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乐动时代note  is a Chinese Rhythm Game for iOS by RedAtoms, Inc. It's actually very approachable by non-Chinese speakers (although you may find it hard to find the music in the game elsewhere). It's actually the third in a series, but this article will concentrate on the most recent version.

In terms of gameplay, it has four target zones, to which gems will fall and you have to hit as accurately as possible. The average accuracy of the hits is displayed at the end as a percentage and, of course, graded.

Songs range in difficulty from 1 to 10 or higher. Unlike most Rhythm Games, there is only one difficulty level per song. However, some songs do have separate "EZ"note , "NM"note  and "HD"note  versions.

Being a mobile-device game, it has social media implements and downloadable extras.

You can reach the iTunes download page here. For reasons explained above, badly Needs More Love outside of China.

Tropes in the games include: