Video Game / Zork Nemesis
"It began on the day of the great eclipse; the day of my murder."

The Darker and Edgier oddball in the Zork series, Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands is a Myst-style Point-and-Click adventure game released by Activision.

It's the year 949 GUE, and a significant portion of the Eastlands have fallen under the influence of an evil force known as the Nemesis and have thus been declared the Forbidden Lands. The Nemesis's appearance coincided with the disappearance of four prominent citizens of the Great Underground Empire, but as the only agent to venture into the Forbidden Lands in search of information has also vanished, little is known about any possible connection. The agent's recovered journal indicates that the four were likely secret alchemists working together, and that when they were last seen, they were all heading for the same place four years ago: the Temple of Agrippa.

As the game starts, you find yourself at the entrance to the Temple of Agrippa. It is now up to you to solve the mystery of the alchemists and break the Nemesis's curse...

This game provides examples of: