''Kai no Bouken: The Quest of Ki'' is a PuzzlePlatformer game developed by Game Studio and released in 1988 for the Famicom by [[Creator/BandaiNamcoEntertainment Namcot]]. It is the prequel to ''VideoGame/TheTowerOfDruaga''. As of August 2013, there exists a FanTranslation patch for the game.

The 60-floor tower had been destroyed by the god Anu, but it was rebuilt by Druaga. Ishtar gives her shrine maiden Ki a golden tiara but no weaponry in the quest to obtain the Blue Crystal Rod, with additional assistance provided by Quox the Dragon.

!!Tropes present in the game:

* BadassPacifist: Ki has no attack ability, but that isn't gonna stop her from climbing a demon-infested tower.
* DoomedByCanon: Ki in the ending. Not to death, but TakenForGranite.
* DownerEnding: See above.
* ExtendedGameplay: The "special stage" floors 61 through 100 can be played after the game's ending.
* HeKnowsAboutTimedHits: Before certain floors, Ishtar explains how to use the game's controls.
* InexplicableTreasureChests: At least they're visible in this game.
* NoFairCheating: In ''The Quest of Ki'' there are items that warp the player to a higher floor. The 61st floor (the first of the "Special Stages") contains a warp item that warps you to [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment floor 61]] with a warning message: "I'll forgive you this time, but try that again and I'll warp you back to the first floor!"
** Level 100 delivers on the promise, at least in part, with a booby-trapped chest that sends the player back to ''level 19''--as [[Series/RetroGameMaster Arino]] discovered to his dismay.
* NotQuiteFlight: Ki's JumpPhysics let her rise to any height so long as it's continuous and she doesn't hit the ceiling.
* OneHitpointWonder: Ki is really vulnerable.
* PoisonMushroom: One kind of item makes the timer run out more quickly.
* SingleUseShield: The Barrier item allows Ki to take one hit from anything that isn't a WillOWisp.
* SpikesOfDoom
* TimedMission
* VideoGameFlight