't even included or announced yet, whether it would have the God included or not remain to be seen. Geb has a special taunt to Nut, while Isis has a special taunt to Set, both Nut and Set aren't part of the roster... yet.
    • After the Awilix patch, the Curse Apollo skin has taunts to other characters not yet included at the time, first for Hou Yi (Chang'e's husband) and for Medusa. Seeing that through datamining, it seemed that Hou Yi is supposed to be next in line after Awilix...
  • Fun with Acronyms: Averted, despite usually writing the name with all caps, SMITE doesn't stand for anything.
  • Heroic Build: Rare is the God whose form is not the envy of their gender-alike mortal players. But well, they are gods and all...
    • Most obviously averted by Bacchus, Vamana and Zhong Kui.
    • Also Loki, who unlike his live-action movie counterpart, is actually pretty scrawny and wrinkle-faced in this game.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Ares' kit seems to be inspired more by Kratos than by any traditional image of the Greek god of war: his main abilities revolve around throwing chains at enemies and spewing fire at them from his demonic-looking shield (though the chains were at least apparently also inspired by a statue of Ares found in Sparta). Guan Yu was actually changed into a physical bruiser because, with the exception of Anhur, at the time all three of the game's other gods of war were magical tanks. Sun Wukong also received a rework because "What we did to Sun Wukong was like if we had made Batman a bat with a man face!"
    • Actually averted with Neith as long as Viewers Are Geniuses. Neith was goddess of a LOT of things, among them: hunting, archery, war, protecting the bodies of dead soldiers, and even water in addition to creation and weaving.
  • Gladiator Games: Arena, and with a Roman Colosseum to boot.
  • Glass Cannon: Most of the assassins and mages.
    • Special mention goes to He Bo: his first ability is an extremely powerful nuke that also happens to have the lowest cooldown in the game, his 3 is another powerful nuke, his ultimate is among the hardest hitting abilities in the game, and he backs it all up with a passive that can increase his magical power by up to 30%. This is all kept in check since he is one of the squishiest gods in the game and must constantly weave in and out of dangerously close range to use his abilities.
    • A fully built Freya can melt entire teams from range within 10 seconds. She melts just as fast.
  • Good Is Not Nice: This being based on classical mythology, a lot of the "good" gods are dicks anyway.
    • In most of the lore, a lot of the gods' darker histories are glossed over. They completely ignore any mention or the rape or incest or pedophilia, especially in Greek Mythology.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Evil: With the little lore given in the promotional video, it seems that the Gods are divided between Gods that want to protect humanity (The Good), Gods that want to subjugate humanity (The Bad), and Gods that are like "Fuck this conflict, I just wanna kill other Gods!" (The Evil).
  • I Call It "Vera": Naturally, a lot of gods bring their famed weapons with them. Examples include Thor's Mjolnir, Odin's Gungnir, Guan Yu's Green Dragon Crescent Blade, and Freya's Brisingamen.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: In a game where even the autoattacks are skillshots, Neith's ultimate locks onto the target no matter where they are and is guaranteed to hit them. Someone on your team needs to have vision of them, but that in no way means Neith herself needs a direct line of sight. This global arrow will fly through every wall and tower on the map to hit its target. This is the one attack in the entire game that cannot be missed, whether through user error or counterplay... though an enemy god can intercept it.
  • Interface Screw: Bacchus, being the God of Wine, utilizes this as his Ultimate, intoxicating all gods within a certain radius of him. This causes the screen to go purplish and the effected gods to stagger about drunkenly for a short time.
  • Item Crafting: Averted, every item has 3 tiers. You buy whatever item you want and upgrade it through the tiers instead of crafting smaller items into a bigger one.
  • Jiggle Physics: It's there, especially noticeable on Neith.
  • The Juggernaut: To combat the rampant crowd control coming out with each new god, a lot of the gods have an ability that grants them CC immunity for a duration. More traditional examples include:
    • Tyr who has a passive that makes it so that no CC can last for more than a second on him and who generally builds to both do tons of damage and be extremely hard to kill. A later patch ramped up his self healing ability to ludicrous levels.
    • Guan Yu's new ultimate makes him CC immune for 4 seconds during which he also gets increased speed and does huge damage around him which finally chains into an area stun at the end of the 4 seconds. Combined with his usual tanky build this makes it incredibly hard to stop him from reaching the fragile people behind the tank line.
    • Vamana's ultimate makes him 20 feet tall (he's usually about 3 feet tall), grants him CC immunity, regenerates a percentage of his max health per second, gives him a bit of protections, and gives him a massive damage steroid that also makes his autoattacks splash.
