Video Game / Wii Play
Wii would like to play.
A game sold with Wii remotes made to help new players learn how to use the contraption for future purchases. Whether or not Wii Play became the Gateway Series Nintendo wanted it to be, it did manage to become the second best non-bundle selling game ever. There are nine different games:
  1. Shooting Range is similar to Duck Hunt, this helps you find your cursor and keep it on screen while aiming for targets.
  2. Find Mii (Not to be confused with a much different game in StreetPass Mii Plaza) is a memory and matching game. Now that you can keep your cursor on screen, the game teaches you how to be more accurate and how to use two different buttons.
  3. Table Tennis pits you against a computer you must return a certain number of volleys to or your friends, who you just have to beat traditionally. This game introduces a new camera angle and helps improve player reaction time.
  4. Pose Mii has you make your Mii perform various poses so that they can fit in different silhouettes. This game requires you to twist the Wii-mote and helps the player learn to do this while hitting buttons and aiming.
  5. Laser Hockey is a simulation of air hockey with pretty neon light graphics. It takes the twisting mechanic introduced in Pose Mii and makes you twist your wrist in different directions while the cursor is moving at high speeds.
  6. Fishing introduces the rumble mechanic as well as the concept of depth, as the you move the Wii-mote further and closer to the screen in addition to left, right, up and down. Every fish is worth a different amount of points with a certain species becoming more valuable at certain periods of time.
  7. Billiards is a nine ball version of pool. This game deals with moving the Wii-mote further and closer to the screen again but the real focus is on teaching players how to hit things hard and how to tap lightly.
  8. Charge is a cow racing game and the first game that requires you to hold the Wii-mote sideways. You tilt the Wii-mote left and right to steer, tilt forwards and backwards to speed up or slow down and quickly raise it to jump.
  9. Tanks puts you in control of a One-Hit-Point Wonder tank and shoot shells at other tanks. You can also lay land mines. Nunchuck play is introduced in this game and it focuses on aiming in one direction while moving in another and avoiding enemy attacks.

Like its brethren Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play got a Wii Motion Plus sequel called Wii Play: Motion.

This Game Contains Examples Of

  • Alien Abduction: Multiple UFO will try to abduct Miis in the final stage with Tractor Beams.
  • Book Ends: The final level of Tanks is the same than the first level, but with tougher enemies.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: You can tell each enemy tank's attack pattern by its color
  • Color-Coded Multiplayer: All games that have multiplayer make use of different colors by player in some way.
  • Destructible Projectiles: All tank shells can be stopped by shooting them with another tank shell
  • Everything's Better with Cows: Charge has you riding one.
  • Floating in a Bubble: Bubbles contain an image of the pose required for your Mii to pop them.
  • Flying Saucer: These come to abduct your Mii in Shooting Range.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Pressing A over the Mii's crotch will makes the Mii's eyes widen.
  • Land Mine Goes "Click!": And when they do that means it is no longer safe to be near them. They can be manually detonated and blow up walls in tanks
  • Law of 100: 100 returns nets you a gold medal in the one player version of table tennis
  • Light Gun Game: Shooting range
  • Lost in a Crowd: Find Mii
  • Minigame Game: This game consists of 9 minigames.
  • Mini Mook: Catching certain fish reduces your score, ignore them and they'll disappear but they can still mess up the chance to get the fish you really wanted. They're pretty much always tiny brown things that make a beeline for your lure.
  • 1-Up: reward for surviving in tanks.
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: Most shots in Tanks, including your own. Most of the time, the number shot, placement of lines and the fact that they ricochet off walls have to be put together to hit anything, which is just as well since one hit will do anything in.
  • Pinball Projectile: All shots that Tanks fire can ricochet several times, except ones fired by the Teal and Black Tanks.
  • Platinum Makes Everything Shinier: The Platinum medals are the best medals that can be awarded.
  • Rule of Three: Green stationary tanks, the most annoying enemy in the game, fire fast shells that ricochet off of the walls three times
  • Scoring Points: high enough scores will get you medals.
  • Shout-Out: The intended targets in shooting range are targets, pop cans, balloons and clay pigeons but the ducks from Duck Hunt occasionally fly by too and you can hear a dog's bark in the back ground.
  • Spontaneous Crowd Formation: Miis gather to watch your game of table tennis. The longer it goes the larger the crowd.
  • Tank Goodness: An entire collection of them in Tanks, all of which are killed in one hit by anything.
    • Player Character: A bright Red or Blue tank. Versatile and powerful, able to fire 5 shots at once and lay mines.
    • Mooks: The Brown Tanks, stationary tanks with a slow-firing gun and an even slower reaction time.
    • Cannon Fodder: Grey Tanks, which are actually able to move, aim and fire effectively. Still very slow and not that smart.
    • Long-Range Fighter: Teal Tanks, who fire high-velocity rockets from across the map, as well as being a lot smarter than the previous two tanks.
    • Trap Master: Yellow Tanks, who rely mostly on laying landmines to limit your movements before picking you off with their guns.
    • The Berserker: Red Tanks, which charge straight towards players before unloading rapid bursts of shots that are very hard to avoid.
    • Cold Sniper: Green Tanks, which cannot move, but launch high-velocity, ricocheting rockets from across the map. The worst thing about them is that they have near-perfect aim and can easily calculate bounce trajectories to strike you from impossible angles.
    • Lightning Bruiser: Purple Tanks. Essentially a CPU-controlled variant of your own Tank, they move extremely fast, can unload a frightening amount of shots very quickly, can lay mines, and have improved AI to boot.
    • Stealthy Mook: White Tanks, which cloak at the beginning of the level and have all the abilities of the Purple Tank. Keeping track of their tread marks (which are visible) is key to not getting ambushed and quickly killed by them.
    • Elite Mooks: The Black Tanks which only appear on the highest-level missions. They move extremely fast, can lay mines, and fire high-velocity rockets like a machine gun. In addition, they are significantly smarter than any other Tank in the game and can dodge your attacks with ease. You will either need a lot of luck or skill to be able to take these things down.
  • The Catfish: The mystery fish, not too hard to catch but very hard to get within the bonus time.
  • Tech Demo Game: Comes with the Console to show of it's potential, much like Wii Sports.
  • Timed Mission: One player Charge, with two players, it's a weird Racing Game.
  • Video Game Remake: Shooting Game and Tanks are remakes of Duck Hunt and Combat!, respectively.