Video Game: Mega Man 4

The fourth game in the Mega Man (Classic) series for the NES. It was released in Japan in December of 1991, closely followed by a North American release in January of 1992. PAL territories didn't get it until nearly a year later, in December of 1992. It has since seen numerous rereleases, including the Rockman Complete Works, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Virtual Console, and PSN.

It had been about a year since the events of Mega Man 3. Dr. Wily had seemingly perished after the final battle, having been apparently crushed by the falling debris from his fortress. But the peace is short-lived when Dr. Light is contacted by a new Mad Scientist named Dr. Cossack, who has sent his own new breed of robot masters out to challenge Mega Man. Tired of Dr. Light recieving all of the recognition for his accomplishments while his have been ignored, Cossack intends to destroy Light's crowning achievement and then put his broken body on display for the whole world to see, as proof that he is the superior one.

However, once Mega Man had defeated Cossack's eight robot masters and confronted the doctor himself, it's revealed that Dr. Wily is still alive, and had kidnapped Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka, and forced him to use his robots to battle his nemesis. Mega Man defeats Wily, who escapes, and peace is restored once more.

Robot Masters:
  • DCN-025: Bright Man, weak to Rain Flush, gives Flash Stopper
  • DCN-026: Toad Man, weak to Drill Bomb, gives Rain Flush
  • DCN-027: Drill Man, weak to Dive Missile, gives Drill Bomb
  • DCN-028: Pharaoh Man, weak to Flash Stopper, gives Pharaoh Shot
  • DCN-029: Ring Man, weak to Pharaoh Shot, gives Ring Boomerang
  • DCN-030: Dust Man, weak to Ring Boomerang, gives the Dust Crusher
  • DCN-031: Dive Man, weak to Skull Barrier, gives the Dive Missile
  • DCN-032: Skull Man, weak to Dust Crusher, gives the Skull Barrier

See also Rockman 4 Minus Infinity, a ROM hack that plays like a love letter to the Mega Man (Classic) series and Nintendo as a whole (some games in particular).