  • Jump Scare: Pre-rework Kali's losing animation has one of these. She begins to beat up the zombified head that she carries around before she suddenly kicks it towards the screen, giving us a close look of that freaking Nightmare Face.
    • Ao Kuang's victory animation also has one of these. He simply stands calm, holding his fingers together like Mr Burns before he suddenly and randomly leans towards the screen and roars loudly.
  • King Mook: The Fire Giant and Gold Fury, Smite's counterparts to League of Legends' Baron Nashor and Dragon respectively. Note that like most things in Smite they are approximately 2-3 times more powerful than the Lo L equivalents.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Appropriately, a lot of the bruisers:
    • Thor and Fenrir have been both relabed as assassins and are no longer eligible for this list. Due to the reclassification, they have recieves small tweaks to their base stats that make them far more squishier.
    • Tyr has incredible amounts of base damage and scaling, 2 dashes and a leap, three forms of hard crowd control, either a hefty offensive steroid or a hefty defensive one, and still gets to build tanky.
    • The reworked Guan Yu does tons of damage, can shred protections so his team does more damage, has a ton of defense and a heal built into his kit, and has a dash that slows. The real kicker is his ultimate which has him mount a horse and go on the rampage. While mounted he moves extremely quickly, slows on hit, does TONS of damage (note: executed properly this is the second most damaging physical ability in the entire game and does almost as much base damage as Sun Wukong and Chaac's entire kits), and can't be CC-ed.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: Zig-zagged. Smite follows genre conventions in that physical autoattackers generally outscale burst mages late game. However, two of the hardest carries in the game (Freya and Chronos) are MAGICAL autoattackers, and the mages retain tons of area effect damage. A late game focused mage like Zeus can easily do more damage in a team fight than the physical carry.
    • This is a large problem in game balance, as since everyone in this game could potentially die in a few seconds (yes, even the tanks), Power Creep has forced everyone to deal insane damage, have at least one form of CC immunity, and some sort of ability damage, along with a large dose of self sufficiency. In other words, everyone has to be a Quadratic Wizard AND a Linear Warrior.
  • Magikarp Power: As in every MOBA, carries get substantially stronger with items. Freya and Chronos are even more this than the physical carries. They start out weak but by endgame become absolute monsters.
    • Zeus USED to be this until a retool brought his early game wave clear up to scratch. Now he is considered to be one of the most overpowered gods in the game.
    • Finally Kukulkan has fairly low base damage but has a passive that grants him magical power equal to 5% of his maximum mana. A fairly common build for him includes a couple items that rely on killing minions to build stacks. These items are not only time consuming to stack, they are also very expensive. However, by the time he finishes stacking them he will have a combination of tons of health, mana, and magical power that isn't usually feasible or even possible to attain.
  • Mirror Match: A lot of the MOTDs simply constrain the god pool you can pick from. A popular one is called Thor's Day where two teams of 5 Thors are thrown into an Arena match.
  • No Sense of Humor: Some gods just plain refuses to joke. Examples include Tyr, Guan Yu (who thinks at War Is Hell and refuses to make fun of it) and Rama (who thinks getting his girlfriend kidnapped by an anti-God demon and him trying to save her at all cost isn't funny stuff)
  • Order Versus Chaos: The two titans (final objectives) are the Titan of Order and the Titan of Chaos.
  • Palette Swap: Every god includes an alternate skin that changes their colours and nothing else. Some have other skins created for them that change more, but a single Palette Swap skin is guaranteed for every god.
    • Except Hel who used to be infamously neglected art and skin wise (she has since gotten remodeled but still doesn't have a recolor or other skin, and her holiday skin in question is only purchasable around Christmas). This has been rectified by the Sugar and Spice skin.
  • Physical God: Almost all of the playable characters are this. Some, however, are merely demigods (Hercules, Fenrir) while some are demons (Bakasura), and at least one that's just a popular mythological figure (Arachne).
  • Play Every Day: Like you wouldn't believe. Each separate game mode has its own 100 favor bonus every day. This adds up to 700 favor per day, whereas you generally get about 100 per hour otherwise.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Denton The Cyclops, a character who turns up in a couple of victory animations and defeat animations and provided an advertisement for voice packs by wearing wigs or using props for relevant gods while apparently voicing some examples of voice packs. He's garnered the title of Ensemble Darkhorse for this.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Aside from the whole mess every MOBA has to deal with, a couple gods are infamous for having abilities that can screw their teammates over.
    • Sobek can fling an enemy over his shoulder and knock everyone around him away from him. This is a LOT of moving the enemy around, which plays hell with allied gods trying to aim at them without good communication. Hercules does the exact same thing.
    • Freya has the only CC in the game that makes an enemy unattackable. It's also on a delay, so it's absurdly easy to save an enemy from your allies' ultimate if you're not directly talking to each other.
    • Anhur's Shifting Sands summons a pillar that is a notable version of this. While the pillar has a much smaller width than most walls, it makes it so that anyone who blocks with it must either be doing it deliberately or by pure luck.
    • Ne Zha also has an ultimate that carries an enemy into the air, essentially banishing them both while dealing damage to the enemy. Many a Ne Zha has overestimated their own damage and saved an enemy from a finishing blow.
    • Ymir, Thor, and Odin can create walls. This is exactly as powerful and exactly as tragic as it is in every other MOBA, possibly even more so since Ymir's can even block allies' line of sight and none of them can be dashed THROUGH, they must be leaped OVER (a much smaller pool of abilities). Incidentally a couple extremely powerful ultimates are dashes and a friendly wall will waste them just as an enemy one will. Odin's old ultimate was practically Jarvan IV's Cataclysm, so he can also trap entire team and then goes along with "I'm Odin. I'm helping." The new ultimate fixes that problem however by letting allies pass through the spears.
    • Fenrir's ultimate (grab the enemy and carry them around) can be deadly if used correctly (like carrying the enemy under a tower) but you need to be aware of your teammates, otherwise you may set the enemy up to finish off a wounded team mate, especially if you drag them under the tower, since they'll die anyway.
  • Rated M for Manly: Ares, Hercules, Odin and Thor are as masculine as one would expect them to be from their tales.
  • Revenge: Some Gods' (mostly the evil ones) reasoning to enter the battleground is to exact vengeance to other participants that wronged them. Fenrir to Tyr that bound him, Arachne to Athena that turned her into a Spider People (and tore her weaving), Cabrakan to Xbalanque that tricked him to eat poisoned bird and 'die'.
  • Scooby-Dooby Doors: Janus's defeat animation shows him chasing a cyclops (and later running away from some sort of demon) through portals in this style.
  • Shout-Out: An ungodly amount of them. Check the characters page for specifics.
  • Stripperiffic: Numerous goddesses. Neith. Aphrodite. Neith. Arachne. Bastet. Neith. Freya. Kali. Neith. The list goes on and on.
    • To be fair, Aphrodite is literally a sex goddess, Arachne has the lower body of a spider, Bastet is a cat with fur, and Kali and Freya actually did run around nearly (fully for Freya) naked. NEITH however... you know it's bad when the Hello, Nurse! skin is actually less revealing than the default one.
  • Standard Status Effects: Various gods' abilities cause varieties of Poison, Burn, Bleeding, Bees!, Silence, Blind, Sleeping (called Mesmerized), Paralyzed, Frozen, Slow, Fear, Decover...
  • Take That: In their official Twitter channel, they once posted an image of a giant stomping a human with the words, "What is A Legend to A God?"
    • They also made another shot against League of Legends in this video where there is a brief moment of a mother feeling shame over her son dressing up as Teemo. Then again, seeing that even League community has no high opinion on Teemo himself, this can be more like an affectionate remark on the whole Teemo hatedom instead of a potshot on League.
  • Total Party Kill: Known as "Deicide" around these parts.
  • Unexplained Accent: Various gods have accents that don't exactly come from their respective cultures. Apollo, Isis, Serqet, Chang'e's Rabbit, and Janus have British accents for some reason, while Nu Wa and Ne Zha have no accents. Athena even has a Russian accent, and she lampshades this in one of her rare quotes. This is averted with the Hindu Gods however.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: As is common for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, dying gives your enemy more gold and experience... which makes it easier for them to acquire more while making it more difficult for you to do the same once they go back and heal. However, unlike some other games in the genre, you still get gold from standing close enough to enemy minions dying (unless a turret hits it) - but you won't get as much as actually landing the killing blow on them.
    • However, the higher your level, the longer your respawn timer. If a winning team does get deicided, the losers have a sizable window to take towers and even the playing field.
  • Violation of Common Sense: For most people new to the game, the first couple times someone jumps through a wall trips them up. Even for those who are used to doing it in other MOB As, the third person camera makes it so most people don't think about literally jumping through a wall.
    • Since dying to anything that's not an enemy god doesn't give the enemy team gold and you can't buy items or heal in Assault without dying first, it can be a good idea to use a global/semiglobal ultimate to bypass the enemy front line and get killed by say the enemy Titan. To rookie assault players this looks and sounds extremely stupid.

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