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Video Game: Warface
[Plot summary is derived from Warface's website]

Warface is a Free-to-play Multiplayer First-Person Shooter developed by Crytek Kiev. The game revolves around the battles between two different Private Military Contractors in various parts of the world, after the worst economic depression in history has created "Late Capitalism": a small percentage of powerful individuals controls increasingly more of global wealth. These businessmen rely on military might to safeguard their holdings.

These PMC's are Blackwood, a coalition of smaller military forces who engage in wanton war profiteering, lead by Blackwood C.E.O. Ursula Ellis. Blackwood uses large units of infantry supported by various mechanized units; tanks, assault helicopters, and combat mechs. Standing against them is the eponymous Warface, which was formed by U.S. General Lee Warton in protest for Blackwood's violent drive for wealth, using small teams of elite specialists.

Gameplay is focused on class-based teamwork; trying to play alone is an exercise in futility, and Warface is utterly unforgiving even with a full team. Modes of the game split into cooperative missions that change daily, and PVP that covers the usual range of first person shooter modes. Players earn money and experience from completing missions or winning game modes, and can use these winnings to purchase better guns and armor, or simply buy Kredits to do so. This comes with a catch; all equipment has to be unlocked before one can purchase it. This is done by the Vendor system, where players select a randomly chosen piece of gear to fight for. Enough experience allows the right to purchase what the player selected.
  • Blackand White Morality: Warface is not subtle about good or bad. The mission briefings show that Blackwood regularly Kick the Dog by doing such things as taking control of oil reserves, causing widespread poverty by cutting off the oil supply to millions, or imprisoning mothers so Blackwood can conduct unregulated stem-cell research. Warface itself is all about justice and stopping Blackwood.
  • Captain Ersatz: The elderly woman who gives the briefing in PvE missions bears an uncanny resemblance to Judi Dench's M. She has since been replaced with a generic General named Lee Warton, without any explanation.
  • Short Range Shotgun: Mostly played straight; the Engineer tutorial makes a point of how shotguns cannot kill people at long range. Certain shotguns like the Boas on the other hand...
  • Twenty Minutes into the Future: Besides one boss fight with a mech, and the jet engines on the helicopter, there is no evidence that this game is set in the future at all. The only evidence is footage from the beta, which shows much more futuristic (and, in a weird inversion, higher quality) weapon models/designs, as well as more futuristic attachments.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Most of the most powerful weapons can only be gained through a random box system, which either require you to shell out real money, or a rare currency called Crowns, only obtained through performing exceptionally well in co-op, with an arbitrary limit of around 250 a day. The price for one random box with crowns? 450 crowns. The chance of winning the weapon? Around 0.01%. The real money boxes have slightly more chance to grant you a weapon... slightly...
  • Artificial Stupidity: Mostly horrifically inverted, as the Co-op enemies, specifically in Hardcore mode. CQB enemies (armed with the same weapons as the Medic) can happily kill you in one hit while you are at full health and armor... While hundreds of metres away... while sprinting. Bosses like the Mech and the Heavy Gunner, however, play this completely straight, and so can be a complete joke to fight. Best way to kill the Mech? Get him to follow one player next to a wall, then watch while he continually fires rockets into the wall. As for the Heavy Gunner? Run around him in circles.
  • Game Breaker: Many weapons fall into this category. The Karkom SMG, for example. Inexplicably more powerful than the assault rifle variant? Check. Faster firing? Check. None of the drawbacks? Check. And there's the Boas; a semiautomatic one-hit-kill shotgun with far greater range than any other shotgun in the game.
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