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Video Game: ZZT
aka: Super ZZT
ZZT is a action/puzzler created by Epic Games. Running entirely in text mode, it is basically their answer to Apogee Software's Kingdom Of Kroz series. It consists of three games (or rather, three scenarios for the same game), as well as the sequel Super ZZT, which is essentially the same but in a scrolling lower-resolution screen with a few extra objects. A ZZT fan named Alexis Janson later released Mega Zeux, a Spiritual Sequel to ZZT that massively improves on the extensibility of ZZT's engine.

It is best known for its editor, allowing users to create their own games. It uses a simple programming language that can be used to make objects do whatever you want. This is one of the earliest games with a modding community, and literally thousands of such games can be found on the 'net.

ZZT was very popular in its heyday and there is still a sizable ZZT community, though they rarely make games or even talk about ZZT... Back in the day, the community cranked out great games such as Teen Priest, Burger Joint and Evil Sorcerer's Party.

ZZT became freeware several years ago. However, because the source code no longer exists, the copyright and ordering information can't be removed from inside the game.

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alternative title(s): Super ZZT
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