A 1999 video game based on [[Literature/TheWheelOfTime the popular series of high fantasy novels]]. Instead of attempting to adapt the books into game form, the game instead tells an original story set in the ''Wheel of Time'' universe, taking place a few centuries before the events of the books. The story follows the adventures of Elayna Sedai, an Aes Sedai librarian whose journeys bring her into conflict with the force of the Dark, Shadar Logoth, the Whitecloaks, and even Ishmael himself.

The game uses the ''VideoGame/{{Unreal|I}}'' engine, with gameplay that is extremely similar to that game, including the way enemies move and attack. Elayna cannot channel the One Power, so instead she uses an arsenal of Ter'angreal artifacts that allow her to cast a variety of spells.

The game's multiplayer component is based around a capture the flag mechanic, in which each of the 4 players has their own fortress guarding a cuendillar seal. Players can equip their fortress with traps and computer-controlled allies, and must raid each opposing player's fortress to obtain all 4 seals.

!!Tropes featured include:
* EliteMooks: Myrdraal, Whitecloak Archers, and Elite Trollocs are all tougher and more challenging than your average mook.
* MirrorBoss: All of the game's major bosses are spellcasters; they move and fight similar to the player character, and behave more like multiplayer bots than standard enemies. Elayna's reflection is a ''literal'' mirror boss.
* ShownTheirWork: The inventory screen has a quotation from the books for each spell, showing where in the books the developers got the idea for that spell.
* SquishyWizard: Elayna can survive less damage than almost all of the enemies in the game. Making it through the game alive involves being quick on your toes as well as intelligent use of Ter'angreal spells to even the odds.
* SuperPoweredMooks: Black Ajah can cast many of the same spells your character uses, and can take a lot more damage than you can, making them challenging opponents.