Video Game / Fire Emblem Awakening

"Two sleeping dragons—one a sacred ally of mankind, the other its sworn destroyer. Two heroes marked with the symbols of the dragons. Their meeting heralds the dragons' awakening—and the world's ending."

The thirteenth Fire Emblem game, and the first wholly original title (as in, not a remake) since Radiant Dawn in 2007.

Set nearly two-thousand years after the events of the Akaneia titles, Fire Emblem Awakening tells the story of Chrom: the blue-haired prince of the Halidom of Ylisse who also leads a ragtag peacekeeping force known as the Shepherds. One day, Chrom happens upon a man/woman with no memories but an incredible aptitude for military strategy, whom he recruits into the Shepherds. With the aid of this mysterious tactician, Chrom must deal with the warmongering nation of Plegia (whose king holds an insane grudge against Ylisse), the appearance of the undead "Risen" and an enigmatic masked youth by the name of "Marth" who prophesies a doomed future for the world.

The game brings back the world map system of Gaiden and The Sacred Stones, and reintroduces the Skills system in a form similar to Radiant Dawn, allowing you to learn additional Skills simply by leveling up, and even more of them by switching to different classes. It sports a graphical style reminiscent of the Tellius games with a more cartoonish bent, sporting a 2D map and 3D fights. The character design and portrait art style—the work of Yusuke Kozaki, of No More Heroes fame—looks like it belongs in a seinen anime, which is a fresh departure from the overly-realistic art style from the DS games. A new feature introduced allows units to gang up on or block attacks from enemies when next to an attacking ally, which is also tied to an expanded Supports system, containing great amounts of dialogue between characters and extensive shipping mechanics.

The game was the first 1st-party Nintendo title to feature paid Downloadable Content, here coming in the form of "episodes" comprising map packs telling side-stories, not unlike BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia War Chronicles.note 

The game was confirmed for both a European and North American localization at E3 2012, a fortunate return to form after the fate that befell its predecessor. It was released in Japan on April 19, 2012, North America on February 4, 2013, and in Europe on April 19, 2013.

Both Chrom and Lucina will appear in Project X Zone 2.

The official site can be found here.

Warning: Due to massive amounts of It Was His Sled and Late-Arrival Spoiler, an extensive amount of spoilers related to the second half of the game are unmarked below and on all subpages. You Have Been Warned.

"There are better places to take a nap than on the ground, y'know. Give me your hand.
Welcome back. It's over now."