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Video Game: TowerFall
Last Of The Order: I see the signs and omens. As the tide rises,we must unite to save Towerfall.
The young prince of the desert, blinded by his quest for glory and riches.
The Turncloak lurks in the shadows, eager to expose the corrupted king.
The elusive thief has returned, trained by the Forgotten Master.
And I, The Last of The Order, must join these adversaries to save Towerfall!

Chaotic Multiplayer Mayhem at it's finest.
TowerFall is a Platform Fighter, based around archery and arrows. In the world of TowerFall, the King has gone mad, and monsters have arisen to destroy the land. Several figures arise from the conflict: the Last of the Order, who wants to free the land; the Vigilante Thief, who wishes to profit from the conflict and help the weak; the Assassin Prince, who views the conflict as a way to seize the throne and obatain glory and riches; and the Turncloak Soldier, who wishes to kill the king and free the land. Also accompanying in the Ascension version are the Prancing Puppet, the Forgotten Master, the Ancient Exile and the Vicious Vessel.

In essence, TowerFall plays like Samurai Gunn, in that you have one hit, and if you're hit with an arrow, you're dead. This includes your own. Unlike Samurai Gunn, there is no melee move, and arrows can be picked back up and placed in your quiver for later. There are a number of intricacies with the gameplay: you can dodge in any direction, catch arrows out of mid-air, wall jump, slide, and more. There are also an insane amount of variants that will completely change the game, and a number of stages to keep the backgrounds fresh. It's quite a lot of fun with friends, but is local multiplayer only.

Available for PS 4, PC/Mac, and the Ouya. TowerFall: Ascension was released on Steam and PSN in 2014. It contains four new characters ( Prancing Puppet, Ancient Exile, Vicious Vessel, and Forgotten Master), a slew of new variants, four unlockable stages, a single-player campaign (complete with it's own stage, and a final boss), a bunch of new stat-tracks, new titles, and the mysterious "Ascension" screen.

TowerFall and TowerFall: Ascension contains the following tropes:

  • Arrow Catch: During your dash, any arrows that hit you are added to your arsenal.
  • The Artful Dodger: Every character in the game.
  • Comeback Mechanic: Players lagging behind on Versus Mode get shields at the start of the round. This mechanic can be lessened or taken off with certain variants.
  • Defeat Means Playable: In Quest Mode, Sunken City's last opponent is the Prancing Puppet. Completing the stage unlocks him.
  • Guide Dang It: Unlocking anything in Ascension. For those who want to know:
    • Characters:
      • Prancing Puppet: Complete Sunken City in quest mode.
      • Vicious Vessel: Play Twilight Spire in versus, and in a certain stage, a portal will show up. Kill all the creatures, and she'll be unlocked at the end of the round.
      • Ancient Exile: Play Moonstone in versus, and in a certain stage there will be a purple rock with an archer shape on it. Hit the rock 3 times, and she shall be unlocked.
      • Forgotten Master: Finish the Gold Triangle Sidequest, which is a Guide Dang It in and of itself.
    • Stages:
      • Sunken City: Randomly obtained by hitting the random stage select in versus mode.
      • Moonstone: Play every regular stage in versus, the play Sacred Ground. Spend a few rounds there, and eventually the stage will automatically be unlocked. You'll know when.
      • Towerforge: Complete Quest Mode.
      • Ascension: Complete the Ascension puzzle.
      • Guantlet: Complete Ascension in quest mode.
  • Nintendo Hard: Quest Mode will beat the crap out of you aren't prepared.
  • No Arc in Archery: Averted and Inverted at the same time: Arrows do arc downwards, but can also home into enemies by arcing upwards.
  • Pinned to the Wall: Certain deaths can end up with the opponent like this.
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