Also known as ''2Spicy'', ''Too Spicy'' is a LightGunGame made by Creator/{{Sega}} that is notable for also having characteristics of a Third Person Shooter.

In it, the player controls one of six Terminator-esque humanoid robots (Laurence, Ming-Hua, Charlie, Alexander, SICKS and Tetsuya) in either a one or two player versus duel mode or a story mode.

The game differs from other light gun shooters in that it not only provides versus multiplayer, but is controlled from a third-person perspective that allows you to control your characters' movements on a 2D plane with foot pedals.

The gameplay usually consists of duels between two characters, constantly shifting between cover objects in order to gain the upper hand. The game also has a remarkably long play-time for an arcade game, with the versus mode easily taking around 30 to 50 minutes to complete on $2.00, and the story mode (which is unique for each character) taking even longer for the same amount of money.

The game also features heavy use of Hong Kong action movie-style effects and locales, and each of its characters represent action movie or game archetypes.
* AnimeHair: Tetsuya provides a mild example with his bleached hairstyle, but the giant, over-the-top ''thing'' on Charlie's head is a definite contender.
* AmbiguouslyGay: Charlie is a personification of this trope.
* BottomlessMagazines: Averted, each character's weapons have unique magazine sizes, and they are forced to reload each time they run out.
* BoomHeadshot: Every character can zoom into a target by keeping their croshair on them for long enough, and when zoomed in, the shooter can deliver a crippling Boom Headshot (complete with giant yellow text and sound effect) that rips off much of the opponent's face and knocks them down (but not always out).
* TheDragon: SICKS plays this role to Shadow in the story mode, and one of your copies plays this role in VS. mode.
* DueltotheDeath: All of the gameplay besides bonus missions consists of this.
* {{Expy}}: Shadow may be an example, as he dresses entirely in black, has a burst-fire handgun, and has a similar hairstyle and voice to a [[SonictheHedgehog certain angsty hedgehog with the same name]], who is also from a SEGA game.
* FiringOneHanded: Tetsuya, Charlie and SICKS all follow this school of thought.
%%* FragileSpeedster: Charlie
* GenreMashup: Basically, it's a LightGunGame combined with a FightingGame.
* GunsAkimbo: Ming-Hua does this with her dual Beretta 900s pistols.
* GlowingEyesofDoom: Every character does this before a fight, and if they win, immediately after. It seems that they can activate their Glowing Eyes of Doom by will.
* HandCannon: SICK's Raging Bull magnum revolver is an example.
* InvisibilityCloak: SICKS can become invisible whenever moving between cover objects. The game camera also assists him with this, as it doesn't follow him until he re-appears. The stage that you fight him on (a subway station), also assists him with constantly moving, stage-obscuring trains.
%%* JackOfAllStats: Tetsuya
* LeapAndFire: Any player can do this by double-tapping the foot pedal.
%%* MightyGlacier: Lawrence
* MirrorMatch: The second-last character in VS. mode is a pallete swapped mirror of the character you are playing as. This encounter is actually harder than the final boss, as a great deal of gameplay is based off each characters unique attributes, and thus fighting against your character is understandably a contender for ThatOneBoss.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobots: Every character in the game.
* StandardFPSGuns: Played straight, with a handgun, dual pistols, revolver, shotgun, SMG, burst-fire pistol, grenade launcher and scoped pistol which acts like a sniper rifle. However, each weapon has its own strengths and balances each other out, and the game also uses a remarkable amount of handguns -5 out of 8 weapons.