Video Game: Yoshi's Woolly World

aka: Yarn Yoshi

Yoshi's Woolly World is a platform game for the Wii U, developed by Good-Feel and starring Yoshi. Surprisingly, it's also the first home console Yoshi game since Yoshis Story (for the Nintendo 64) in 1997. Its gameplay is highly reminiscent of Yoshis Island and Story, but the game is also a spiritual successor to Kirby's Epic Yarn, a Good-Feel game for the Wii that shares the arts-and-crafts aesthetic.

Baby Bowser, up to his nasty tricks again, has ordered Kamek to transform the Yoshis into inanimate Wonder Wool and scatter them across the land. It's up to Yoshi (and Red Yoshi, if you’re playing co-op) to journey across gorgeous landscapes made of cloth and yarn and retrieve the Wonder Wool. Several classic elements from Yoshi's previous adventures return, such as Chomp Rocks, Shy Guys, Huffin' Puffins, and clouds that burst open and spill goodies if Yoshi shoots a projectile at them. Instead of turning enemies into eggs, Yoshi can swallow bits of yarn from the environment to turn them into yarn balls. Yarn balls have multiple purposes; they can be used to uncover secrets, "knit" new platforms, and tangle up enemies to expose them for a good jump attack.

In your journey, you’re offered two modes for play: Classic Mode and Mellow Mode. In Classic Mode, you play through yarn-filled worlds as you would a typical platformer, collecting Wonder Wool, beads, and other goodies along the way. Mellow Mode is similar, but allows you to play as Winged Yoshi. Winged Yoshi can indefinitely flutter, allowing casual players to breeze their way through tougher stages. Either mode can be accessed at any time while the game is paused.

This game is expected to hit store shelves (and the Wii U eShop) in late Summer 2015, with a Japanese release on July 16th, a North American release on October 16th, a European release on June 26th, and an Australian release on June 25th. Watch the trailer here. The game is confirmed to have amiibo functionality, compatible with Yoshi's figurines as well as a set of unique plush doll amiibo. Scanning these figures will allow you to create another Yoshi, which acts similarly to a second player. In addition, all other amiibo (except the Pokémon ones) can be scanned in to unlock themed patterns for Yoshi based on that character.


  • 2˝D: The game uses 3D graphics, but stays on a 2D plane.
  • All Cloth Unravels: Yoshi can use his tongue to tug on loose threads and radically alter his environment. Inversely, he can use his yarn balls to "knit" additional platforms onto the stage, to climb sheer cliffs for example.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes:
    • Collecting all of the Wonder Wool in a stage will unlock a uniquely-patterned Yoshi to play as.
    • Using an amiibo will give you a pattern based on the figure that was scanned in, as well, although some amiibonote  would give you a generic amiibo pattern instead.
    • Defeating one of every four bosses in the Boss Tent unlocks a Bronze, Silver and then Gold Yoshi.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Flowers, Wonder Wool and Miiverse Stamps only need to be collected once, making it easier to achieve 100% Completion.
  • Art Shift:
    • Design for the game varied wildly in production. The first idea was a sequin Yoshi, followed by a yarn outline form. Then this was changed so Yoshi switches between two forms, a yarn outline form and a full 3D model when he eats an enemy that glows green. The final version of the game has everything perpetually in fully knitted 3D models.
  • Badass Adorable: Yoshi's even more of one than usual, being a crochet doll and all.
  • Big Bad: Unsurprisingly, Baby Bowser is the villain again, though Kamek seems to be taking matters into his own hands.
  • Black Bead Eyes: Most apparently on Poochy, whose eyes are actually beads.
  • The Bus Came Back: Poochy for one, as well as Burt the Bashful and Naval Piranha serving as boss fights (albeit with new attacks).
  • Continuity Nod: World 6-6 is called "Feel Fuzzy, Get Clingy", a pretty obvious reference to the infamous Yoshi's Island level, "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy".
  • Co-Op Multiplayer: The Green and Red Yoshis can actually eat and turn one another into balls of yarn. You can actually toss your partner in any direction to help them reach hidden areas, but it also lends itself to griefing. The functionality is replicated with Yoshi amiibo.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Like Rayman Origins, you just respawn at the last checkpoint after dying.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: A stage based off this game is featured in the earlier release Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
  • Easter Egg: Naval Piranha returns, and you can pull off the same "quick-kill" trick from the original Yoshi's Island. However, since Piranha Plants cannot be defeated by yarn balls, all it does is slightly alter the preceding cutscene.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Yoshi, naturally.
  • Goomba Stomp: This ability returns from the main Yoshi series. Interestingly enough, Piranha Plants are now susceptible to this, as long as Yoshi tangles them up in yarn first.
  • Human Resources: The entire reason the Yoshis were turned to yarn was so Baby Bowser could use them as building materials for a new castle. Yoshi can do the same to create new platforms, warp pipes, and presents.
  • Life Meter: Unlike Kirby's Epic Yarn, the Yoshis can take damage and die here, though Death Is a Slap on the Wrist.
  • Literally Shattered Lives: A unique version of this pops up in the game: Kamek uses his magic to break the majority of the Yoshi population into Wonder Yarn, with each Yoshi being broken into 5 pieces. They can be restored after gathering the 5 respective pieces of Wonder Yarn in each level.
  • Mercy Mode: In Mellow Mode, you play as Winged Yoshi, which allows lesser-skilled players to pass through tough levels. Unlike other Nintendo games, Mellow Mode can be accessed at any time through the pause menu, and there’s no punishment for doing so.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Scanning in a regular Yoshi amiibo unlocks a plastic, glossy Yoshi costume. It really sticks out compared to the yarn-knitted style of the rest of the game.
  • Palette Swap: All of the unlockable patterns are functionally identical, and vary mostly in color and texture.
  • Precious Puppy: Besides Poochy, who even appears on the cover, there’s also a fiery puppy boss. Said boss is at least ten times larger than Yoshi himself.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter:
    • Yoshi himself becomes this due to his woolly redesign. Just check out his yarn amiibo! The alternate patterns have the potential to make Yoshi even cuter, as well.
    • Poochy is also at his cutest in this game, complete with beady little eyes.
    • The mini versions of Bunson the Hot Dog are deadly but also possibly the most adorable enemy in the game.
  • Scenery Porn: Definitely one of the most visually gorgeous Nintendo games to date, as it expands on the Kirby's Epic Yarn art style by adding a dynamic camera and fully rendered 3D environments. The improved hardware power of the Wii U definitely helps.
  • Shout-Out: Yoshi's biplane transformation is named the Sky Pop.
  • Spiritual Successor: To both Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshis Story.
  • The Unfought: Kamek, as usual. At least not directly, but he will assist some of Baby Bowser's attacks in the final battle.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: You can make life miserable for your partner during co-op, such as swallowing your teammate and then spitting them into a Bottomless Pit.
  • Wheel o' Feet: Yoshi’s feet literally turn into little wheels when he runs (and into a propeller when he hovers, like an upside-down Snoopy). This is also reminiscent of Kirby's Epic Yarn, as Kirby transforms into a car when he runs there.

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