Video Game: United Cell 3

The Quest for White, a short RPG with sci-fi, fantasy, super powers, and all sorts of other genres. You start out as Orange, an entry level assassin with the ability to control earth, along with your three teammates, Violet, Gray, and Blue. Soon finding out that your homeworld is under total siege by an army of mysterious and deadly soldiers named The Blood of the Fallen. After arriving in your apartment's lobby, you come across Jared Bright, who kidnaps the leader of your world. After a battle with one of Jared's minions, you wake up in Cell 3 Palace. You learn you have been tasked with finding White and killing Jared. You travel from universe to universe in search of Jared and White

After fighting your way through a castle, you happen to come across Jared and a knight captain, when Orange and co. attempt to take on Jared, he makes his escape. In a search, the crew runs into the knight captain who is soon defeated in battle, in his sense of honor, he tells you Jareds plan, to collect the Shards of Light that are rumoured to have control over something, and just happened to have gotten the last one. Orange now returns to the palace to discover it has been attacked. Fighting their way through they learn that Jared's home has been discovered, and they must go there to confront The Blood of the Fallen. Halfway into the base, the world suddenly shifts into a nightmarish reflection of what it was. In wandering the new world they finally come across Jared, who reveals the goal of the Blood of the Fallen, to avenge those killed by the assassins. After a brief debate, Jared reveals that this world was what the Shards controlled, a pocket dimention that can be controlled with one's mind. In this control Jared transforms himself into a godly version of himself. The following battle can lead to two endings: The bad ending involves Orange's team dying and White killing Jared, the other involves Orange killing Jared, saving White, and becoming one of White's personal bodyguards.

This game takes place in a far future that takes place after space travel and all that jazz,United is actually a mythos that expands much larger than this game. In United Cell 3, you take part in the events that happen to Cell 3. Cell 3 itself is a planet entirely manmade, with a main planetary focus on assassins. The idea of killing isn't as severe for citizens of Cell 3, since the consider your contribution in life to be a true virtue (in short, the severity of theft and murder have been switched around.) Many of the assassins work off world in “Simplanets” or planets that are convinced they are Earth in a certain time period. The actual Earth however is a giant slum, devoid of civilization that isn't crime based. There are also several world outside of influence of Cell 3's government, which either belong to the alliance or are rogue societies. The Alliance is Cell 3's partner society and are often considered one in the same, but the Alliance is arbitrary in this story. Many rogue societies are unsupported either due to political differences or are militant toward Cell 3. Also on an unrelated note, none of the characters you play as are 100% human, they are actually part Ulti, an alien with the ability to harness chaos energy, which gives it's user superpowers.

This game requires at least the RP Gmaker VX Ace trial version

This RPG maker game can be found to download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?nno5vcshgbus83s


  • A God Am I: Jared refers to himself as one, granted he DOES control the pocket dimension with his mind.
  • Ax-Crazy: Gray fits this description quite well, deconstruced with the fact Gray was tortured as a child, only to learn to enjoy the torture
  • Easter Egg: The creator put in more than a few overpowered, but hard to find items.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Everyone seems to love Gray.
  • Game Maker: This game was made with one
  • Grey and Gray Morality: The game's maker has specifies he intended on making both sides equal
  • Hero Antagonist: Jared sees himself as the hero of his story, refers to his enemies as villains, and has biblical symbolism appear wherever he is.
  • I Like Swords: Gray certainly loves wielding a blade.
  • Macguffin: Jared spends most of the game searching for the Shards of Light, while the game never elaborates on them, the creator says it's actually a type of computer processor.
  • Multiple Endings: In the good ending you beat Bright, as Orange and co. and get promoted to VIP status within Cell 3 the bad ending however is unlocked by dying against the final boss, you still kill Bright, but you use White to do it, after the battle, White mentions he would have made Orange and co. into VI Ps.
  • Non-Leathal Warfare: Jared is planning to destroy Cell 3 without killing anyone, by using mind control and torture.
  • Optional Sexual Encounter: Averted, Violet avoids letting anyone sleep with Pyro.
  • Technical Pacifist: While Jared's full plan isn't explored, the Word of God says he doesn't want to kill anyone Then Jared eventually decides that Orange's team must be killed, as they are too bothersome.